Silent Killer: How a barely-noticeable condition is wreaking havoc in our community [VIDEO]

Due to a recent increase in the occurrence of sudden heart attacks and strokes in young Lakewood men in their 30s and 40s — and even their mid-high 20s — Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim is holding a critical health screening for men on Sunday May 15th from 12-8 pm in Lake Terrace Hall.

All it takes is 15 minutes.

Get in. Get screened. Get out.

Be there – to protect yourself, your future, and your family.

[Press Release – TLS is a sponsor of this event]

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  1. You got to be kidding me “sudden increase” ummm maybe due to the sudden increase in covid vax consumption nahh thats silly talk, theres just more people so of course there will be more strokes, even though for the last 500 years no one in their 30’s and 40’s had strokes im just feeling silly today excuse my silly talk

    • studies have shown that COVID itself can cause much more damage to the heart than any of the vaccines, i would post a link but i think it isn’t possible. But you should never count on certain groups to allow an opportunity to slip by to spread misinformation.

      • Studies?!
        Whose studies?! Grauci Fauci’s?!?!
        As he says, ‘follow the science’. Just a big word – based on nothingness but money – and murder. TY
        By the way, treated on time, Covid has relatively no damage, and it affected the elderly much more than the younger. As one major US doctor said in an interview, absolutely no child in the WORLD died of Covid. If so, why would they even THINK of vaccinating them?! So if they do, it is just another proof that the entire thing is sham! Even according to Gentile law and ethics (never mind halacha), one cannot give any medication, unless the risks are justified. In this case they are absolutely not.

        And BTW, for everyone to bear in mind the simple fact that the Covid “vaccine” (untested, unproven), affects YOUNGER people (under 50) much more than people over 50. This is in exact contrast to Covid itself. It has to do with testosterone. So, if you heard of people over 50 who got it and seem to be fine, that proves nothing about the younger ages. (not that all above 50 are fine…)

        And the paramedical companies knew this would from before it came out. They have zero legal liability (and the doctors), otherwise they could not afford the lawsuits. Who knows how many might have already been rendered infertile, R”L. It’s a real shaila if to do a shidduch. One rav, after speaking to a frum scientist for hours, is advising people that if entering such a shidduch, must be prepared that may not have their own children. There are many frightening stories already – for both the unmarried and married. But ‘certain groups’ – to quote your words – will do away with all these points. >1M adverse reaction in VAERS – which includes >23K deaths – all right after vaccination – to healthy people. And VAERS is just 1% of reality.
        Miscarriages and stillborn are though the roof – especially for vaccinated mothers.
        There is almost no one to talk to other than private people. The reason that governments around the world have taken off all mandates is certainly because they got enough pressure from those who study the matter, and because they realized the killings they were doing. They’ll never admit the wrongdoing, but they probably saw that they weren’t making any much more money from the vaccine, so there was no point in maintain the image (the mask – pun intended) of the claim that there is a pandemic.
        (This is besides that in England, the mandates were dropped just one week after a video surfaced – and got worldwide attention – of BoriNG Johnson, Yemach Shemo, partaking in a party on Downing Street (the capital) – while his police were arresting others for doing just that. England had some of the world’s strictest lockdown measures.

        A lawsuit has been lodged in international court in the Hague, citing Grauci and Boring etc. It remains to be seen what will come of it. May God help their endeavors.

        The medical industry in the US alone is $3.3T per year. It is the absolute largest industry. It has been mechanized as a money-making industry since the early 1900s, and, thanks to the Rockefeller, Yemach Shemo, Foundation, NO medical school in the US teaches about nutrition. This means that doctors know nothing more about the great value of nutrition – for both prevention and healing – than the average Joe in the street. (And this comes from a published study – done several times, called ‘The State of Nutrition Education at US Medical Schools’.)

      • Sorry, but you cant deny what you see with your own eyes. My next door neighbor was strong and healthy his whole life, no heart condition, already a grandfather yet made it through a year of COVID without getting sick. Then took the pfizer shot, and a couple of weeks later was not with us anymore, sudden heart attack. He was not the only one that that happened to here in the test country, Israel. R”L. Do not post information from “studies” that you have not personally verified

  2. Why isn’t there a shutdown – of every food store, caterer, school and even homes, until they are purged of junk food?!?! Oh, because Amazon, Off-the-Wal-Mart and The Homeless Despot etc. and their severely deranged super-billionaire investors will not profit off it?! Oh…

  3. Lakewood!!! Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Who doesn’t see a clear correlation between The Covid VAX and what the headline of this article reads; Silent Killer!!!!! Why else have young people all of a sudden start dying of strokes and heart attacks??? Yes, I do mean to implicate those who pushed the vaccine. Yes, there is lots of blood on their hands. Yes, some of those who pushed the vaccine are the ones behind this event. Time for some of these influential individuals to take a long hard look at in the mirror. How sad…….

  4. Just say it as it is-anyone who was C()♡¡D vaxed should have themselves checked out. Studies show it causes micro clots which can build and cause strokes & heart attacks.

    • Yes, need to get D-dimer test which tests for blood clots. Upwards of 1,ooo ball-players around the world dropped like flies, sadly, on the field in front of cameras – had just been vaccinated. It got so bad that one team in Europe banned VACCINATED players!!! Go that team!

  5. Interesting that all the conspiracy theorists commenting here are blaming the COVID vaccine. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe it was caused by COVID itself? I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but why is only the vaccine being mentioned in the comments above? Is it possible that it’s because our “am navon vechochom” has become influenced by off the wall conspiracy theories instead of facts and logic in this area as well as many other areas?

  6. Most people in 30s and 40s in this town have not had the vaccine. What they have had is Covid itself, which we know is linked to increase in heart disease.

    • I say both Covid and the covid vaccine are bad. Equally. Ask the family Physician I saw in CHEMED of all places! Thats who told me both can cause clotting. Let the doctors decide, they see the patients.

  7. How about blaming covid itself on the sudden increase instead of the vaccine. More people in our community had covid than are vaxed.

  8. increase can be from higher rate of financial stress, from eating habits that get worse and worse, from less and less people exercising….etc

    who cares what the increase is from, bottom line is i had a friend that had his life saved from this. He didn’t know his sugar was through the roof and was pre diabetic already.

    you don’t want to make an appointment and get a physical thats understandable. but if you have a family and a wife and want to be a little bit of a responsible adult just go get checked out.

  9. I can give a whole slew of reasons why heart related diseases have gone up, completely unrelated to COVID:
    1. More processed foods
    2. Less exercise
    3. Stress
    Who cares what the reason for the increase is, people should go and get checked out.

  10. To @stop it already I will say this; no one is saying most of this or all of this age group are vaccinated in Lakewood, but no denying there are many many in this age group who are vaccinated indeed.

    To all those who can refer to people who question the vaccine as conspiracy theorists, you are obviously living under a rock. Anyone who knows what’s going on in this world knows one thing; there is tremendous censorship over the past few years, that censorship is primarily regarding two very important and crucial issues. The 2020 election and the Covid pandemic, more specifically the covert vaccine.

    The censorship is extremely sophisticated and widespread. Gone are the days that you could just tune in to the news here and there, even read a decent amount as well as surf the Internet and think that you have seen both sides of a topic and thus you are informed.

    Regarding both of the above mentioned issues if you are not relentless in searching for the truth all you will get are a mountains of terrible falsehoods and lies.

    To those who claim it’s Covid which caused this I ask one question; why didn’t we see this article a year ago which would’ve been a year after the Covid pandemic started (and no, this age group was not dying in large numbers from Covid itself), why is it only now that we are speaking along these lines? The answer is very simple, it has been this past year which the vaccine was widely distributed; hence the silent killer in Lakewood New Jersey.

    • When my great aunt grew older, she unfortunately had dementia. Since she lived alone, my father brought her food every week. When the dementia became worse, my father found that she would unplug the refrigerator and the food would go bad. She explained that the government was spying on her through the electricity and she unplugged electric appliances. It was beyond sad to see this happening to her. Unfortunately, you sound just like her in your rant about the government!

  11. No sudden icrease.
    Go to your doctor for an annual checkup with routine blood tests & you’ll have a much better idea about your health..

  12. Try to get your info. from evidenced based sources, not from social media, friends, or other biased sources. Covid can effect all organs. It can increase the chance of stroke, heart attack, and other health issues. This has been studied and has been published in medical journals. Denialism is a real issue.

    • Remdisivir and Untreated covid can cause organ problems and organ failure. The vaccine puts the spike protein that causes this damage into the body deliberately so this is a dangerous option. The answer is to take safe prophylactic medications and treat covid correctly with the medications that were suppressed by the media. They work time and time again. I am very involved with covid patients.

  13. @Moe, I challenge you to what your sources are. As mentioned above in previous comments people have to stop living under a rock.

    Those same medical journals and studies you seem to cite are no more what they were some years back.

    Medical journals, government studies, and of course pharmaceutical sponsored studies are all so thoroughly corrupt (think climate change) and what’s scary is that people still think of them like years past when there was some validity there.

    Even during Covid there were medical journals that had to retract what they published for the first time in history. (that you can actually Google).

    Somehow people can swallow the very clear fact that many government institutions are so thoroughly corrupt in every way imaginable; yea those institutions which have been spying on private citizens and had a relentless unfounded vendetta against the former president and did everything to undermine his presidency. But when it comes to the FDA or the CDC, they are shortly angels with no hint of corruption; all leshaim shamayim.

    We need to come out from under the huge rock over our heads. Propaganda might have started in a big way with this Covid pandemic, but believe me this is just the beginning. If you don’t wake up now by the time you consider doing so; well it will be all too late.

  14. Junk food definitely doesn’t help, Just bear in mind that the same severely deranged super-billionaires have heavy investments in Big Junk Food, and Big Pahrma (in that order!).
    Have a great day!

  15. Here are some good health tips. Even doing a bit will help, and slowly get into it.
    The truth is that many medical issues – such as low thyroid etc. that “can” be taken care of with medicine – by taking pills for life, are really all due to junk food and lack of proper sleep etc. (and one who corrects these things should be able to get off them). With all due respect, people don’t realize that most food is junk food – even the seemingly healthy foods. All the added sugar, deep-fried foods – very unhealthy (they use unhealthy oils to begin with – such as Canola and soybean – and the heat damages them, and how much more so the continuous reheating. A expert says deep fried foods are worse than added sugar, as thee affected oils stay in the body for months.
    Then, the white flour, and the sprays and chemicals on fields, for example, “regular” oats are the most sprayed grain.
    (And BTW, 50% of chemical fertilizers come out of Russia and Ukraine combined – certainly the current situation is a message min Shamayim that what they are doing is no good.
    Even “regular“ milk, meat and chicken etc. contain many unhealthy chemicals, residues of antibiotics, medications and growth hormones etc. that are regularly given to them, not to mention that they feed them the cheapest of the cheap unhealthy food. And farmed salmon etc. is terrible as well, for similar reasons. The reason they need so much medication is because since they don’t have good health, therefore, they have hard time fighting off viruses.
    The suggestion is to focus on certified organic and wild caught (from Atlantic – Pacific has radiation from Fukushima disaster) as much as possible, as they don’t have virtually all of these things.

    Bethel and Wayside are great choices for Chalav Ysiroel milk, and there are certified organic eggs and chicken and grains etc. All health-food stores have them, and many groceries that have a health isle too.
    And BTW, contrary to people’s concerns, once you get used to less sugar etc, you will not miss it much. There are many healthy sweeteners such as Stevia – an herb that tastes sweet, just give yourself some time – weeks or months – to get used it. Every sweetener tastes different. Ask on the health isle.

  16. REPORT TODAY: Approximately 400 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were destroyed because of contamination issues.

    “These doses were squandered despite repeated warnings from employees, outside consultants, pharmaceutical companies, and FDA regulators that the companies manufacturing practices were unsafe and that it was unlikely to fulfill the contract recklessly awarded by the Trump administration. Executives prioritized profits over producing vaccines in a responsible manner that complied with FDA requirements,” Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), chairman of the subcommittee, said in a statement.

  17. A cousin’s BFF knows three people who died days after eating alfalfa. My seventh-grade math teacher knew dozens of people who had strokes the same day they skipped lunch. And a recent Twitter poll found that COVID vaccines can make you very angry.
    As an aside, the CDC recommends drinking a coffee after vaping.

  18. Pfizer’s own documents that the court forced them to release lists pages and pages of side effects from the covid vaccine amongst other very serious flaws that were hidden about the COVID vaccines. Anyone who is still calling this a conspiracy theory is just ignorant about the facts that have been proven already. This is no longer a theory. (This includes many “experts” even those that post on TLS)

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