Over the last 15 years, a new approach and method of limud Hashas has been nurtured and developed in Eretz Yisroel at Reshet Kollelei Shas Yiden. This phenomenon has captured the imagination and electrified lomdei Hatorah throughout the world, and has earned the avid support of Gedolim across the Torah spectrum. 

Shas Yiden in UK & USA

Shas Yiden not only grew from 6 avreichim metzuyonim to 122 avreichim geonim in five kollelim across Eretz Yisroel but, in response to repeated requests from abroad, a Shas Yiden kollel was first established in the UK, in Stamford Hill, London. The Shas Yiden reputation soared in this location and their first Annual Siyum Hashas with Gedolei Torah in attendance reflected the grandeur of those in Yerushalayim.

This foray into Chutz La’aretz has been followed by a long-awaited opening of a Shas Yiden kollel in Flatbush, NY. The Eretz Yisroeldike bren of learning the entire Shas has already had a significant local impact and is a source of inspiration to the local Flatbush kollelim. The incredible devotion to limud gantz Shas and its completion within a year by each avreich at Shas Yiden has encouraged many others to try and emulate this broader study of Shas.

This elevated level of Torah study at Shas Yiden and the ability of the avreichim geonim to face public oral farheren by world recognized Gedolei Torah, together with monthly tests on 225 blatt, is nothing short of remarkable. Shas Yiden has truly raised the bar in the study of Shas. Our unique system of learning, the tight demanding regimen and the motivation emanating from Eretz Yisroel has truly placed Shas Yiden in a Torah league of its own. 

In the Words of Maranan Hageonim

Sar Hatorah, רשכבה”ג Maran Hagadol Harav Chaim Kanievsky, זצ”ל – Nasi, Shas Yiden
I tested them, I know them throughout Shas – a Yissachar-Zevulun pact with Shas Yiden is the most mehudar partnership 

Rosh Hayeshiva, רשכבה”ג Maran Hagadol Harav Gershon Edelstein, זצ”ל
Shas Yiden has raised the bar of Torah learning in both depth and clarity, and its unique method of ameilus in Torah

The Sanzer Rebbe, שליט”א
A first in 2000 years of Jewish history – never before a Torah institution where ALL the avreichim know kol Hashas kulo, Rashi and Tosfos b’al peh

Over 1.6 Million Blatt at Shas Yiden
This Year Alone!

With each of the 122 avreichim geonim at Shas Yiden required to complete a minimum of 13,555 blatt per year, you are helping support some 1,654,000 blatt! 

At the most recent farheren, the reaction of the Gedolei Torah conducting the testing to the prowess of the Shas Yiden was simply one of amazement at the breadth and detailed knowledge and all-encompassing mastery of Shas – remarking: “They know it like others know Ashrei Yoshvei!” The joy of the avreichim geonim and their clear love of Torah electrifies each farher. (To see the different farheren in action, please click on our website: It is no wonder that the overall reaction to the Shas Yiden Network is that in its 15 years it has certainly revolutionized and raised the bar in the learning and mastery of Shas

Caring for the Avreichim Families

Despite the difficulties of these last few years, Covid etc., Shas Yiden has made sure to keep our commitment to each of the Shas Yiden families to ensure their menuchas hanefesh to be free to focus on ShasEach month their salaries have been paid on time. Further, in Tishrei and, now again, for Nissan, they are all paid full extra salary checks to help them meet the extra Yom Tov expenses. 

That we are able to do so, a big ‘thank you‘ is due to you all. You have an eternal stake in the incredible learning of Shas Yiden. Your on-going interest and support in this unique ‘Entire-Shas’ Torah-learning venture is most sincerely appreciated. Collectively and individually, you are singular partners in changing the way the Torah world views the ability to both learn and master the entire Shas. Whatever you can do to help in defraying their extra Yom Tov expenses will be a great chesed to these Bnei Torah who are true bnei aliyah.

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