“Shvache Kop” or “No Zitz Fleish”: Myth or True? – Part 2 | Rabbi Dovid Abenson

This is not unique to the United States or Europe. In Eretz Yisroel, many of the hundreds of thousands of students there are taught Torah using modern Hebrew, not understanding that Lashon HaKodesh and Ivrit are essentially different languages. By example, an Israeli talmid came to me recently, speaking a fluent Hebrew but yet could not translate a simple posuk in Chumash such as “ והיה כי־תבוא אל־הארץ“. I translated it for him in English and then asked him how he would say it in modern Hebrew. He replied

“ ומתי שאתם תבוא אל הארץ“. There is no וי״ו ההפוך in modern Hebrew and וְהָיָה֙ is the וי״ו ההפוך and the whole Torah is built on this. The talmid continuously mixed up the 2 grammar translations in both languages.

In Eretz Yisroel, institutions do not differentiate between the two languages, hence, putting many obstacles in the way of their students. Many end up being medicated because of it, keeping their frustrations in check, or unfortunately leaving Yiddishkeit or going to the army to feel fulfillment, and to determinedly erase the label of having felt inadequate all their formative years. Those who do hang on in the system, do so struggling.

Any frum child who does not know Lashon HaKodesh and only speaks modern Hebrew will be unable to translate ויאמר and he most probably will tell you its הוא אמר. If so, ask him to translate יאמר and he will not know how to, and wonder what is the י used for? Try it out yourself.

I was contacted by a rebbe from Lakewood seeking advice on teaching his talmidim. He told me he has been teaching for over 20 years in Lakewood and knows modern Hebrew very well, and is using it to his advantage. I explained however, even if he knows modern Hebrew , that will not help in translating Lashon HaKodesh text. In questioning me on that, I asked him to translate וְהָיָה֙ ? Despite his best efforts, he was unable to translate what it meant in english as he did not know וי״ו ההפוך, a basic and crucial grammar skill in Lashon HaKodesh as mentioned above. As discussed in a previous article, Ben Yehuda, the founder of modern Hebrew, eliminated it from Ivrit.


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I appeal to all Litvish and Chassidishe Gedolim around the world to join forces and declare b’achdus, that rejection and expulsion from schools of our precious children must end once and for all. Hitler yemach sh’mo killed two million children. Institutions that continue to do this have blood on their hands.

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  1. I believe it’s love or no love .
    It’s child hood trauma or no.
    It’s bullying or not. It’s lack of self esteem. It’s needs met or not. Physical or emotional!
    With that proper understanding of adults around them they can succeed in wherever they go.

  2. I see the Zionists even in another way have hurt Yahadus, it is hard to count on 2 hands the amount of hard that the Zionists are doing every day to klal yisroel from their shmad efforts in closing yeshivas to this subtle way.

  3. In one word.

    Cuz some kid with shvache kop, an expelled bochur must have a Rosh Yeshiva a Hitler. Wow.

    I dont know who the writer of this letter, but I get that he must know too little

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