Some Insight Into The Republican Primaries

By Yossel Gitelis. Close to 75% of the Republican party doesn’t want Romney. The reason is that he is a liberal. The Republican Party base doesn’t want another four years of liberal policies (like the Republican establishment wants). They want a true Conservative.

The problem is that as soon as the party goes for one of the other Conservative candidates, the media and the establishment takes that person down with negative reporting and/or dirt. This is what happened to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. Rick Santorum is just the latest. Watch the establishment and the media suddenly find all kinds of shmutz on Santorum.

What you are wittnessing is the Republican base CRAVING a solid Conservative candidate, and then as they rally to support one, the establishment comes and takes that candidate down. The establishment wants Romney. Have you ever heard one bad word about Romney? Anyone?

But as soon as Romney is the Republican candidate, just wait – we will suddenly be hearing how terrible Romney is: about all the terrible Wall St ties, and RomneyCare, and all the rest of his closet shmutz that will suddenly come out. And all so that Obama wins reelection.

I hope a true Conservative becomes the nominee.

Here is a small prediction that I think may happen: If Ron Paul ends up becoming the Republican nominee, I believe that war will break out with Iran sometime in August or September 2012. Both Obama and Israel will want to strike Iran at that time. Israel will do it because they are petrified of a Ron Paul presidency, and what his Iran policy will be, so they will want to take out Iran’s nuclear program before Ron Paul becomes President. And Obama will do it because it’s the only way he will win against Ron Paul. Nobody votes out a sitting President during war.

Just a small prediction. Watch for terrorist attacks in the US as retaliation.

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  1. Any Republican is better than Obama. But I sure hope it isn’t Romney or Ron Paul.

    I hope it’s either Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, or Palin. (I know Palin isn’t running. I’m just trying not to face the reality that either Ron Paul will be the nominee and will be our next President, or Romney be the nominee and will lose to Obama.)

    Either way, Republican is always better than the Democrat.

  2. I agree with Ron Paul’s domestic policies. End the fed. End all foreign aid (including the $3 billion to Israel and the $12 billion to the Arabs and the Muslims). Stop all unconstitutional actions by the government, including ObamaCare and the recently enacted legislation which was signed by Obama, which gives Obama the right to incarecerate any American without cause – a real dictatorship has settled in America.

    However, Ron Paul is wrong if he thinks that Iran is not a threat to America. Iran will spread their sharia law to America as well, AS THEY SAY.

    Iran SAYS that they will hasten their Muslim 12th Imam (Messiah) by first destroying the world. Atomic bombs anyone?

    On the other hand, it is very obvious that Hashem is setting up the world for the ultimate confrontation between the West and Iran (Persia). See Tosfos to Avoda Zara 2b, where he wrote 800 years ago that there will be a great war between the West and Persia (Iran) right before Moshiach comes.

    Who knows.

  3. Romney is not a liberal. He is just not ultra conservative. Paul, Santorum and Perry all will cut food stamps, public assistance, HUD and WIC. Health care will be cut. No more Medicaid or NJ family care. Ron Paul wants to cut all public welfare. Just something to think about

  4. Candidates may WANT to cut things and do things, but once they get into office it’s not so simple.. They have the Congress to contend with. (except Obama. For some reason, in his case the Congress is nowhere to be seen or heard.)

  5. How can you make a serious prediction about Ron Paul winning the nomination?

    There is very little chance of that. You sound like a wacko Ron Paul supporter, of which there are many, but not enough to be taken seriously.

  6. These programs have to be cut. We are borrowing from China to pay for them. Eventually, when China stops lending, they will be cut. The earlier the better.

    Just something to think about.

  7. For the record I consider myself Conservative. However, the candidates mentioned above, all tanked on their own. Cain fell apart on personal issues. Paul is a racist nutjob. Bachman couldn’t get her act together. Etc. I would also like to share with people that if it comes down to ron paul vs obama, I will vote for and probably campaign for Obama. I believe that obama has been terrible for our economy and military but ron paul is just plain nuts. He would leave our country defenseless and alienate us from the world. He cannot be allowed to win, even if obama gets 4 more years.

  8. The problem is that since 75 percent of the Republicans don’t want Romney, the only way to avoid Ron Paul is to make sure that either Santorum or Gingrich take the nomination.

  9. The problem with our community is that they got so hung up on being conservative that they can be foolish enough to call someone who’s not ultra conservative, a liberal. Talk like this makes all conservatives look dumb, which is true of many of the robots who just quote Limbaugh, Hannity etc. as if it was “toras moshe.” As stated in anther comment, remember that ultra conservatives are against govt. assistance in many cases, and that means many people that you know!

  10. Face it, Obama already has this thing tied up. He doesn’t need to campaign. So help the republican that tries to debate him. He will be made into a complete laughingstock.

  11. Mr. Conservative:

    I am happy that we can agree on this topic.

    I am concerned, though, that if the Republican conservative base sees the choices as being between Romney and Paul, they will choose Paul over Romney because of his conservative stand on domestic policy, and will swallow his stand on foreign policy.

    This is what concerns me. Which is why I hope very much that Santorum or Gingrich or Perry will be viable choices for the Republican base in the weeks and months ahead, so that our choices aren’t between Romney and Paul.

    I suspect Paul will win, because Rommey is too liberal for the base.

    And I also suspect that Ron Paul will win over Obama. This is my gut feeling from following politics very closely. If Ron Paul wins the nomination, he will develop a cult of personality in this country, just as Obama did after he wrapped up the Democrat party nomination in 2008.

  12. “Talk like this makes all conservatives look dumb, which is true of many of the robots who just quote Limbaugh, Hannity etc.”
    so whats wrong with quoting words of wisdom from two true Americans?

  13. -REPLY TO YID-
    you wrote: “they will choose Paul over Romney because of his conservative stand on domestic policy”

    Thats where your mistaken. Ron Paul is NOT a conservative. he is an isolationist. He has anarchist properties about his views.
    -Conservatives want domestic government, that allows American people to take charge of their own lives and be a little more self sufficient. Conservatives also want to participate in international policies.
    -Ron Paul: wants none of that. Ron Paul wants complete isolation, no hand in any international problems, to cut ties and friendships with our allies, and to let Americans create or advocate for stateless societies based on non-hierarchical voluntary associations.


    G*D HELP US ALL IF RON PAUL GETS IN. we will be another Somalia(minus all the politically correct financial donations).

  14. Romney has the nomination locked down. Just food for thought. Newt Gingrich said that if ron paul wins the nomination, he would vote for obama. So would i!

  15. To # 17. What’s wrong is that they quote verbatim without knowing anything about the issues. They sometimes even use the same phrases. It would be laughable if it weren’t sad. Hey, I’m conservative, but you have to think for yourself. Not everything is black and white. Somethimes they’re grey. If Republicans don’t stay middle of the road, we’ll scare everyone off and get Obama again, CH”V.

  16. Ron Paul is an anti semetic, racist and lunatic nutjob.
    Gingrich is a total lowlife and a disgusting human being
    Santorum is simply unelectable.
    Romney is the only one of this incredibly weak feild of candidates that has any chance of winning.

    It’s funny how frum people tend to believe that conservative equals good just because they happen to share a couple of values similar to us.

  17. Number 20 is right!!! We need to look and who can be elected, not who fired more people at bain capital. The other candidates are desperate
    and they are grasping at straws.

  18. trippy:

    The other candidates are grasping at straws? What planet are you on? Only one state voted so far, and Romney won by only eight votes, with Santorum and Paul right behind him.

    New Hampshire always was Romney’s (sort of) home-state, so it doesn’t count. Wait till the race heats up, beginning in South Carolina, and you will see that Romney may not have it so wrapped up after all.

  19. The republicans have their record of 2000-2008 to destroy any chance of being elected. Since his election, Pres. Obama has killed Osama Bin Laden and dozens of Al Queda leaders. He has ended the war in Iraq. He has saved America’s auto industry (which is showing profits right now) and our financial institutions. He has brought the stock market from 6,200 to over 12,000. He made the oil industry pay for the damage in Gulf. He ordered the rescue of our ship Captain from Samoli pirates. He has shown how a family man should live. NO scandals, no adultery, no financial shaenanigans, no divorces, no pregnant children, etc. There have been no terrorist attacks on US soil under his watch. Unemployment is declining. Americans are not stupid. Mitt Romney will get the nomination. He does not appeal to Republicans and will not appeal to the general public. The Republicans are toast.

  20. #24:
    “Pres. Obama has killed Osama Bin Laden” = NO, he ordered the attack, without due process. that ticked off a lot of the liberals. since when do dems go in and kill? thats a republican thing to do!
    PS: bush started the war. if not for bush, osama would still be breathing!

    “He has ended the war in Iraq.” = Thats feel good headlines. bullets still fly, iraq had 14 bomb explode the very next day. GO OBAMA!

    “He has saved America’s auto industry and our financial institutions” = HE gave money out with no rules or regulation(again)- which was used to hand out bonuses, elaborate weekend getaways and celebrations. GOOO OBAMA!

    “He has brought the stock market from 6,200 to over 12,000.” = the stock market rebounds on its own. always has, always will. economics101

    “He made the oil industry pay for the damage in Gulf.” = so would anyone. no special credit here.

    “He ordered the rescue of our ship Captain from Somali pirates.” = but he stood idle on many civil uprisings in the middle east. its easy to take out some pirates, but hard to take a stand in the middle east. COWARD!

    “He has shown how a family man should live.” = the last president i remember with any ‘scandals’ was your fellow democrat Clinton

    “NO scandals” = citizenship? college diploma? illegal mother?

    “There have been no terrorist attacks on US soil under his watch.” =
    11/5/2009 fort hood? JUST BECAUSE THE COWARD OBAMA DIDNT CALL IT A TERRORIST ATTACK, DOESNT MEAN IT WASNT! A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah. THAT SOUNDS LIKE TERRORIST TO ME!

    6/1/2009: A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.


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