Snaps Lakewood Announces it will No Longer Allow Boys Under 17 to Sit in Restaurant Thursdays Without Adult [UPDATED]

Boys under 17 will no longer be allowed to sit at Snaps Thursday nights without an accompanying adult, the store announced today.

The announcement came after boys allegedly acted rowdy and caused unnecessary disturbances at the eatery, particularly on Thursdays ahead of the weekend.

“It was a very tough business decision and we might even lose business because of it, but we take the safety of our customers very serious,” Yussi Weisz, the proprietor of the eatery told TLS.

See the notice below posted on the store.

Updated note from Snaps in response to the many comments:

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  1. I just turned 45 but I feel and sometimes act like a 16 year old. Will I be allowed to sit? I would hate to eat that famous snaps burger with an egg ontop standing

  2. My office is located in Westgate and I’ve been trying for the last year to eat in that restaurant, but he only opens at 4 and is closed Friday and basically never had a chance yet to go there, I guess now with new restrictions the 2 people that actually managed to make it to that store won’t be able to make it anymore, how nice

  3. I think his point is hanging out and being loud,a 17 yo can’t be legally held responsible for minor crimes such as loitering and causinga disturbance. The yeshivas around town need to take responsibility for these kids.

  4. So instead they should hang out in the streets that’s what you’re trying to do?

    This move isn’t helping the current situation going on in our community.

    Perhaps just speaking directly to those kids in a mature adult manner, would do the job in a more effective way.

    Store policy’s regarding loud noise or innapropriat behavior could be helpful as well to prevent future issues.

    These kids aren’t coming in with their parents u know that.

    • I don’t think he is trying to solve the problem. I think he is just trying to do what is good for his store. That is completely understandable.

  5. I’m amazed by all your senseless comments. I know Yussi well, thus was a hard decision but למען השם he did what’s best for the boys. And for you Eli who works in Westgate and was never able to support a local eatery? You must be the most amazingly discussing person I could ever know.

    Yussi stay strong you made the right decision. This will bring you a lot of ברכה.
    And for those yet to eat in Snaps, check it out. Amazing food.Not to mention Yussi is fro the original הצלחה members of Lakewood and will drop everything to help another.

  6. Wednesday will be the new Thursday. This policy must be instated for ALL nights of the week, or it won’t change anything. By the way, this may lead to more dumpster fires on Thursday nights, but that’s for the police to anticipate and protect us from.

  7. Yussi can make any policy for his store that he wants. Maybe the other customers don’t like eating with rowdy teenagers. There are enough eateries in town for everyone. I personally never eat out. Any restaurant can make rules as to how their customers should behave.

  8. im sure he tried the “talk to them like adults” approach. these kids are appositionally defiant as it gets from years of hurt and pain from the yeshiva schooling system. they dont trust and wont listen and only push back. sometimes you just have no choice. it takes time to build trust. something the store owner has no time or maybe skill set for…sad but all to common..

  9. When I was a kid & people were so busy making dumb comments or kvetching about other people’s actions or minor annoyances my father would say “they need to get a tv!” (Meaning, find something else to be busy with!!)
    You do you.
    Yussi will do yussi.
    And move on.

  10. The new Lighthouse Cafe in Passaic’s Aisle One shopping center enacted the same regulation last week, except it was not done by the store’s owner, rather by Passaic’s vaad of kashrus, the PCK.

  11. I personally love snaps double crunch chicken, and if I behave all week my mother gives me enough money to buy 1 portion and a fountain soda. Will I still be able to get free refills on my soda even though I’m eating in the parking lot? And if yes, what’s the time limit?

  12. I was born Bein Hashmashois 17 years ago. my birthday is a safek if its tonight or tomorrow. can i get in to Snaps tonight, or does it go lechumra and i have to wait until tomorrow.

  13. Oh good.. I hope glatt bite will follow.
    I think these hang outs in lakewood are terrible.
    The boys will just stay home and behave if they have no place to hangout.

    • its cute that you think they’ll behave, but you are correct that steps need to be taken to make these places inhospitable to hanging out.

  14. I applaud this decision. No business should be held responsible for the failure of parents & Mosdos to keep these kids off the streets or give them a free pass to destroy their store & abuse their staff. You just won my family’s business.

  15. After reading all the comments it’s very very clear 2 points
    (1 yussi is the nicest person around and makes the best food in town and he is a pleasure to deal with
    (2 all the jokes and comments unfortunately are suffering tremendously with there kids or themselves acting like retards and try to hide behind the mask to make others suffer with there actions. Parents get a grip on your troubled kids we have enough organizations in town get a life and don’t make yourself at risk because your father said no ecig or light blue custom suit and evreyone will be happy ..YUSSI KEEP UP THR AMAZING WORK NOT ON PERSON IN THIS COMMENT SECTION WOULD STOP DROP AND ROLL LIKE YOU

  16. It was getting so out of hand. I don’t live in westgate. We come occasionally to yussis because we enjoy the food. We were appalled to see so many kids hanging around outside the store, never mind inside acting very disrespectful, throwing slush at us, vandalizing my car, completely unprovoked. I’m not making this up. I’m glad he did it. He’s not your free babysitter!! Now I can perhaps enjoy going there. He has our support.

  17. Chazak Chazak YUSSI –
    All Yussi wants is that a parent should spend some quality time with their son every Thursday night. Great chinuch concept. Your relationship with your son will go for the better in a SNAP.
    Snaps is the perfect place for that. They will get a big Yussi smile for free.
    I’ll be there tonight IYH to show support.

  18. Disgusted by these comments. My brother got the (moderated) beat out of him by an older kid there! I think this is a great decision! You can still go to j2 motzai shabbos so we’re good bh!

  19. Yussi’s an amazing Baal chesed. I remember way back when he opened his 1st restaurant in Lakewood how he gave free suppers for a choleh. I picked it up from him once and saw him drop everything to personally deal with it and make sure he was giving a good variety. If he had to take this step, he must’ve had no other choice.

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