SHOCKING: Howell police officer tickets Lakewood driver for speeding minutes before his child is born (PHOTOS)

A Lakewood resident is in shock after being stopped, held up and ticketed by a Howell cop, just minutes before his wife gave birth to their child – despite telling the cop he was rushing to an emergency.

The resident relayed the horrifying experience to TLS, and provided photos of the ticket, as well as a photo of his wife’s hospital bracelet.

“The following is the harrowing ordeal that we went through recently with Howell Police Officer Badge #(moderated).

My pregnant wife had been to the doctor that day, and was told that as soon as labor begins she should rush to the hospital, since the baby will be born very quickly.

That night labor began, so we immediately set out to Monmouth Medical Center driving at regular speed. While driving on Squankum Road. my wife told me she is starting to feel it is getting closer to birth. I became quite frantic, so I automatically picked up speed, without realizing I was going way over the speed limit.

Suddenly the above officer pulled us over. I respectfully explained that my wife is in advanced labor and I am headed to the hospital. I tried explaining the severity of the situation, but he cut me off without inquiring in what condition my wife is, and just asked for license and registration. We pleaded with him to please make it fast as we are in an emergency, but he answered curtly, sit tight.

While stranded, my wife reached a critical point. I immediately started calling out, “officer, officer”, and motioned with my hands, but he completely ignored me. He left me stranded close to 15 minutes while my wife was moaning away. Afterwards he gave me a speeding ticket. I then told him that my wife has reached a critical point, and asked if he could escort us to the hospital. He answered “we don’t do these things, but I can call an ambulance”, which I declined saying I can do the same. In such situations, to relieve the stress, one can play a Two Dollars Deposit Casino

I rushed to the hospital while calling the doctor to update him. He sent the nurses to wait for us at the emergency room. With God’s mercy the baby was born as soon as we arrived, which happened to be “20 min. after the officer let us go”.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions how to deal with this story and ticket please contact me.

A Lakewood Resident


See photos below:


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  1. 80MPH on that road is VERY dangerous, he could have let you continue on, but even an ambulance or police car wouldn’t go that fast on that road so the ticket is rightfully deserved. You could have killed somebody, yourself, the baby, your wife, etc. Especially with all the bad paving jobs they just did on that road.

  2. Perhaps the 1st test a police Candidate should be taking is to see if he’s a human being!!

  3. In a similar incident…I was pulled over on a quiet back road in Howell for going 50 in a 35 zone, I tried explaining to the officer that my wife who was pregnant at the time had just called me in a lot of pain (and who was in in the emergency room a few day prior) and I was rushing home to help her and my children, he abruptly said “that is no excuse for “speeding” and issued me the ticket…while I’m not excusing going over the speed limit, I am pointing out the lack of even the slightest compassion or basic care for someone in a situation of distress…

  4. Speak to a good lawyer. He probably came out of the car so mad that he couldn’t even think of letting him off. (moderated) If the Judge is somewhat understanding can probably dismiss it.

  5. This inhuman Police officer should be (moderated). However, nowadays we are lucky that he did not pull the couple out of the car throw them down in to a puddle put his knees on their backs and handcuff them. (The Medina Shel Chesed is starting to become an unpleasant place. We must Daven)

  6. I would like to be dan lekav zechus but the story timeline does not jive with the time that the ticket was issued. If the officer cicle PM instead of AM (which seems more correct from the story) then the ticket should be dismissed for that alone.

  7. And then cops why question why they have such a bad rap. Officers such as this one ruin it for all the good cops (and the vast majority of cops are of course good)

  8. The main issue here is not even the issuing of the ticket, it’s holding a women in advance labor for 15 minutes. If the officer felt that the driver deserved a ticket, he could have sent it in the mail.

  9. Shame on you. Go back for some training. It’s called DISCRETION. You are allowed to use it sometimes. Like for example when someone is rushing to the Emergency room.

  10. Ticket can be dismissed just for the time being wrong. (I heard it being dismissed for the color of the car being wrong).
    If you have an alibi and can prove that you were not driving where you were ticketed at the time that it states. It seems that he tried changing it but you can still claim that it says 12:55pm. No guarantees but like others have said consult a good lawyer.

  11. Oh and to all those bashing this guy, I want you to put yourself in that situation and see what happens. BTW on the straight road that Squankum is you can see a mile ahead and go 80 easily(not that you should) at that time of night with no problem.

  12. Thirteen years ago, my son and daughter-in-law were in a similar predicament in Lakewood. They were actually supposed to go to Monmouth but there were complications and the doctor advised to go to Kimball.The officer who stopped my son was a real mentch and with a big smile OFFERED to quickly escort them to the hospital. Our grandson was born within minutes of arrival.

    This officer should find himself a different job. He has no heart.

  13. The officer may have had a point that speeding is no excuse, and he should’ve called an ambulance. as tim mentioned, but the officer should of escorted him to the hospital and then give the ticket,if he still felt the need.

  14. In a case of a life threatening emergency the officers fire concern should be the safety of the people. After he determines that they are safe he can then decide how to proceed. This guy should be fired ASAP.

  15. Let’s not forget the heroes in blue who actually helped deliver babies on the side of the road. Those are the true heroes. Hopefully they can set an example for the rest of Law enforcement.

  16. 78 in a 50 on dark deer infested roads is extremely dangerous the driver should thank the officer for stopping him and giving him a ticket because he could have crashed and his wife and him an unborn baby could have crashed.

  17. When i saw in the articles subject “Howell Police” i knew something bad will be here..

    This story goes back two years, when one of our classmates had his vort in Lakewood.
    Otw home the driver was going a little over the speed limit and was stopped by Howell Police.
    The car was a rental car, and there was 4 of us waiting a half hour for this officer to finally taking all of our ID’s, he comes back to the window, and gave us all tickets.. Backseat passengers for seatbelts (we are from NY and didn’t knew that the NJ law requires seat belts for rear passenger) front passenger for some other reason, driver for speeding.

    He tells us, hang tight a tow Truck is on the way.
    We asked him why? He said that this is a rental car, and there’s some mismatch on the contract, so he bas to tow it.

    It was 2AM at that time, he asked us to walk in the side of the highway and call someone to pick us up.

    It was freezing, and when we asked the officer to help us get to a warm place, he said “i don’t have to, you guys are adults”.

    We ended up waiting for someone to come from Monsey to pick us up, needless to say it was 4AM at that time.

    Yep, this is Howell cops.
    May they (moderated).

  18. Sue them. If he felt sriver was endangering the mother,he should have called for an ambulance to take her rest of the way. He obviously didn’t regard the situation as an emergency. That’s horrible

  19. It has always been common practice in this country that when an officer is in this situation he graciously offers to escort the people to the hospital. (Ask anyone who used to read books or see TV) He definitely doesn’t waste their time and surely doesn’t write a ticket like this guy did. Shame on him.

  20. Sorry to say actually I’m proud to say that I would have just left and just drove off while calling 911 explaining that an officer is holding me back from driving my wife to an emergency room she’s in labor I would have never stand for this garbage if the person would have done this the cop would have been humiliated and probably all over the news shamed when you call 911 Everything’s recorded and they cannot deny anything

    • Spot on. I would have just taken off until i had a trail of cops on my tail. Let them arrest me and one of them would have the sense to take my wife to the hospital. What an idiot.

  21. there was unfortunately a horrible incident years ago with someone driving his wife to the hospital.
    there is absolutely no excuse to be speeding even if your wife is in labor. Either leave earlier or call Hatzolah. There are plenty of Lakewood babies being born each day and we can’t have each one driving like a maniac because they each have their own emergency.
    Having said that, if this story is true as written, this cop can get himself in a whole heap of trouble for ignoring the driver while he’s screaming at him for help. If G-d forbid something would have gone wrong, Howell twp would be out a whole heap of money and that cop would have a lot of explaining to do. I would love to be the lawyer deposing that cop .”so Officer, you claim you offered to call an ambulance? did you make that offer as soon as you realized there was a medical emergency? Do you have a signed statement from this driver stating that he didn’t want you to call an ambulance? “

    • The story you are referencing here happened to be a friend of mine. he unfortunate died and his wife and baby B”H survived. He was not speeding. He turned around to check on his wife in the back seat and that is when he crashed.

      • I am well aware of the facts. He is in shomayim now so I did/ will not comment on what he did right or wrong. My point is things can go seriously wrong. Driving laws are in affect for a reason and those reasons don’t go away just because you have an emergency. If you’re in such a rush when you’re still 45 minutes from Monmouth, you should be calling Hatzolah!

    • If you read the story husband says that the situation changed in the car. they had been to the doctor that day and he didn’t send them in. there are times the birth happens very quickly.

  22. How about the jackson police who pull over jews for going one mile over the speed limit. Makes my blood go cold to think that an organ of government is being used to intimidate. Police officers are the best among us. God bless them. Every socisl ill has become their responsibility they put their lives on the line every day. But there are bad apples. And there are qualified police officers with prejudices. From what i hear the locker room of the nj dtate police is a hotbed of racism.

  23. Hey guys I had an unpleasant experience with a Howell officer. Without getting into details abt what happened, I’ll share what I did.
    First I obtained the officers video and audio footage, which is very easy to obtain. All you need to do is write a letter to the records department,(you can walk into the PD and go straight to records desk with the letter, or mail it in) and request the documents you want ( I made sure to write what I’m requesting very clearly. “ALL documents including dashcam video, bodycam video, audio and documents” many times there is more than one officer and video cameras involved so u want to get everybody’s surveillance.) Under the Opra (open public records act) law you do not have to give any personal information, just state the traffic stop number or any other information that can reference to that case (license plate number, time, date and place etc..).
    I personally, went down to the PD with the he letter and gave it the woman at the window, she left it for the person in charge of obtaining the documents. You can call the records desk to find out who’s in charge so you can their name on the the letter to make sure it Gets to the right person.
    A few day’s later, ( they have up to 7 business days to respond) I received a letter informing me I can receive the documents with the method of payment. They only charge you for the CD’s no other charges. Its abt 5 dollars a CD pending on how big the file is, how many CD’s you’ll need. I personally wanted it sooner so I called the records department that I’ll pick up in person and they let me know when its ready. Otherwise you can mail in payment and they’ll mail it to you.
    Once I reviewed the videos and felt I had a case to present against the officer, I went down to the police station and requested to speak to the Sargent. I reviewed my story with the Sargent filed a complaint against the two officers. He then spoke with them reviewed the incident. The officer was charged for the complaint I presented. The Sargent got back to me and explained how he disciplined the officer. That is more or less what happened, don’t have a lot of time to write it in detail.
    I personally wanted to file an internal investigation, although for what the claim was I was satisfied with a complaint. Both of them go into the officers file, the difference is, how far up in rank the complaint goes.
    My point with all this is. It is very easy to file a complaint. Obtain footage not necessary, although will give you the opportunity to review the case and clarify if you actually have a validating complaint. You go online find all to find out what are considered complaints and charges. You can also find exact guidelines in how to file it. Once you feel you have a case speak to Sargent, make sure to let them know you want to know how their dealing with it and that you want a follow up.
    This process is very simple. Officers do not want any kind of record, even the smallest one can complicate promotions for themselves. If an officer has multiple complaints the PD can lower their rank or even dismiss then from the department. It is very important people file complaints, the more it gets done the PD will have to deal with the situation much more seriously, officers will also be a lot more careful in how they interact with the communities.
    I hope this is helpful and people do gain knowledge from this. Hopefully it will help make a difference. Any questions relating to this can easily be found online. I just want this to be an eye opener.

    Thanks for reading.

  24. Who wants to bet some money that this officer would be driving at not one mile above the speed limit if his wife were in the same situation.. What? No takers??

    This “officer” is missing basic human decency.. What kind of training did he receive? at least he could’ve issued the ticket later – without depriving a pregnant woman of urgent medical care.. What a creep!

  25. I agree with Joe, he should have called 911 & asked to speak to sergeant etc.
    But in general the police officers are smart & trained & like to help people in time of need.let’s not have one officer in one bad moment reflect on all others

  26. Everyone is getting bent out of shape based on the account of this supposed “victim”. If the facts are indeed as he claims why doesnt he present a full case, including body cam and dash cam footage. My guess is that when he told the officer his predicament the officer offered to call an ambulance. In order to ward that off he told the officer that the situation was not that bad. Based on that the officer issued the ticket. You can’t have it both ways; it is either a medical emergency or it is not. Although the situation sounds unpleasant, the fact is that the police have to follow procedure. They cannot have everyone they pull over claim a medical emergency. Although his wife was in the car, the officer was not in a position to administer a pregnancy test or diagnose the direness of her situation. He offered an ambulance. Once that is refused he must deal with the situation he sees before him. Otherwise where do we draw the line.

    • What an idiot Abe. You are deciding what happened. there are so many videos of similar instances where cops just ask like jerks. You tube it and you will see.

  27. I’m not saying the cop was correct, which he wasn’t, but you endangered everyone on the road, including your wife and yourself, by driving like a maniac. Next time call Hatzolah. That’s what they’re here for.
    And Mazel Tov. May the new baby bring you lots of nachas.

  28. He should not have been speeding, but the officer should have just told him to slow down, drive safely and not ticketed him. It reflects a certain attitude that we all know exists around our area and seeing a police officer be so insensitive is disturbing to say the least.

  29. Glad turned out ok B”H. You were certainly mistreated…….but can you just take a guess how many times a week cops pull over speeders and they lie about emergencies?

  30. Abe
    He is presenting his case with what he has (he is asking for advise how to deal with it).
    He doesn’t have or know how to get the dashcam footage.
    It seems he got caught up in the moment with his speeding on the newly paved road.

    He also clearly reported the cop only offered ambulance after returning to the car

  31. Just plead bargain and try to just enjoy your simcha.Mazel’s no use to get all worked up,I think most of us know that,but I understand it’s not easy.the baby should be gezunt.

  32. I bet the reason he didn’t call the ambulance as then it would go to the closest local hospital and his doctor was waiting in Monmouth and for whatever reason felt it was necessary to take the risk ….

  33. Did I read it right, summons issued at 11/14/2017 11:55 PM and your wife Hospital bracelet is 11/15/2017 00:35? This happened many times in the late 70s and 80s in this type of emergency with members of Hatzolah (I Don’t speak for them or give you their position, just stating facts) we gave the officer license and registration, asked for an escort.
    If he/she didn’t comply, we informed them, we are proceeding to the hospital and you can meet us there.
    Many members were threatened with arrest, in one case former NYC Mayor Guiliani intervened on First Ave on the way to Beth Israel Hospital, and asked that the officer be transferred to another position and out off the 1st Pct.. In this case, the officer should be suspended.

  34. A few years ago I was stopped on Countly Line Rd in Jackson just west of Lakewood late at night for about 65+ in a 45 zone. we were on way back from a son’s vort out of town with the choson in back seat.
    The officer let me go w a warning that the limit drops from about 50 to 40 on that stretch so watch out.
    He was a mentch.

  35. Some of these commemt are truly disgusting. I wonder if anyone here criticizing the driver (phil stilton, jim, moishe, jackson, mailwich, abe) has ever driven their wife to a hospital during ACTIVE LABOR. Believe me, noone can fake that! Also leaving earlier is not always an option. If you dont know what you are talking about, then DON’T COMMENT!

    • If she was in active labor, then they should have called an ambulance. Thirty years ago, I was in ACTIVE LABOR with twins and the hospital was a half hour away. We never put our lives, our children’s lives, or other lives in danger. People need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

  36. Been in worse situations than than that. No need to endanger everyone else on the road. He did the man a favor by slowing him down, possibly saving 3 lives. Better a ticket than having a family pulled out of a car wrapped around a tree. Like I said. Maybe he could have been quicker, but I’m glad the police are out there keeing ppl from driving.
    80mph on 2 lane country roads.

    Shame on anyone calling for his job for enforcing the law.

  37. And I live off a road where over the past 15 years I’ve seen plenty of people being pulled lifeless out of cars because somebody else had an emergency or an important phone call. Call hatzolah next time around.

    • seriously?? he may have endangered lives , which is no small feat, but the officer made the wrong judgement call- in an emergency, he should have mailed him a ticket and either called for an ambulance or escorted them to the hospital. Holding an emergency up for 15 minutes is barbaric.

  38. Sometimes labor goes from slow to very fast and you are left with not many options. In this case he should have called hatzaloh. I had a experience with one of my kids luckly I used kimball otherwise I would have not made it to the hospital.

  39. Congratulations on your new baby. Thank goodness the officer slowed you down so you could make it to the hospital safely. If you were as panicked as you say, you shouldn’t have been driving in the first place; much less almost 30 miles over the speed limit.

    You should be thanking the officer, not bashing him. What would have happened if he didn’t stop you and you crashed? I have a feeling someone in this post would still say sue. How about taking responsibility instead? You could have called the ambulance yourself while you were waiting for the officer to write your ticket.

  40. If the events are as portrayed, the officer should obviously be reprimanded.

    A medical emergency is generally a reasonable basis to be driving quickly. The police officer is not the ultimate interpreter of reasonableness or the law.

    A police officer who has knowledge that a woman is in active labor, and makes a car wait 15 minutes should be guilty of a crime, in my opinion.

  41. Sometimes there isn’t time to even pick up the phone to call an ambulance. In such an emergency I would put on my hazards and continue on. My future baby’s life and the mother’s life is more important than stopping to get a ticket. The cop is a class A jerk. Once he realized there was an emergency he should have let them go and call for help.

  42. Why go from Lakewood to Long Branch with a wife who is in labor?! Forget Barnabas, Ocean Medical Center is right down Route 88 and puts Barnabas hospitals to shame!

    As for Howell police, they are (moderated). I got a ticket for nothing from them 20 years ago. (moderated). Has been for decades.

  43. I agree with Phil Stilton (who, for those who don’t know, is a great reporter for Shore News Network) that driving 80 is an endangerment to people in and out of the car, however, the officer had no business taking his time. Cops can write out tickets in less than five minutes, and this cop must be cold blooded to let the process drag out longer. He probably should’ve withheld the ticket, and escorted them to the hospital to calibrate their story. At that point he could’ve issued a ticket, or disregarded the duty in exchange for herodom.

  44. I love how everyone is smarter! You really think this couple wanted the thrill of leaving late so they can speed and then call an ambulance to meet them half way there and deliver on the side of the road?! Really?! It’s no picnic! Trust me! Cops right or cops wrong! Don’t judge or comment until you were in the same situation- behind the wheel! Safe situations many time turn into urgent situations!

  45. To all those that say the officer did the right thing, why wouldn’t a simple warning suffice under the circumstances? Be extremely rude and make him wait 15 minutes? NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER!!!!!

  46. Anyone who agrees with this officer obviously doesnt know what it feels like to be traveling in a car in active labor. And even if she wouldve given birth an hour after this incident, its still extremely painful to be sitting in a car having contractions for 15 long painful minutes. Shame on this officer for making the poor woman wait instead of offering to escort her to the hospital, as any reasonable feeling police would have done. This cop should find a job as a garbage man where he doesnt need to deal with peoples feelings while crushing the garbage.

  47. Few points.
    1) cop is right for stopping you but wrong for making you wait. Upon assessing the situation which is what cops are trained to do he should have immediately called a ambulance or escorted you to hospital.
    2) you should have called 911 and explained to operator your predicament.
    3) the ticket is in fact invalid because of the cross outs.
    4) get a lawyer and fight this pathetic excuse for a police officer till he’s regrets the day he enlisted in the academy.

  48. No one is denying that the driver shouldn’t have been going that fast. But once that was done, the officer should have either let him go with with a warning, or escorted him to the hospital, at which point he could decided if he wanted to ticket him.
    There is no excuse for holding him up for 15 minutes!!!!

  49. Mazal tov! May you raise your child to Torah, canopy, and good deeds! Many of you are missing the point. Who cares about your ticket right now? Enjoy the baby. You’ve been given a priceless present.
    This should be the worst you experience any of us ever have with the justice system. We’ve been in exile for two thousand years. If we get a ticket once in a while that’s not deserved it’s much better than what our ancestors experienced, and what citizens of other countries receive.

  50. MY dad was once going a little over speed limit in NY, cop stopped him and asked what’s the rush? Dad explained that’s he’s trying to catch someone Blount to leave to airport. Cop said “ok I’ll meet you there at address” and gave him a citation at the destination. I’m not saying the cop should have driven to Monmouth hospital. But I believe there are other ways the cop could’ve “helped”. As for the speed. Don’t judge someone until you are in his place… I’m not saying that 80 is the right speed to go….

  51. Whether or not the husband should have been speeding is irrelevant. Once the cop has seen that there is a woman about to deliver a baby the first thing he must do is make sure she gets to the hospital safely ASAP. Then he can give a speeding ticket if he feels it is warranted.

  52. Why can’t they both be wrong… Just because the guy shouldn’t have been speeding, does that mean the cop should make the poor woman wait like that?

    As soon as he saw what was going on, he should have escorted them to the hospital, and given the ticket at a later date. I didn’t see the new father (mazel tov, by the way!) complain about the ticket, more about the treatment.

    And for those of you saying the cop should have done what he did, do you see the timeline? If it’s indeed true that the ticket was at 11:55 and the baby born at 12:35 do you have any idea how close this was? And how absolutely terrifying such a close call is for the poor mother and her caring husband?

    While the husband may have been wrong in speeding, the officer was lacking in compassion and responsibility by holding up a woman in active labor for fifteen minutes.

    • Agree. Tell him to slow down. Send him a ticket. Bless the baby. They will have a story to tell the little one. Glad she made it safely to the hospital.

  53. Usually we are told to NOT call Hatzolah for a woman in labor as they can be driven by anyone and save Hatzolah for emergencies. Babies come when they want and the amount of babies born in cars tells us that sometimes it happens faster than we expect. The cop was wrong!

    • Would you care to specify who usually tells you not to call Hatzolah? I cannot think of one Hatzolah member in Lakewood or anywhere else that would ever say such a thing!

  54. Not saying this was the case but many people have high risk pregnancies and calling an ambulance will just take you to the local hospital .risking the mother and babies life.. Not to the high risk professional that is familiar with ure case…

    • Hatzolah will take you to the most appropriate hospital even if its not local. If they insist on going to the closest hospital, you can bet your bottom dollar that is where you need to go.
      I really hope people are not getting their emergency advice from the comment section on TLS!

  55. question: prior to election day “askanim” hounded us, vote this vote that. why doesn’t the oilam demand from these machers that they address things like this

    Just asking

  56. The most amazing thing about this article is that after 90 comments and counting people still think they have their unique two cents to add (myself included:)

  57. I was driving down Squankum road about 3 months ago and I passed an officer who had his car parked on the side of the road all the way at the end of Squankum just before the light. As I drove forward he came up behind me and pulled me over. I was not able to pull over until I was on the 195. I then pulled over and the officer came over to me he was friendly and pleasant and explained that he was trying to help me since 2 out of 3 brake lights were out and if the 3rd went it would be quite dangerous. My point? He was nice this guy was not… I hope most are like the police that I met and are good guys.

  58. For all of those who feel she shouldve called an ambulance, it still does not give the cop any right to put this woman’s and baby’s life in danger while making her wait for the cop to finish his business. This is the opposite of what a police officer should be doing. Ensuring our safety.

  59. Due to my profession i personaly encouter howell cops on a near daily basis and i can vouch for each and every single one of them that they are some of the kindest and understanding police oficers in the tri state area that being said this cop (like a rotten few) (like in every profession) nay be a complete bully and use the badge to abuse his power BUT!!! We dont know this since theres three sides to every story it would be nice to see the body/dash cam footage and obvoiusly if the story is exactly as reported the cop should be severely reprimanded!

  60. Wow! This is terrible! Poor woman! Ouch!
    Brick hospital is amazing- right here and great service and experiences.
    This cop was horrible and hope he’s fired.

  61. I can imagine how frustrating the whole situation was & is. May it be a kapparah and may you only have simchos! Maybe can consult with a lawyer how to deal with the ticket. Maybe if bring the speeding ticket and child’s birth certificate to court, showing how baby was born so soon after – maybe judge will throw out the ticket as it was for an emergency?

  62. To all those saying he shouldn’t have been driving 78mph, while maybe a little dangerous, the situation definitely calls for it. Why would this be any different than a cop doing 78mph responding to a burglary, car accident or the like (where I don’t think you’d be questioning his judgment)?? If anything, I believe this is more of an emergency than the average 911 call and perfectly justified…..And for those saying the husband shouldn’t have driven to begin with, the letter clearly states it wasn’t an emergency at the onset and he wasn’t speeding at first until things started getting more serious. I think the average person once in a car and enroute, would just pick up some speed, rather than stopping and waiting for an ambulance. And finally, the average guy whose wife is in active labor probably can’t think too straight, while a cop on regular duty shouldn’t be under too much stress to make the right decision, so no question who’s wrong here!

  63. @wiesguy u are so right
    I keep looking to c the latest comments but they all the same!
    Just some nice and harsh some new story’s….
    All the same!

  64. HOWEL COPS? OH HOWEL COPS!!! Ihave a story with a HOWEL COP.

    Driving down the 9 from Brooklyn I got pulled over by shoprite plaza.
    The cop comes out approaching my car he starts screeming “now don’t tell me you didn’t see me in this and this spot
    ‘ (about 15-20 miles back. he claimed I was speeding and it took him this long to catch up to me and gave me a ticket for 70mph in a 50 when I didn’t go more than 52-53. I never speed driving true Howell I always keep an eye on my speedometer there. There was no one to talk to in court the prosecutor reduced it to a 2 point ticket from a 4 but thats how much he was willing to do. Nothing you can do you are stuck your word against his.

    on another note I was pulled over on the way to jersey shor at the end of the 195 the trooper (i beleive it was a trooper) came over I told him my wife was in labor he asked me if I needed an ambulance I told him I just needed to get to the hospital he said your good to go drive safely

  65. Phil (Geronimo) Stilton – Your bullheaded attitude is dangerous. Yes, the speed limit has been determined the safest by traffic experts. But when the other option is giving birth on the side of a dark road, with only a flustered husband in attendance, the judgement might be to speed.

    Usual procedure is to offer a police escort, as has happened to me once in freehold. My guess is that this officer was almost ending his shift and did not want to spend the extra time. Which is perfectly understandable. A woman is in labor and all that, but his warm slippers won’t wait.

  66. FYI The guys in the sanitation department are courteous mentchen and don’t need a nasty guy on their team. Someone who doesn’t have people smarts needs to be at a desk job with minimal human contact.
    Thank you Lakewood sanitation workers for keeping our town beautiful 🙂

  67. When in labor things can happen fast
    The hospital sent us home, 2 hours later we rushed to Kimball hospital (live 4 minutes away ) by the time we got up to the delivery room the baby was out this is why police officers are trained for deliveries as it appears this officer was by holding them up

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