Shore Town Police Drop Off Homeless Couple at Tent City

tc winterA homeless couple which recently moved to New Jersey was dropped off at Tent City by police, sources say. Lakewood Police were called last week after it was reported that a couple was dropped off at the encampment by police, though it wasn’t clear which police force it was.

It turns out, police tell TLS, that the homeless couple showed up in one of the Shore towns, and not knowing what to do with the couple, police were directed to drop the couple off at Tent City.

With the Court Order in place however which bans the encampment from accepting any additional residents, Lakewood Police made other arrangements fo the couple, police say. [TLS]

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  1. Please do let us know which “shore town” did this to Lakewood. Then,
    all Lakewood taxpayers should make sure not to patronize any businesses in that town. Money talks!

  2. Number 1 threw4 your all nuts. Homeless people during this holy time you must help these people. Tent city was to be put in homes but nothing done. Lakewood does not follow the law. Poor people, they need help. Boycott the business in Howell, I am sure they would be glad. Stay in lakewood. Have a heart………….

  3. I’m a Tent City resident, advocate, and webmaster. If by any chance you want to have a constructive conversation, then I am available for that.

    Lakewood should be proud that its homeless people aren’t living on the streets, and have Tent City volunteers to help them!

  4. Nonsense we should all go to Howell stores and but everything, then return it a week later so they lose customers and money. The people (businesses) had nothing to do with this, it’s the police that didn’t do their job and just abandoned two people in another town so they don’t have to do the work. I say we call out congressmen (Chris smith) and tell him what the other town did. Maybe those cops will be held liable for abandonment.

  5. Alex Libman,

    Do you happen to live in Lakewood, near tent city? If you feel so much for their cause, why don’t you invite them to your home?

  6. If you are not a tent city NEIGHBOR then u cannot talk. It’s absolutely disgusting, GET THEM ALL OUT AND BULDOZE TENT CITY, nuf sAID. POOR paying working neighbors of tent city that have to watch these bums walk with their beer bottles and urinate on their properties. THAT is whats really going on! Thank goodness, We the PAYING neighbors moved away, but there r so many other famillies in the neighnborhood.

  7. At the end of the day this isn’t “tent city” we r talking about this is a group of ppl who don’t have any place to live u know maybe we should stop talking about them like they r in some way different ppl bec they don’t have money….lets try to help em…and let’s make Lakewood awesome…

  8. Contrary to the misinformation frequently presented by some in the media and some so-called advocates, homeless shelters in New Jersey and most states are NOT built, owned, operated or staffed by municipalities, counties or states. The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is a faith-based , non-profit. It has a board of directors and operates as a charitable organization through donations. In fact, all shelters in the state, such as numerous run by Salvation Army, and others by Catholic groups and other Christian denominations, are run as non-profit charities. Some shelters may receive limited government funding and grants from foundations, however, their main source of revenue is derived from tax-deductible donations. Typically they have limited paid staff with low fringe benefits in comparison to government workers. That helps to keep operating costs under control. Many staff members are volunteers who serve because of their faith and compassion for the needy. Some workers may also be shelter residents trying to turn their lives around. Most shelters have strict rules about length of stay, drugs and alcohol, and individuals must develop a specific plan to follow to take personal responsibility to get back on their feet, participate in mental health services, and to address drug and alcohol dependency. Are those strategies underway at Tent City? Finally, Google : How many Tent Cities are their in the US?

  9. Can’t we all just get along?

    We’re using land that isn’t being used for anything else. Without Tent City, either the government would be wasting your tax dollars on motel rooms (thereby encouraging homelessness), or there would be homeless people living in the streets – which is bad for everybody.

    We are not bothering anybody, except for a little bit of smoke – and I do take the smoke issue seriously. But we just cannot afford to switch most of our residents to propane. I’ve done more to “clear the smoke” than anybody else, by trying to raise the funds online – so far I’ve failed miserably. If everyone in Lakewood donated just $0.25 a month, then we could switch to propane, and there’d be no more smoke. The Township has wasted 10 times more money to harass us via police and courts, accomplishing nothing…

    And please keep in mind that, in a rational system of jurisprudence, the burden of proof would be on the accuser. The smoke isn’t a big deal even inside Tent City, much less outside. Only people of a certain political persuasion seem to be able to smell it… People have lived with a lot more smoke than that for thousands of years. No factual evidence of harm has ever been presented to us.

    re #10:

    It’s not Howell. There are many shore towns, don’t try to guess.

    Hmm, maybe we’ll auction off this information in a fundraiser for Tent City. Or MAYBE I’ll eventually volunteer this information to the Scoop if they stop censoring my comments and unblock me from the Facebook Page… How is having an inside-TentCity perspective a bad thing? 😉

    re #12:

    I live inside Tent City. (Since March 1st of this year.)

    Lakewood is the only hometown that I have. My mother has lived in Lakewood since 1996. I’ve never been more than an hour’s drive away, and moved into Lakewood itself in Oct 2010.

    re #13:

    If there was trespassing on Private Property or public urination, there would be evidence. Security cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper. (And we do know there are planted cameras inside Tent City, I just wish they’d let us put the stream on our Web-site.) And everybody has a camera phone these days.

    Take a photo, call the police, and prosecute the individuals responsible. Repeating the same accusation again with zero evidence only makes you look foolish. Hasn’t history taught you anything about the flaws of collective punishment?

    Tent City is not more “disgusting” than many other poor parts of town. And no one is forcing you to come here. Public urination is what you’ll have if they bulldoze Tent City, and homeless people will be living on the streets with no access to shower, portajohns, garbage pickup, and all the other things that Tent City gives them.

    re #14:

    My ideas are 100% libertarian, pro-capitalist, anti-socialist. That is why I am at Tent City. Google “libertarian solution to end homelessness” or “topic tent city lakewood” to find some more appropriate forums where we can have this debate.

    re #16:

    Very good points. I agree with you that most shelters are NGO’s, and this is how it should be. At the same time, the government is taxing huge amounts of money, most of which goes to waste, which sabotages private charity, and is hoarding huge amounts of “public land” that thus cannot be used for homeless shelters. 99% of the cost of a homeless shelter is land.

    re #17:

    If only that was true… But (as far as I know) the only person to refuse the “one year free housing to get out” offer on principle was me…

    I’ve been told I’ll be forcefully removed since spring… If Gandhi had to wait so long for someone to notice his civil disobedience and arrest him, even he might have become discouraged… 😉

  10. To Just the Facts : Your information is incorrect. There are several counties in NJ that operate homeless shelters including the one in Hackensack run by Bergen County and that teaches the homeless job skills. If you do some research you will discover that Ocean County refuses to open one stating that they already do enoung for the homeless

  11. Evey one has such great ideas
    For These homeless pple.
    How about PUT OUR SELF in there place for a day,spend the night on ur porch and see what it feels like in the freezing cold,being out doors with
    No heat & then YOU can then say get rid of them.
    Did Avrum avinu do the same????
    Or he invited strangers in his home and gave them food…..
    Is that what the Torah teaches us
    GET RID OF THEM?maybe everyone put there heads together
    And work on putting up a shelter where they can live with HEAT in this freeeezing weather!!and have food.
    Bottom line they are here SO LET’S HELP TOGHETHER! I’m sure that’s what Hashem wants make A REAL KIDDUSH HASHEM.
    In the heat of the summer I was with my kids at ritas getting ices& saw a homeless guy watching everyone on line getting ices/ice I opened my purse and gave him few dollars and told him to buy your self a icecream,and if u would of seen his face light up u would think he won the lottery!!!hashem put them in Lakewood for a reason!!!!

  12. Just the Facts – you have very good ideas, a shelter with rules against drugs, drinking and violence. The problem with Tent City is that there are no enforced rules. It seems Minster Steve at Tent city cannot provide the appropriate shelter that would help people get out of their addictions. Chaim Rotenberg, you always shows much compassion for others. Maybe Hashem has placed you in a position to be the one to advocate for these people (doesn’t have to be money, maybe just your influence). Alex, you have good points about videotaping. I encourage everyone to film the disruptive Tent City residents, when they are threatening the neighborhood children, public drinking, and illegal activities. I also encourage residents to video tape Cedar bridge Ave when it is too smoky too see clearly (sometimes visibility is less than 100 feet). Alex you display much more wisdom than Minister Steve, too bad the Tent City people couldn’t elect you mayor of the place. I am wondering if you were offered land to move Tent City, would you move the residents. I think it is time that Minister Steve was run out of that place since he does not cooperate with the town or police, and pretends not to see all the drug abuse in Tent City like the heroin and crack abuse, along with violence. Tent City must end , it is not fair to the local residents and it is unkind to the Tent people who are freezing . A solution must be made , one that does not put an unfair burden on Lakewood residents, since most Tent City residents are not from Lakewood , and it is unfair just to plop in Lakewood and demand housing. It is better to build a shelter with Lakewood controlling it, than to have Minster Steve control it . You can see what a disaster Tent City is – drug dealing , stabbings, assaults , etc.

  13. Tent City residents need heathcare in the way of drug and alcohol treatment, if you are not in the medical community , then please learn about addictions before declaring others cruel. It is cruel to let them continue in their sicknesses.

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