Smoking May Be Cool-The Results Are Not

(Reposted upon popular request) VIDEO: If you’re looking to quit smoking this Z’man, this video may help you. See the damages done to a smokers body, with these real demonstrations. And if you care to help a fellow smoker, send them the link too. (WARNING: The video contains graphic images. There are photos of women in the video too.) (Mobile users click here┬áto view video on youtube). (Click here to download and print a sign to hang up in your dorm or office. You may just save a life).

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  1. Edit the womens faces?do you really think a bochur will have a problem with seeing these women smoking in the video?do they have mothers sisters or aunts. I was told the rosh yeshivas in lakewood high schools look the other way in regards to smoking. Smoking is the real gateway drug in society now. It is antisocial and a massive chillul hashem when you see groups of boys in white shirts with payos standing around harming themselves and others. Every boy should be told they are not welcome into bmg if they smoke. It should be a prerequisite for acceptance. Or is the tuition more important. Bmg has the power to stop a lot of boys from smoking.they instituted the freezer they can do this too.I am an md and have smicha. And from both sides I see no heter to allow such. Bochrim into the worlds most illustrious yeshiva.

  2. i watched something like this 3 years ago and stopped smoking instantly and never thought about having a smoke since so it definitely works to watch it

  3. Can someone hang up a poster of this in Fallsburg yeshiva? I started smoking there because everyone did. It took years for me to quit. The urge never really goes away. Recently I came down with a lung disese (Sarcoidosis) and my doctor said it may have come from smoking at a young age, even though I smoked for only 5 years.
    I stop into fallsburg yeshiva each summer and I see many, many bochrim there smoking. I assume the Hanhalla allow it because they smoke in fromt of rabbeim and they dont say a thing.
    Many yeshivos don’t allow smoking on any level! Many Rabanim who used to smoke, quit. Gedolim worldwide ban it.
    Can someone with any influence there say something that will force the Hanhallah to put a stop to it and ban it on yeshiva campus?
    Thank you TLS for this article.

  4. Dear 9:54 it is all propoganda and so is overeating causing heart disease and diabetes. And seat belts are stupid waste of is a myth and heroin is good for you. Its just a bunch of party poopers trying to ruin everything. I smoked for twenty years and suffer from emphysema now. I can’t breathe normally most days. I know it is hard to quit. I did it. But its much harder to gasp for that precious last bit of air.and any older bochur or adult that helps a young child get cigarettes is not only a choteh umachteh but rotzeiach as well.and if I ever see a bochur buying for a youn g boy in shoprite or wawa again I will not call a rav. I will call the police.

  5. I am a girl that is in shidduchim and i totally agree with this~! Thank you for posting this TLS!!! Lkwd boys should work together to stop smoking.. its totally not cool!!

  6. In the state of New Jersey, no one under the age of 19 is permitted to buy cigarettes. Who is supplying this repulsive habit for these yeshiva boys? Does the buyer know he can go to jail? Do the yeshiva boys know they can go to jail as well? This is not only a dangerous habit for their health, but if they are caught, they may have to pay a fine, do community service, or worse spend time in a jail cell.

  7. Ty TLS for posting another important issue. perhaps i would like to point out as others did is that its NOT even COOL its disgusting,antisocial, n very disturbing to most ppl. its only cool to the fool. about time its being put in its place.
    As far as yeshiva smoking goes its a big shame on them. a Nazir who takes upon himself a chumrah for a good purpose is still called a choteh, because dayecho ma she osra torah. kal vchomer smoking wich has no toeles. we all humans are born with plenty tayvas and bad habits to work on, why create more habits n addictions for your self. its a pure bizoyan hatorah.

  8. Anonymous said:
    October 18, 2009 at 12:20 pm
    im i retarded or did he say EVERY CIGGARET IS DOING YOU DAMAGE a MILLION times, i think maybe he is retarded.
    – why don’t you take a walk into sloan kettering and see people dying of lung -yene machla chas vashalom – and have not smoked ever -they however have gotten sick beacause of SECOND HAND SMOKE! If you want to smoke and kill yourself that is between you and Hashem but don’t kill others! I am so sick and tired of going to chasunas where people are outside smoking like there is no tommorow!

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