Smoke Machine Sets Off Alarm At Bais Yaakov Play, Causes Crowd To Evacuate Building

firetruckatnightJUST IN: The Fire Dept. and PD have just evacuated the Lakewood High School Building towards the end of a play, after the smoke alarm sounded. The Fire Department arrived and determined the alarm was set off from a Smoke Machine used in the play, which was taking place in the auditorium. The school was told to discontinue using the machine. The school, which will be holding another performance tomorrow, will not be using the machine for the event.

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  1. I am sorry to say this but there’s a lesson here.. “A Tree Stands In Vilna”.Who said they have to make a play about the Ger Tsedek?
    Everyone makes plays about the Holocaust. It’s a big topic—lots of material. Don’t try to be original and break the mesorah.

  2. BK put on a play about the ger tzedek from Vilna, many years ago. What’s wrong with it? Too bad about the smoke machine, Im sure it adds a lot of excitement to the play.

  3. The Spanish Inquisition provides a broad tapestry of drama, angst, and soul searching issues of identity. It should not “play”
    second fiddle to the holocaust or to any other eras of
    Kiddush Hashem in our history, in terms of proper subject matter for Bais Yaakov play productions. However, I do admit that the Kishinev pogrom is quite difficult to portray for a full two hours.

  4. I have been besieged in shul this morning about the smoke machine. How dare you kick it out mid-year? What about all the other smoke machines?–they’re not perfect either… Did you ask a shaila before
    taking such drastic measures? Didn’t the smoke machine apply to 3 different Bais Yaakov plays? Wait till Toys for Thought does their
    corny “We accept all smoke machines” ad…. Please, enough already.

  5. This is a very serious matter and should not be discussed in a joking manner. And for your information, the smoke machine was not kicked out of BaisYaakov.It was kicked out of the Lakewood High School.

  6. This is the problem. We all pretend that all smoke machines are perfect. Until one day our own smoke machine starts acting up chas vshalom. It is time all parents had classes on how to deal with their smoke machines. There is a serious problem some of our own are giving these smoke machines bad things that are causing them to set off allarms. Some of these smoke machines have even been misused by previous owners.

  7. My husband was on duty for the LFD last night when the unauthorized smoke machine caused such an issue. I do not understand why the smoke machine is used if the adults running the play knew it wasnt supposed to. You are putting lives in danger, not only by possible causing a fire but also becasue you have no idea who might have alung issues or asthma, a smoke machine is very dangerous in many ways especially in small areas like the LHS auditorium. My kids go there and I know the size, the high school doesnt even use one due to the danger. Protect your kids and the people around you. Keep the smoke machines out of the schools.

  8. I believe that the adults running the play were unaware of the problems and dangers a smoke machine can cause. I think the bais yakov parents are wonderful parents who like to protect their kids and the people around them. Bais yaakov parents and theis school’s faculty are also very careful not to allow violent fights or drugs in their school.

  9. I’ve noticed that some Lakewood High School students shout slurs and
    obscenities out the window of their school buses. I thought that this was just improper behavior and playful anti-semitism but now I realize that
    they are just trying to keep us out of the path of a moving vehicle.

  10. I think the governent should regulate smoke machines or privatize them
    (They might be able to if the smoke machines don’t have unions)

  11. I have alot of respect and gratitude to your husband as well as your family for his service to the community. That said, the tone of your comments is angry, belligerent and condescending. You vilify people
    for an oversight that perhaps should have been anticipated. Your pronouns are accusatory and demeaning as if the school faculty
    was guilty of planned arson. I know I’m supposed to be apologetic and humbly ask for your reluctant forgiveness but I will not do so.
    Don’t talk down to people—any people—- particularly this school
    faculty and parent body which educates and guides their students towards great achievements in academics and in personal character. I could care less what you think of my community and the negative way you view any of our actions. Again, I know I’m supposed to be solicitous, but the way you express your opinion—even if you are right—- makes me regard you with contempt.

  12. Maybe the Lakewood High School auditorium is a small area by your standards but not from Yeshiva or Bais Yaakov point of view.
    That is why private schools pay for the use of public schools to hold their events and performances.

  13. in response to number 22 i am frum and so is my husband think of the chilul hashem you make when you post such comments that all of Lakewood not just you and your close minded friends read.

  14. With friends like you who needs enemies. If indeed you are frum, then all the more reason for you to speak respectfully to Bais Yaakov adults and admonish them in a civil tone of voice. I am very concerned with chilul Hashem and the greatest chilul Hashem is when you impugn the behavior of frum educators before the TLS readership which is overwhelmingly frum. All of Lakewood reads the lakewood scoop but don’t forget that also includes close minded frum people and their friends. By the way can you please clarify— do your kids attend Lakewood High School?

  15. You have to be don lekaf zechus. Perhaps Mrs. Firefighter is a morrano trying to maintain her cover. Perhaps she is upset that her story wasn’t
    used for the play. Still, I’m suspicious. Sometimes when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  16. #25: you are a very eloquent…jerk. you really need immersion in mussar and hashkofa to correct your self-righteous hostility and superiority complex. Whether or not that “wife of firefighter” is frum or even jewish, sends her kids to LHS or BYHS, it is irrelevant to the fact that the lack of caution of the school play management endangers the audience, players, and yes, her husband. So save your indignation for the next bagel bash and swallow your pride and enormous ego for once. She was right.

  17. The play was amazing, everyone speaks of what they do not know of. The machine was a mere oversight, and this was the result. Had we of known of it, the alarm system could have been adjusted, and the machine used for the second day of shows. The girls from this school are the most polite, talented group that I have seen. From this town and possibly from everywhere. All I can say to the girls and teachers of Bais Yaakov school is Wonderful job on the performance, we all make mistakes, and all the best for the future…

  18. Wow what a buncha nutcases. Maybe if you guys started smoking you would be able to chill out like me. I am the newest model smoke machine. The one that was just legalized.

  19. To the TLS readers concerned over the useage of smoke machines first I like to point out that it is just that a machine. It is for the most part safe to use when used as per manufactuers instructions. As for THE FIRE FIGHTERS WIFE. YOU MA’ AM ARE NOT AT ALL QUALIFIED TO BE A VOICE OF REASON NEITHER FOR THE CITIZENS H.SCHOOL THE COMPANY HOLDING THE PRODUCTION ANY CONCERNED PARENTS TLS BLOGGERS AND ESPECIALLY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. If you had a smidgent of firematic education as your firefighter husband is suppose to have you would know this about smoke machines. My question to you to ask your husband would be where was he when the smoke machine was being used? To the concerned TLS readers there are laws in place to the useage of a smoke machine when used at a public event that’s held in a publc facility such as a auditorium. If anyone needs to know rhe rules/laws to the useage of these machines contact the Ocean County Fire Marshals offices. They are the ones in charge of governing these special machines at public events.

  20. To #22, first of all I was not talking down to anyone or to any people. My grandfather was an orthodox Rabbi here in town many many years ago, he died in this town on shabos on his way home, so please dont use the tone dont talk down to people, I know how it was meant. I was not saying anyone was meaning to do anything to anyone. Smoke machines can be dangerous and that is exactly all I was saying. I know for a fact that the machine wasnt asked to be used by the school, but if it would have been maybe the alarm would not have happened.

  21. The fire marshals office and the fire department had no idea the machine was being used inthe last scene of the play. When the alarms went off they were doing hteir jobs to evacuate the building. If the school holding the play wouldnt have “overlooked” the fact that the machine needed to be on the permit then no one would be having this conversation. Please do not act like you or the school or anyone is above the laws, we all have to follow them. My tone I think fits this post, you need to check your own tone, becasue my husband and the other two fire fighters on duty were doing their jobs.

  22. Mr. smoke machine:
    You are invited to join our extinguished organization.
    Havdalah candle, Chanukah menorah, Smoke detector,
    and Fire extinguisher are already proud members of our board.
    Hope to see you at our next meeting.

  23. in regards to girl school plays, I would like to make clear the voice of one of our biggest balai Mussar today (he was a talmid of the Chazon Ish as well as R’ Chatzkel Levinstein ZTL and when he spoke at a Livaya In Eretz Yisroel Rav SHACH ZTL came onlty to hear him). When I told him that we have chesed girls to help out my wife, seeing as we were taking care of my ailing mother, but they only come once in a while, he asked me why do they only come once and a while? I answered because they are busy with their school play. He looked at me and responded “(oh) THAT AVODA ZORA” *. Which one of our Bais Yakov yentas or their parents knew the Chazon Ish that they can comment? The problem is CHESED takes a back seat to the school play.

    * As heard from HARAV Shlomo Brevda Shlita.

  24. Hey, mussar posek, What’s your biggest balai mussar’s name?
    Is this psak for lakewood,nj in 5770?
    Are you also going to asur yeshiva bochurim playing basketball?
    I think Horav Mattisyahu is also one of the biggest balei mussar today.Strange, you’d think he’d make a mach’ah against
    AVODA ZORA. Maybe Rav Mattisyahu was waiting for Mr. Mussar to get off the internet so he could speak it over with him.

  25. to “omer dovor beshem oimro ”
    I think you missed my point. No, i wouldn’t assur bochurim playing basketball but I would assur the GOYISH music some of them have on their Ipods. In their own words “we don’t want fa-shlepped music, we wanna rock and roll (as heard from a 19 YESHIVA! bochur with a white shirt, black pants and black velvet yarmeka!.

    as to the tone of this post I apologize if the 1st post was written harshly. The point I think R’ Brevda was trying to make was that Chessed (which is one of the pillars the world stands on) should not be pushed aside for something like a play WHICH HAS NO INHERENT MITZVAH STATUS WHAT SO EVER. No one could help out an almana and her children who were taking care of her because the play was more important. That was the point. If the play is more important than caring for an almana, it has become an avoda zora

    p.s. Bachurim do not get enough exersize period.
    p.s. 2.) R’ Brevda was speaking about Lakewood a few years ago.

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