SHOCKING VIDEO: Jackson man besmirches Jewish bus driver for “intentionally coming at me”; Bus dashcam video shows a shockingly different story

A video posted, and allegedly shot by, Gary Baker, of Jackson, claims a Jewish bus driver attempted to ‘come at me’ while doing his run in Jackson.The video was posted on Facebook, and understandably, generated dozens of anti-Semitic comments.

But the bus dashcam video obtained by TLS shows a different story – this appears to be a set-up to ‘prove’ Jewish bus drivers can’t drive.

The video clearly shows a man standing in the road, with another man – apparently Gary Baker – hiding behind a tree, filming the school bus as it ‘comes at’ him.

Understandably, the video did exactly what its intention was: Show one side of the story, and allow and welcome everyone to curse out the Jews.

The next day, a cop was waiting, and the driver was pulled over for going approximately six miles over the speed limit.


The bus company released the following statement to TLS:

On Wednesday evening, somebody sent me a picture which I attached to this email, of a Facebook page showing one of our buses in Jackson.  If you go to the Facebook page, you realize it is a group set up to knock the Jews.

The picture sent to me was actually a video which shows the bus swerve towards the guy taking the video. In the group, he was suggested to call the Jackson Police Department several times about this.

Obviously, Thursday morning I took extra precaution and discussed with the driver how although he is extremely cautious and careful driving, he should be extra on the alert because the police will probably be there waiting for him.

He recalled the incident from Wednesday afternoon and said that was a set up. There was someone standing in middle of the road (which by the way is endangering my bus and the students on it), and there was another person standing on the curb videoing the bus.

The driver, knowing the anti-Semitism in Jackson, was too nervous to stop, therefore made a quick decision to go in between the two.  They are now using that video as leverage against us.

To make a long story short, yesterday,  the police were there in the exact spot waiting for the driver and pulled him over for going downhill at 31 mph and a 25 mph zone. The officer questioned the driver if he had prior points on his license and was obviously told that he had a clean slate on his license. He asked him if he has the same driver who does the run generally, and when he told him yes, he began to ask about any incidents over the past couple of days.

My driver told him exactly what happened on Wednesday.

He proceeded to give the driver a ticket for speeding, but said that he will ignore the Prior days incident because there are two sides to every story.

The father of the boy who gets off at that stop said that this person who shot the video or was standing in the street is actually friends with the police and have the entire thing set up purposely. He said that the person on Wednesday jumped into his car and proceeded to follow the bus to see if you can find anything else illegal, which obviously he did not. I believe that is illegal to follow buses. That is also in endangerment to students.”


Was this blatant anti-Semitism? Should these men be charged with endangering the lives of children?

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  1. I believe that some background to this story is essential to what is going on here. Over the past few months there have been numerous reports of anti-Semites swerving into and narrowly missing Jews walking down the streets. This has been covered on the scoop. We have all seen the video of the car knocking over the pole to hit a Jew walking down the street. Apparently, the filthy anti-Semites would like to curse at, intimimidate, and harass Jews, but then go bonkers when people rightfully point out their despicable anti-Semitism. This was clearly a set up to try to turn the tables and play victim. They are ashamed that they have been exposed so they are trying to act like victims of the same things they were accused of. Shame on them. They should be charged with endangering the lives of the children and the bus driver. Enough is enough. Modern day blood libel.

    • Kudos. How many times have they deliberately swerved into me walking home from shul, past the white line on the street. They’re trying to get us to react and bring us down to their level so they can claim they’re the victims.

  2. I am so so happy to see this video posted here on TLC.
    I’m a member of many of these Facebook groups and for the last couple weeks this bus and driver have been a hot topic for all the watchdogs. Let’s just say the comments and hatred spewed (yet again) were horrifying to read.

  3. Gary Baker just proved what a lot of people have been thinking about the Jackson strong movement; they are a group of lying, conniving, anti-Semites who will stop at nothing to keep Jews out of Jackson. People of Jackson: do you want these people to represent you? Most residents are good peaceful people, but why are these haters afforded so much power? Stand up to them! Expose them! Let’s join together Jew, and Non-Jew, black and white, and expose these lying haters who are tearing the town apart.

  4. Oy what a crazy world that we live in!!! I don’t think people realize that they can get dash cameras installed in their personal cars and that can save them a lot of heart ache, they are really not expensive!

  5. Does anyone know if the cop even saw the dash-cam video before saying he won’t do anything about the setup? Makes me scared to drive in Jackson if the cops won’t listen to you saying “there are two sides to every story”!

  6. Just to put things into perspective . These 2 clowns had to sit together and discuss different ideas how to “get the jews” I wish i could have heard the other ideas they had before deciding this was the best one! Hey Gary Ill stand in middle of the street and you video ! No I want to video and you stand in the street. Must have been a late night until all the plans were finalized.

    Dear Gary, clown number 2 and the rest of Jackson strong . start living life instead of scheming how to destroy other peoples lives.

  7. “Understandably generated dozens of antisemitic responses”


    If it was Christian, was it understandably to bash Christianity as well???

  8. The bus driver was pulled over and ticketed by a police officer because he was going 6 miles over the speed limit. This is a residential area, and he is driving children. If anything, the bus driver should have been going 6 miles UNDER the speed limit. Saying the bus driver was pulled over because it was a set up is ridiculous. The police officer was doing his job and enforcing the law.

    • Oh reeeeally. School busses have to drive a certain amount under the speed limit, that’s news. The don’t need to follow the law any more than a regular vehicle and no decent cop would pull anyone over for 6 mph over the limit. He only pulled him because of the previous day’s incident which is the reason why he was there in the first place. get your head out of the sand.

    • Sorry to disturb the world you’re in. In the world I live in police officers who get paid by my tax dollars should not be collaborating with schemers and and anti Semites. That is not called enforcing the law. Its called enforcing the Hate period. now you can go back into your coma.

  9. These hateful people are really interesting to study. I wonder what kind of lives they have lived that they are so bitter. I kinda feel bad for them. They must have been through so much if this is where they are holding, that they literally concoct stories to keep Jews out. I think this goes deeper than your average anti-Semitism, I think this is indicative of a mental disorder. Just pray for these hooligans. As Trump would say, “SAD!”

    • Bigotry, willful ignorance, hatred and willfully endangering people (in this case children) are symptoms of mental disease. They are criminally insane and should be locked up for the good of the community at large!

  10. First of all the bus was empty when he got pulled over. Second when he saw the guy standing in middle of the road you could see he slowed down before passing him. I hope this bus driver could sue this guy. This was definitely a set up.

  11. @ Concerned Reader –
    You must be kidding!!!!! First off, we do not know if the driver of the bus was going “6 miles” over the limit.
    Second – In your life, have you ever seen or heard of a driver getting a ticket going 6 miles over the limit?? just asking!!!!
    Stop being such a Libretard!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jackson ashamed, non jewish resident!

  12. This guy Gary baker needs a life I know him personally he’s a disgusting nasty person who ever knows him says the same just looking to do harm on Jackson strong facebooked page every person is a nasty person I know many people on it not one ever did a good thing for someone else and they do not represent the Jackson residence ps. Gary get a life if u mean good strait vollenteering fora good cause or else u will be burning in hell

  13. I have a suggestion that is totally unrelated to the topic. When posting on a public forum that is read by all types of people, please check your grammar and spelling. It is embarrassing to try to make sense out of some of the incoherent posts. It destroys credibility when the poster cannot even follow simple rules of sentence structure and grammar.

  14. jpd are the best and will find the truth…what I do know is the hate coming from the strong and watchdogs must stop..Jacksons residents are great and a few bad jackson strong folks ( allegedly one in the video) and watchdogs give us all a bad name ….kelly-hope

  15. I have met several fine jackson police officers but before jews moved into Brookwood. Jpd would wait for jews driving thru and ticket us for silly things like the top of the j of nj being blocked by the license plate frame or the light over plate being burned out my neighbor even got a ticket for going one mile over speed limit! Scary to see an arm of the government used to intimidate a different race! Now they are being called out

  16. To Mr and Mrs Gary Baker of the hateful Jackson Strong club –

    I’ve reviewed both videos and the various pictures posted for public viewing.

    Due to the healthy education my parents gave me, I’ve been trying very hard to understand your side of the story. But I really need your help on this one, because no matter which way I see this, you come out looking like the biggest, meanest creeps ever.

    I hope that you’re willing and able to explain your seemingly-despicable and trashy behaviors to the world, for which you first posted your deviously slanted video.

    Strong negativity towards others and hatefulness of this extreme degree, by “framing” those who did you no wrong, indicates an unhealthy mental state – which will only cause you (and those around you) more misery as its symptoms progress. A professional mental health counselor (with a specialty in your area of deficiency) will be the right person to seek help from.

    The driver is alleged to have driven a whopping SIX miles over the posted speed (without any children being transported at the time as evidenced in the video), but that can be no justification for the low-life and venomous libel being spewed by you.

    I truly wonder how many other similar libels and pathetic set-ups you’ve perpetrated against folks who’ve chosen to live their lives differently than yours…

    I hope you can find yourself a brighter future. Your diabolic actions only make your world a worse place instead of a better one.

  17. This guy Gary is obviously a sad depressed human being . I can guarantee you he doesn’t have a job . As we know people without jobs with nothing to do can just go crazy . Let’s all take it easy on this sad depressed deranged person. Gary is just very bitter that he’s an unsuccessful person .
    I do have food news for Gary , he can sell his home for a lot more than it’s worth. With that extra money he can think of a business to open so he can keep his mind busy .

  18. Great work by the bus company and driver having dash cam footage to set the record straight about what actually happened. So amusing to watch Schlemeil Baker and his Schlemazel pal hiding in the bushes and twerking in the middle of the street to create a fake incident in their now transparent attempt to incite more hatred among the members of the anti-Semitic Jackson Bund. The NJ AG and US DOJ who are investigating this type of behavior in Jackson were sent copies of this video today after it was posted.

  19. Please note: the car parked backwards on the street [as pictured] is owned by…. Craig…

    It is parked illegally all the time and never gets a ticket. (A cop lives across the street from them). Even when the cop hung out to catch “illegal activity” in front of his house they IGNORED the fact that the vehicle was parked illegally and didn’t ticket his vehicle for being parked backward as usual.

    Food for thought, what is the agenda of JPD?

  20. Dispicable. Glad this inhuman was exposed. This brings to mind the terrorist organizations in the Middle East who use ambulances to carry out suicide bombs. Inhuman.

  21. @pinelands mom Well said! We need eloquent, articulate writers like you to call out the hate, to confront the hate and to expose the hate. For too long this group has been bullying Jews. It’s time for ALL of us; Jews, Non Jews, Hispanics, African Americans, and anyone who believes in the rights of others, to come together and denounce these lying bigots for what they are. This is so low, so immoral; to frame another human being because he dresses differently than you. Enough is enough. This group should have no credibility to anyone who believes in American values.

  22. Is there a lawyer that can work pro-bono on this case to expose the obvious extreme abuse of government power specifically targeting a Jew due to his race as was called out on the Facebook page.
    Imagine if during that stop the police officer hadn’t noticed the dashcam, he would never just simply say there are 2 sides and walk away. He asked specifically about the incident. He waited in a spot specifically to follow up on the Facebook anti Semitic post.

    This cop must be investigated, starting with a full body com/dash cam unedited recording of his interaction with this stop and the official complainant he was following up on – let’s hear that conversation.

    He obviously needed the 6 mph downhill speed otherwise he would’ve pulled over without due cause.

  23. Jackson police would be wise to investigate the incident. If their internal investigation shows that their officer was a knowing participant in this setup they should penalize this officer to the fullest extent which they are permitted. I would think that this is grounds for dismissal.

  24. I’m not a lawyer but perhaps if one can check this particular cops record of issuing tickets and see if and how many tickets he has issued for driving 6 mph over the speed limit. I would guess it’s little to none. Imho that would be ammunition for a discrimination cimplaint.

  25. Guys hate is so stupid why can we all just be happy? I am not Jewish but know a lot of people from the community and they are all so nice. I don’t get it..

  26. We the people of Jackson need to file the complaint. Harassing the bus driver of my children is a form of harassment to us as well. We the people of Jackson should start the go fund me page. We the people of Jackson need to talk up. At town meetings, at the police cheif, etc.

  27. Actually there is a simple solution, sue for libel. As this was a setup, then the post was a libel. There is no legal protection for an obvious libel. Let him lose his house, and problem solved.

  28. How about a class action lawsuit against both the Facebook page and the person who shot the video. After all, let’s be honest – this wasn’t just an attack on the bus driver this was an attack on the entire Jewish community.

  29. Send this post directly to the NJ Attorney General . He can add it to the pile of anti Semitic hate coming out of Jackson. Let’s OPRA request any and all emails that were exchanged with this hater to any of the administration in Jackson. I’m sure this ain’t his first rodeo.
    I also find it interesting that he grew up in Sayerville yet had no issue makings Jackson his home.

  30. Would have been a epic story if the bus swerved a lost control and maybe crashed his house or his car all caused by him. Of course no one from the bus getting hurt.

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