Shooting Leaves One In Serious Condition

shootout kmc pic detectives2VIDEO: A Shootout left a man in serious condition this evening. The incident, first reported approximately 4:45 p.m., occurred at the housing complex on John Street, where police responded to reports of  gunfire. Moments later, a man – driving a van (pictured) with its windows blown out – checked himself into Kimball Medical Center with two gunshot wounds to his chest.

Details are sketchy at this time, and details into what led to the shooting are unknown.

At least two vehicles had their windows blown out as result of the shooting.

The victim is currently being airlifted to Jersey Shore Medical Center in serious condition.

Lakewood’s Detective Bureau as well as the CIU are investigating.

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  1. This is crazy already. It might be time for people to move back to Brooklyn where it seems relatively safe! It’s turning into the wild west here.

  2. The ironic thing about the lay offs is the fact that come January Langert will no longer be Mayor but will be the first to complain about the rising crime. Chief Rob Lawson has done a wonderful job as Chief, I hope the next Mayor will be smart enough to rely on the Chief of Police to make the police decisions for the Town. The last time I checked Langert had no formal police training . We the community should demand that Chief Lawson is given the tools and man power he needs to protect us all.

  3. Number 4 number three is right to do it Who will handle these calls for service? Or we can just let citizens wait 2-3 hours for police to come take your theft and burglary reports. Oh, and the stolen bicycle reports

  4. Laying off police officers has nothing to do with this incident. Maybe the police officers should accept the proposal by the town which will save money and save their fellow officers jobs!

  5. Now why should the police open their lawful contract. Again if a police officer did not handle their finances properly and couldn’t pay their mortgage, should the township bail them out? No. So if the township can’t handle their finances properly and make cuts, because we have been in this recession for some time now, they should have allocated funds properly why should the officers bail the township out

  6. Last night one of the police was in (moderated) before 6:30 PM untill after 10:30 PM!!! He didn’t move even once!! I have pictures that are time stamped…….

  7. What the cops should do is get in writing that they would only agree to open up the heath contract if that is the only contract that will be touched. How many people who have jobs that are not unionized have the same time of health benefits. Most people who have jobs have $20 to $25 copays and deductibles. The amount that I have to pay into my health insurance goes up every year.

  8. to Moshe says
    Quote “Maybe the police officers should accept the proposal by the town which will save money and save their fellow officers jobs!”

    Maybe the town should honor the contract that they already signed ! and cut in areas that will not affect the safety of the citizens of Lakewood

  9. TJJ says:
    “What the cops should do is get in writing that they would only agree to open up the heath contract if that is the only contract”

    They all ready have in writing a signed contract ,apparently this does not mean much as the town is looking for a way not to honor it so why would they now trust another signed contract by the town ????

  10. I don’t think there was an option to take the cut in benefits and save the jobs. I think it was take a cut in benefits and still layoff 5 Officers.

  11. #2 keep renting to them. I like how you talk about people outside your religion as them. I think it will be better to join hands regardless of what religion or believes. So we could solve the crime problem we have in this town.

  12. Hey number 1! Just fyi, I know you don’t hear or read about it cuz it may not be written about in the news outlets you pay attention too, but they’re are a lot more shooting in brooklyn! Just tonight maybe an hour ago there was an armed robbery on ave I and flatbush ave at the BP station and the clerk was shot… Just saying

  13. The more police presence their is the less crime their is, that has been proven time and time again. Police presence in Lakewood is about to hit a all time low with a population that has more then doubled. You can take it to the bank that crime will sky rocket. It is simple math less cops + more people = a whole bunch of crimes. As a paying taxpayer of Lakewood I do not like the rise in crime.

  14. Anon,
    You say you have the pictures of an Officer sitting in his car for 6 hours?. Was he sitting at a crime scene that needs to be guarded? Was he working a road job? Was he on a special assignment that required him to sit there for an extended period? YOU DONT KNOW, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POLICE WORK OR WHAT GOES ON

  15. What I don’t understand is if the community Doubled. Then the taxes revenue. Should have also some what so were that extra tax $ from the new ppl that moved to lkwd. It’s not like the police. Dept. Got bigger within the last 2 years.

  16. “walk a day and night in the cops shoes all of you”

    those who are complaining coudn’t walk an hour in their shoes , in fact most probably don’t work at all and want everything for free and only their way


    Those who rent to low-lifers, and know they could be trouble.. shame on you for welcoming trouble into the same town that your own family will share with these vermin. You placed MONEY OVER FAMILY SAFETY. Now i dont want to hear you crying and complaining, or blaming the police. Its your fault. YOU GAVE THEM REASONS TO COME TO LAKEWOOD… NOW DEAL!

  18. Yes…everyone that is scared should move back to Brooklyn…Seriously….Please….Oh and you are not allowed to pick and choose who you rent too. That is a violation of the United States Civil Rights Act. If you are a renter and has followed this previously mentioned practice, please post your name, address, and phone number so that someone from the federal government can contact you. YOU’RE VIOLATING THE LAW BY PICKING ONLY THOSE THAT YOU LIKE TO RENT YOUR PROPERTY!!! MR. CONSERVATIVE… THAT’S YOU….and point of reference, these families did not come to Lakewood because that is the only place they can rent. These families have been in Lakewood for a long time… Don’t blame the property owners for the residents problems… GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple minds cause serious problems

  19. To zydco.
    Did i ever say every slumlord who owns rentals in lakewood, himself then resides within lakewood? -NO.
    Did i ever say that every lakewood landlord is a slumlord? -NO

    – If you cant read between the lines in my post, I addressed those slumlords who reside in lakewood that also rent-out units in the township of lakewood and then complain that the town isnt safe anymore.
    (i didnt think i needed to spell everything out, but i guess i have to make my posts dumb-proof from now on.)

  20. TO #31:
    Picking and choosing based upon race,creed,color,religion, etc- is illegal.

    But putting forth reasonable to obtain standards is not illegal. (ie, income qualifications, credit checks, criminal background, employment checks, and other various references.) IS NOT ILLEGAL. (so who is the simple minded one?)

  21. When people say “stop renting to them” it sounds like they are saying there shouldn’t be anyone else in town other than themselves or those like them. This town will not be cleaned up overnight EVEN IF you kicked out everyone who is not up to one person’s arbitrary standards.

    The one who got shot was a minor- he didn’t rent the apartment I’m sure. His record (if there is one) wouldn’t show up on a rental application. How do we know the poeple who shot him are from Lakewood anyway? There are bigger issues that cause crime and they need to be addressed. Not so simple to solve now is it?

  22. More cops mean PROACTIVE Police work. Remember last summer when Capt. Mooney had the manpower to hit the streets hard with his guys. They cleaned up Second St. and the Downtown area for the business owners and the residents. When you are down to minimum manpower there are no cops to actively patrol. They can only react to situations and not be proactive.

  23. Everytime a crime happens here in “beautiful, historic Lakewood” (neither beautiful, nor historic anymore) someone is on here ranting and raving about how the landlords should not rent to the criminals. For a solution to your idea they should simply put the question “Are you a criminal?” on the rental questionaire. I guarantee that no one is able to determine who will or will not go out and shoot someone one day. Did you ever stop to think that the shooters did not live in the area? Did you realize that the victim did not live in the area either? I say that Lakewood supposedly prides itself on its ability to cope with diversity among its population, which we all know is a joke, then there will always be someone who is considered undesirable by someone else.

    Riddle me this… What caused the rapid decline from the rich and famous residing in Lakewood to the “undesirables” and illegals showing up?

    And every shooting that happens in Lakewood is gang related so maybe we should blame the gangs? Just maybe?

  24. I agree with #1 that if a person is not happy they should move back to Brooklyn. Then maybe Lakewood would no longer be overcrowded and would go back to being the peaceful township it once was!

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