SHOCKING: Ocean County Employee Put Up Skit Poking Fun at Jews in Lakewood, Former Employee Alleges [UPDATE – COUNTY INVESTIGATING] [PHOTO]

An Ocean County employee allegedly poked fun of Jews during a skit he put up in an Ocean County garage, a former County employee who witnessed the event recently revealed.

On January 30, 2018 Arthur Reece, who at the time was in charge of the roads in Lakewood, Jackson and Plumsted, allegedly put on a skit in the Plumsted garage.

“Mr. Reece hung a poster in the garage from Adopt-A-Kollel, donned a yarmulka and proceeded to poke fun at the Lakewood community,” the former employee who wishes to remain anonymous in fear of retribution said.

The former employee who was present at the skit shed some light on what was allegedly said.

“All they (Lakewood) do is complain when they don’t get what they want. We can only work on Saturday because it’s THEIR holiday. We always have to work around THEIR schedule. We get absolutely no help from downtown (the freeholders) because they are too afraid to get THEM upset.”

Askonim who were notified about the incident, expressed outrage.

“How can the county allow a person with such inner hate and animosity to an entire community be responsible to maintain our roadways?” Askonim stated. “We all know too well the poor condition of the County roads in Lakewood. Think Cross Street, Cedar Bridge, Central and Sunset just to name a few. Does the systematic disdain to the people these departments are supposed to serve play a role in the dysfunctional road system in Lakewood?”

An Askan noted, “This year, Lakewood residents paid the County $51,000,000 dollars in taxes. Are the Lakewood residents receiving their fair share in services? It is time for Ocean County to take a hard look into the various departments tasked to serve Lakewood and remove individuals like Mr. Reece from the rosters.”

UPDATE 12:35 PM: County officials moments ago – not even an hour since publishing the story – reached out to TLS stating they are taking this incident very seriously, and are conducting an investigation.

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  1. This happened in January of 2018 that’s practically 5 years ago. Why is this just being revealed now??? Why didn’t the former employee say something as soon as the incident happened?

    • As another former employee I can tell you that the county garage in Lakewood has been a hostile work enviroment for quite some time, due in part to Mr. Reece himself. Having worked there myself before moving to another shop, I can tell you for certain this person would have dealt with some pretty serious and humilating retribution at the hands of Mr. Reece.

    • I have made this personal calculation a while ago Especially after seeing what’s going on with Route 70 and Vine Street. The County Road Department isn’t giving Lakewood their fair share period. Please take note whenever a governmental official says that a certain community is getting preferential treatment you know that the preferential treatment they’re getting is usually not to their benefit. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what is going on with County Roads in Lakewood. There is no reason in the world why cross street looks the way it does. You can move around BMG 10 times faster during the peak hours then you can move around Miller Road and Hope Chapel or some of County Line intersections. At every point they hold back from Lakewood Township to perfect the traffic flow.
      If you’re on the Republican slat for a county freeholder you get an automatic ticket from Lakewood, whether you’re there for a position or to work for public interest. It’s time for us to put a stop to this, either you’re there to make things better or take a hike

  2. Is this productive? Will you get the results you’re actually looking for? Will you actually get better services from the county due to this “expose”? Will county employees actually respect and honor Lakewood residents more because one of their workers was caught??

    • Fax!!!!!!! And that includes the original Kayne scandal. Yes he may have been anti Semitic. But had the liberal snowflakes Jews not called him out and had him canceled it would’ve been over (and he wouldn’t have gone any further. And say any Hitler stuff) Haters will hate and this time you can’t silence them it won’t work, and will only be counter productive.

  3. When asked where he purchased the yarmulka and the poster from, the Ocean County employee told reporters, “Where did I purchase them from? What makes you think I purchased these items?”
    “Then where did you pick them up?” a reporter asked him.
    “Stupid question,” the employee replied. “Have you seen any of these shul surveillance videos lately? There’s your answer.”

  4. Why’s that shocking? Why is it that every time a new story comes out, it’s presented as shocking? It’s really not shocking at all. Were living in galus, the anti Semitism can’t be avoided. So don’t be so shocked

  5. Well, the garage is private property so he can say anything he wants. Freedom of speech. If he incites violence from those that attended, that’s a different story. Lucky for them no one left their car running inside the garage.

  6. I once heard Reb S. B. Cohen say in the name of the Sefer HaBris, when Klal Yisroel is not getting along with each other, then Hashem will allow the Umos Haolam to increase their dislike for us.
    I changed a little bit the exact terminology.

  7. Out of curiosity, not being from Lakewood, is there truth to the Lakewood community requesting special treatment? That should be the only thing that matters. Because if true that the askanim ask for these things, humongous chilul hashem. Proof of it being one is the fact that there was issue with it from employees.

    • No truth at all to that.
      I have a question for you:
      You mentioned and I quote, ” Because if true that the etc.”
      How come you do not mention also, “Because if NOT true”?????
      Giving people the benefit of the doubt———-
      Judging everyone favorably—————–

      • woe….

        Take a deeep breath!

        תנאי כפול is not one of the תנאים of TLS commenting.

        I believe Mr. “Shmendrick” used the word ‘if’ properly in this case and that is sufficient according to הלכות commenting.

  8. Horrible. Government employee on government property. Get rid of him
    What about all the sundays Jews give up out of respect for people who need sunday off
    Tolerance & respect please
    Also there should be an investigation why roads are not fixed in their town!!!

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