Special Live Session 12-2PM: Ask Dr. Abraham Twerski M.D. & Mordechai Weinberger LCSW; To Discuss Addiction, Medication, Shidduchim and More

mw tw 2 tls[LIVE AT 12] In a special live session today, Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW, will be joined by Dr Abraham Twersky M.D. to discuss topics such as Self Esteem, Medication, Shiduchim, Parenting issues, Addiction, Sub conscious in the therapeutic process and much more.

To submit your questions which may be asked live on the air, you can call in during the show at 718-683-5858, or text your question to 347-927-8398. You can also submit your question in the comments section of this article, which will read during the show.

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  1. I am the greatest fan of Dr Twersky. I have been following Mordechai for the past two years.
    I have a very tough question. I suffer from low self esteem. i always second guess my self. is there some practical tips how I can build my confidence?
    TLS thanks amazing

  2. What if youve done something wrong…and now you’ve changed. Its in your past but now youre not sure how to explain it or if you should or how you should or when you should: in regards to shidduchim?

  3. I have a son that needs medication. he is so nervous. i am a natural person. are there really so many negative side effects to medication? are there natural vitamins that you can take instead?

    a concerned mother

  4. to #1
    the solution to your problem is: look at all the great positive things about you & how you make a difference in the world, how many people benefit from you
    Start to do a daily exercise, every day write down-in a notebook-
    5 positive great & special things about you, that makes a difference in other peoples lives. i.e. every person is needed in this world & has their own specialties.

    How many people depend on you? (from family to friends etc…) how many people do you make a positive difference in their lives?

    With Hashems Help soon you will see how special you are & what a difference you make in the world to many people.

    Hatzlacha Rabba

  5. Why is there no frum AA or Al-anon meetings in lakewood? There are other 12 step support groups here but none for alcoholics and families of alcoholics. It is not due to a lack if alcoholics!

  6. rabbi efraim glassman is very experienced and helped me get my meds regulated he even went with me to dr grossman to make sure i was on the right track – i am now learning in novominsk – he saved my life and didnt take a penny

  7. Can you please speak a little about emotional eating? I understand that people can use food in the same way that others use drugs or alcohol. I have tried 12 step programs, but found that they have backfired. Whereas a person can decide to never have drugs or alcohol again, food is something that is necessary for living. What do you believe is the best way to deal with food addiction?

  8. Please help me deal with my spouses sickness. They’re physically incapable. Would like to help them, but embarressed of what people will say when we are seen together.

  9. Hi I have been following your show for a while and really enjoy your insights and the way you answer people’s questions with such chochma and clarity. Hashem should continue to give you koach to help others succeed in life. Now for my question :I cannot go on air as much as I would love to because you can get a clearer idea of the situation that way but to many family member of mine listento your show: question: I am a mother of a few children oldest aged 12.and am bh bless with a great marriage to a caring and devoted husband. Obviously with working on our marriage daily.. I am very close to my children in a emotional healthy way bh what I am having trouble with since I got married is the relationship I have with my parents- mother in particular. I grew up with by basic physical needs cared for but no emotions showed.. I never heard my parents say I love u to me… I M quite responsible and independent and often asked to help out /for advice but I am the giver usually. It annoys me to no end that my parent are soo needy. It’s really hard for them to go beyond themselves and see what I need and not them… Generally I’m OK and learned to set boundaries and not share too many Details for fear of disappointed with their selfish attitude although they think they are doing tons for me. However certain times that I am more sensitive – change of residince/city/husband lost job/sick child… I expect empathy at least just because I want feeling the my parents are always there. I get emotional support from my husband but need once in while to know that my parents are unconditionally there too who have they r not. How can I settle this in me? I tried this oh my parents are not emotional well but it doesn’t work cuz when it comes to what they want they r on the ball… I know it’s a long questions please if u cud answer me.

  10. I’m a mother of a couple of kids kah, but mess gets me tense. And if kids argue or chutzpadik, I lose it. I tried parenting classes, reading and I know I’m wrong, but for some reason I can’t control myself.

  11. Hi Rabbi’s
    I’v tried calling in but could not get thru!
    my question is:
    how do i relate emotional feelings and behaviour with avodas hashem, for instance, i have low self esteem and suffer from depression with ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorder,
    1)shabbos i can sleep till 2pm which i will feel very very dapperest about it but it is very often.
    2)looking at places were it’s not appropriate
    3)i wana be – and happy to be – a frum chasidishe yungerman, and proud to belong to to a community from one of rabbi twersky’s cousins, but for some reason 1 or 2 days i’m holy but the next 1 or 2 days i’m too calm about minyan etc.
    3)rabbi weinberger would label it the no. 1 frum Jewish perfectionist health condition

    a lost person from London

  12. A woman called in with a question- Her husband suffers from depression and ADHD. He cannot take responsibility and cannot handle any sort of pressures. The wife feels overburdened and has no family support. Is there any advice/support groups/books that you can help her with? Thank you!

  13. theres a big amount of mothers who were raised by parents that were kids of survivors, and didn’t have the love and help. and its affecting their live. why cant we have a group to get support

  14. trichotillomania is treated as a form of ocd depending on the age of patient if a child or adult if its a child start on 5mg prozac and go up weekly to 20mg for 2 months and reevaluate – will usually also augment with .05 of klonopin

  15. To # 2 (Lost!!) – something from the past that can have a significant impact in a negative manner, particularly pertaining to a Shidduch situation is best (generally) kept in the “past” so long as you’re certain never to repeat!

    To # 3 (I have a son that needs medication says) – there are few alternatives aside from physical activities and vitamins… Medication generally speaking is the appropriate path while under Therapeutic care and attentive (though keeping a reasonable distance) emotional affection from your end (as a Mother)…

    And to # 7 ( Chanie says) – emotional eating can be stopped though, there has to be an alternative response to replace the emotional response and aggression. You need to look at the source of the start and where and when it came about and try to replace it with something more reconstructive!

  16. To messed up man: As the wife of a former addict trust me- if you don’t get help everyone will know about your addiction even if you don’t tell them. Go to an AA or NA meeting. Find a sponsor. Get sober… one day at a time!

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