So Called ‘Frum’ Website Addressing Inappropriate Issues And Falsely Quoting Da’as Torah As Its Source

daas torah letterBy Shmuel Musket: Some of you may have heard of the —— Network Site, who claim to be ‘The Jewish World @ Your Fingers”. What you may not realize is that aside for them directly taking articles from TLS, VIN, YWN, APP and other reputable sites and claiming it to be theirs, (including taking photos and videos from the above sites and watermarking them with their logo) they have begun brainwashing our youth and Frum community with “Dating Tips”, Shomer Negiah, ” Scandals” (recent Monsey scandal) and other issues I do not want to write on your site. However, they are done in a very “Kosher” and deceiving way, claiming it comes from Rabbonim and “Da’as Torah”, so as not to think it originates from their “Torahdik” site.

Oh, I forgot, the site mentioned a few months back claiming  the site got a Haskamah from One of the BMG Rosh Hayeshivos, Rav Shlomo Miller Shlita and others. It was verified to be false and it was never addressing the website.

This past week, the site claimed to have shown Rabbi Sterbuch Shlita a letter regarding the Dibbuk, it has turned out to be a letter from VIN News, which VIN had shown the Rav, but they nevertheless claimed it to be theirs and again falsely claimed to have contacted Da’as Torah.

I contacted the site, asking them which Da’as Torah was consulted on a specific Dating article, their answer was Rabbi so and so. I then contacted the Rav asking if anyone consulted him about the article, which feeds our children and adults with such private marital and dating issues. The Ravs answer was ” Absolutely not. And if someone would have showed me that article posted on a site, I would have called a Kol Korah to shut them down”. However, being that it supposedly came from Da’as Torah, it’s ok for them to publish any issue they’d like. This is downright unacceptable.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I am not trying to limit healthy discussion and give-and-take, but those who allow the talking about the above mentioned inappropriate topics in a  frum forum, should be held accountable for it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank TLS, YWN and VIN for providing truly Kosher news and not degrading, or falsely quoting, Da’as Torah.

Shmuel Musket

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  1. About time someone stood up for what’s right! I happen to know some of the Rabbonim TLS contacts for Das torah and they have told me TLS immediately listens. Kol hakovod.

  2. HOW TRUE! that (Moderated) site, forever is busy with das torah and i have caught them a few times saying absolute sheker. no web things are kosher but especially if you make up fake das torah.

  3. btw, as a side point, what #1 said is true. i was once upset about something in the scoop and when i contacted their rav, he immediately removed it. was very impressed. since the (moderated) issue, i have to say, you have b’h become very respected. Keep it up LTS

  4. yeah-if you quote rabbis at least prove its true. i hate when peeple make as if they’re kosher when they are talking about womens issues…leave that for the women when they meet their friends at events but to talk about ‘women issues’ and ‘negiah’ stoff on websites is not right. all those shidduch crises and dating articles are all made up (especiall on (moderated)) and are just to get people to talk about their dirty ‘kosher’ articles. now thats a chillul hashem.

  5. i have contacted them MANY times to find out about certais stories. first when i asked them that the rosh hashivah never said
    that they said “we thought he did” and once they said ” we were told he was matir it”. i love how they base themselves on torah and they have NOTHING torah about them besides having some torah videos.

    at least vin and yw and tls dont claim to be the ‘torah website’. the torah doesnt want anyone to have websites. so if you already do, then dont talk about dirty things and clai,m they came from a gadol. a gadol wont talk about those issues and forsure not in public.

  6. quoting rovs a whole day doesnt make you kosher because your comments are disgusting. and whats up with their articles every second day talking about if your’e allowed to touch your date and about ‘other’ issues???? are they outta theyre (moderated) mind?? thats a torah website? BALONY(which thank g0d tls and ywn and vin don’t allow those shmutz anymore)

  7. you may find this funny, but i do not believe ONE WORD (moderated) says. at least when yw and vin post things they are accurate and arent making it up or like you say stealing other poeples things. i luv tls, vin, ynw, youtube, frumtube, but lemayseh, i really shouldnt even be on the tumidiker internet at all

  8. i love the way tls and app have the best of lakewood! u i think tls has become an excellent source of info without the shmuts. i have actually tried to comment alot of times with peoples names and they would not post it. i was upset but i respect that. ok i;ll be honest, at the beginning they weren’t as kosher but so were other sites and baruch hashem they have cleared up and are very nice. since the board of ed story there has not been any loshon hara on this site and i am proud of it. (moderated) keet it up 😉

  9. everyone just chill…a lot of websites and papers don’t like each other, all though it seems tls, app, vin, get along very nicely. i have seen many times that the app, tls and vin and others will quote each other in their sites. and that is the way people should be. stop always fighting with ech other and how about a comliment . you all have great sites and just act nice and moshiach will come.

  10. What, or rather who makes a “Gadol”? The answer used to be Trainer Photos & Rabbi Sherrer. Now in our day I don’t know. It’s not the bloggers that make or break a true Gadol.

  11. So far there has been a few times TLS has quoted a reliable askan… once i really wanted to find out ( by the guy who was bound it said a reliable askan or something like that) so i spoke to someone and found out it happened to have been exaclty what he said. i cant say that every single article posted on tls is 1000% accurate but then again all sites arent 1000 percent accurate. i know rabbi ————is very close to the tls editor and he told me that every single thing he told the editor to do, he did without hesitation. tls keep the hock comin (and stay clean) you should be zoiche to always bring good and geshmake news and continue to spread torah while keeping people on top of the sitch

  12. why won’t you let me post their websites name? i have a website too in israel and i’m not so popular but sometimes i have videos and they stole it from me without asking me. so i started putting my name on the video and they stopped. how could someone call themselves jewish with das toyrah if they steal? i became frum only a few years ago and the only websites i look at now is this one and yw and vin and grunti and colive. and i dont like when people talk about how holy they are if they are not acting holy.

  13. LOL they want to defend themselves after they realize that TLS has made a shmatteh from them proving countless times how they were caught lying about their DAAS TORAH!!!! Well the truth hurts!!

  14. Hey TLS, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery! so why do u even bother with them? I love reading their breaking news 3 days after it happens! oh and then they fix the time on it to make sure it looks like “FIRST REPORT” when VIN already had the story about 8 hours earlier !! at least i get to chazzer over the news !!

  15. and also, the worst sites are the ones that CLAIM to be kosher and yet talk about the worst things. at least if i go to a goyishe site i know its kfirah and not the daas of our gedolim, but when you claim to be the voice of torah jewry or whatever, and then you go ahead and post things that YOU think are kosher, that makes you all the much worse and you are daas tora (with a alefh) and you are making yiddishe ppl think kfirah

  16. i know for a fact that when they posted about the monsey story, they did not ask daas torah. i used to work for the website but after seeing certain things they post,i left. hay tls can i come work for u? and besides, the ‘daas torah’ they claim they have? is a few balabatim sitting by their computers who dont even look at their site and the one rov they used to once in a while consult has said he wants no shaychis to them anymore.

  17. I know the following for a fact since I personally know YWN.

    The site mentioned are outright ganovim, and steal content nonstop, including dozens and dozens of videos, hundreds and hundreds of photos which YWN paid lots of money for. They also have no problem threatening anyone who gets in their way.

    Their letter of haskamos about their website was a total lie, and it should be exposed. I was lucky enough to save a copy of it before it was removed from their website.
    All the rabbonim were contacted by myself, and not one signed it. They are huge shakranim and should be shut down at once.
    I am willing to give TLS the letter if you email me at my email address.

    Just two weeks ago they posted with glee in their voices (they proudly wrote “FIRST REPORT”), about an individual in Lakewood who is involved in some fraud. The nerve that they had quoting the Jewish Week as their source! The anti-frum Jewish Week?! Which “rov” of theirs said that it’s OK to do that?
    And wait! There is more! This individual has not even been charged with a crime!!

    So they removed his name…..and then link to the Jewish Week so everyone can go to their website and see the name if they want.

    CHEREM AT ONCE ON Y ________, E________ & S______.

    And the scoop better post this comment.

  18. Thank you tls for finally bringing out what i had in mind for the longest time! UNLESS THEY CAN PROVE WHO THEIR DAAS TORAH IS, DONT” BELIEVE IT. if haguun reb shloime miller shlita or any rav would have given a ‘hechsher’ on their site, they would have written it!! no rov in the world will give a ‘hechsher’ on a site! are you kiddng me??! internet is banned and no person with daas torah will give a haskama on having the internet!!! they ONLY allowed it with a ishur if you must have it for business! and to the last post # 25, you SHOULD email it to tls…

  19. 1) first of all, its tru what you say abt YWN, i know he has photographers who he pays for pics and people steal it from him. and also vin and tls, they have their own content.

    2) i was also shocked to see how they posted the story abt the yungerman who was in the news for being charged etc..i was very impressed that this site did not post it. it was a ‘juicy’ story but they did not post it. thats the way a torah site should be. its ok if you have a juicy story like the top one with tomchi shabbos, or the massive fire or the massive govt curruption but to go and be proud about posting about a heimishe person’s downfall? that is ‘CHILLUL HASHEM AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. unreal. I’m sure the gedolim would much rather not be quoted on that dirty site. at least tls acknowledged they made a mistake a while back and has since never allowed any garbage.

  20. i dont like posting on any sites but i must say you have a point. don’t claim to be run by gedolim and then write about a yungerman who was arrested in lkwd and even WRITE HIS NAME!!! he has not even been charged by the government and you go and publicly smirch up his whole family??Thats das torah?? by the way, thank you scoop for NOT posting that story

  21. at least ywn doesn’t take anything from anyone. these guys the article is talking about are known as the likut site. they just collect everyones stuff and post them. but the post it about a week after wards so it should look like its news news! duh! and ya whats up with them taking yw and vin and tls pics? have they not learnt the tora? why didnt they ask gedolim about stealing ?

  22. all sukkos long they stole video after video after video.
    “shezoli” a person well-known for taking videos emailed them repeatedly, and they ignored him.

    they stole shimon gifters photo just a few weeks ago when rav yakov naiman was niftar (the famous talmid of the brisker rov). they ignored his emails to remove it and get paid for two day, then, after it was no longer “news” and off their main page, they removed it and never even paid him a nickel and/or appoligized.

    they did this to the jewish star newspaper many times too.

    their days are numbered.

  23. ha! i’m a badchen and numerous time i have emailed them to take of my content from their site. it took them about 28 hours till they responded and they said “we apologize” and then they took it down. what a chutzpah! when TLS once posted a clip from me a long time ago, i emailed them and asked to please remove it, it was down in under 3 minutes!!! thats a mentch!!! (and they never posted a clip since without my consent). I also have a friend comedian who had a similar experience with them. We work hard to come up with new content and then they go ahead and post it online when we beg them nicely not to?? no more mr nice guy. I will sue them for damages next time. Ask yankel miller, or hilly hill, or shloime juravel or yoely lebovitz if they appreciate their content on that site and they will all tell you NO with a big N. unreal. its about time poeple realize that their daas torah is a couple balei batim lookin to make a buck off someone else’s things.

  24. i’m so sick of their fake das torah that i have actually blocked their site from my family computer. the only das torah i know of is rosh hayeshivas which come out with a real name and say what they mean. not some anonymous fake miskin or berstien or ferber fake name . if you know you are saying the truth, they would not have to hide behind fake names. even when mr lipshitz from the yated will write an article and a least put his name and picture to it so if you have a problem you can ask him directly. but these ppl who say they are das torah and in the name of torah with no proof and then they are caught with the worst articles in the name of torah, is sickening.

  25. kol hakovod tls. that site is constantly making machaos and provering as if they have da’as Torah. What a farce! If they really cared about da’as Torah they wouldn’t be blogging in the 1st place! Also, they are obviously outsiders who know nothing about Lakewood. Yet they write as if they are the last word on Lakewood politics. Who is some blogger to decide that the gang of 5 represent da’as Torah. Rav Elya zt”l thought otherwise!

  26. your’re right – as if THEY are the voice of the rabbonim!! it’s hilarious!! who the heck do they think they are? wanna hear something funny? I once posted a comment on tls, and they went and took the comment and this other site went and stole it and made it into an article on their farshtunkene site! what kind of chutzpah is this?!! don’t worry, they will come up with a new rav tomorrow who said its muttar for them to do it!! and then they’ll forge a letter saying that it was signed by one of our heiliger rosh hashivas!! tls u rock and i’m glad you had did the rt thing to publish this letter so people know never to trust that site’s daas torah which never existed and so people know that the only daas torah they should have is from the real gedolim who are in shul and not on the internet!

  27. it doesn’t have to be the only one but people should only read sites which are emes and don’t quote false daas torah and write about the filth which even vin and tls and ywn and app won’t write but they feel the need to be ‘in on it’ in the name of torah! at least when i go to a goyish site i know what to expect but how can a site claiming to be toradike talk about such awful topics like the t story from monsey or about people touching their date if they’re blind etc…thanks tls for not exposing people to such treif…thats why i love this site and yw and recently also vin.

  28. It is ironic and shameful that the author of this article completely ignores the fact that (mmoderated) and (moderated) routinely steal articles from other newspapers, such as YNet, The Forward and the Jerusalem Post, newspapers which license their content in order to earn their writers’ parnassah. Why should you defend them against one site, while they are engaged in far worse sins against countless others?

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