Two Bystanders Arrested At Scene Of MVA

bystander arrested picJUST IN: (PHOTOS) PD, EMS, FD and Hatzolah are currently operating at the scene of a serious MVA on County Line Rd and Twin Oak Drive. Following the accident, the gas tank of one of the vehicles were ruptured and leaked across the road. Two bystanders at the scene were then arrested for apparently disobeying orders from the Police at the scene. TLS-94/TLS-46/TLS-TLS-00/TLS-36/TLS-CCP U/D 11:58 p.m. The bystanders arrested at the scene, both Juveniles, have just been taken down to Police Headquarters. Photos: TLS-36 U/D 12: 30 a.m. Askonim have been contacted and are currently working to resolve the issue.

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  1. I guess they couldn’t arrest the armed burglars friday night.
    So they arrest some silly onlookers.
    Honsestly I think sentiment is who needs so many cops.
    They cost a fortune
    They create tremendous expense to the community.
    Its time we let them know they work for us.

    Get rid of some.

    Rate them by how professional and courteous they are or aren’t.
    And report them.

  2. Can we stop giving our officers dishonorable nicknames?? Whether you like them(even the ones that are not the nicest) or not THEY RISK THEIR LIVES FOR US EVERY DAY AND ALL DAY!

  3. Maybe if they offerd the cop dome cofee and dounuts they may not have been arested. I always cary some with me just in case I get pulled over I give it to them and they let me go works beter than a pba card.

  4. You are making a chillul hashem..shame on you…and yes, I’ll break the news to you, if you disobey an officer and are being a wiseguy with them (which was the case here, I saw it first hand) you deserve to get arrested…stop making us all look bad and dont make fun of people who put their lives on the line for YOU every day (wether they get paid for it or not)..instead, how about some decency!

  5. why were the asken called at 1230 at night? why were they called? WHEN WE GO TO OUR MAKER WILL THESE “ASKONIM” HELP US THERE! DIN V’CHASHBUN????

  6. HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! It says they were Juveniles correct? Well what time did this happen? Oh aroung Midnight, they shouldn’t even have been out there, there is a curfew in Lakewood for JV’s. They should have been arrested, good job LPD!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If the police are telling you to get away from the accident and you don’t they have to act. What if the car blows up and the police did not keep the people away then everyone would be crying the cops did not do thier job. Just why can’t everyone listen when the cops say back up BACK UP! It has to be hard on the cops when they are trying to keep a things safe but also take care of the accident.

  8. Dont say shtusim…that its for some reason always the same cops….its not. in fact, officer miick is a nice guy.. its a matter of principal. and he did just the right thing…just because ur a frum guy doesnt mean u r priviliged and that u can get away with everything…so dont be runing to the askonim every time u get locked up when u deserve it or everytime u get a stupid ticket…..take it like a man apologize and pay the fine!!

  9. These teens were walking all around the scene, stepping on the spilled gasoline and getting dangerously close to the fire. The police offers told them numerous times to back away so emergency personnel could do their jobs.

    The teens did not listen.

    The police had no choice but to arrest these juveniles, for their safety, and the safety of everyone else involved.

    THANK YOU LPD for doing a great job. Shame on these teens for having no respect for authority. SHAME on those on this board who bash police for doing their jobs.

  10. I hope everyone takes this as a wake up call. Give the patients some privacy, give the first responders room to work and give yourself some distance from the incident. Anyone can get hurt within seconds if anything ever goes wrong on a scene, why create more patients.
    I hope Lakewood Police keeps standing up and takes action when it needs to be taken, maybe this type of action will drill it into peoples heads since simple talking doesn’t mean a thing.
    Good Job LPD, it was about time you stood up and took action!!!!!

    Thank You
    A Local Firsty Responder

  11. LPD does not know what common courtesy means they don’t issue warnings its right away a ticket right away an arrest.. they should focus on saftey and educate the public rather than generate money for the township by filling ticket quotas.

  12. Good job LPD

    I don’t understand why ppl in this town think they could do what they want and not listen to the law, and get away with it!

    If a cop tells you to move away and you don’t what do you expect him to do???

    To #27 – If the cops gave out warnings all day then no one will ever obey the law! If people wouldn’t speed and would stop by stop signs, and for school busses (and park legally) then the cops wouldn’t have a reason to give you a ticket!!!!

  13. Thats exactly what they were thinking when they arrested these boys. SCENE SAFETY. They cannot have kinds walking around gasoline, fire and other hazzards. G-D bless the LPD for doing this and I hope this is a trend going forward.

  14. To # 6 – I don’t think there are enough cops in Lakewood. I think they should hire more, so they are able to take care of everything that goes on in this town. The cops have way to much on their plate these days

  15. Agam these guys were burnt & were on a shtickel shpatzeer, they should know better than to ignore an officers orders.

    Mitzad Sheini these cops overreacted & lost their Tempers!

  16. In Brooklyn the cops know by now that if they want to create a riot then they have arrest someone on 13th or 16th ave. They go beyond all measures to avoid those things because they know that double parking or etc. does not have to be dealt with as an arrest.

    The officers have an easier time following the guidelines set to them as they have more important things to do with their time such fighting crime so it does not affect their ego when a teen does not listen to them.

    Here the crowd control was probably the most important thing the officer did yesterday other then issuing a few tickets. He was in front of a large crowd and when some kids didn’t listen to him he did not know how to talk them nicely out of it. This is because he does not understand their mentality. If he would have made them feel important for a second instead of shouting and then asked them to move they would have listened.

    We can learn from other communities on how community relations work….. It will end up saving a lot more “lives”.

  17. I was there none of the onlookers were getting in the way of any emergency personnel (the only one blocking was the tow truck and the police cars so the ambulance had to make a u turn) the cops just kept screaming at every one for no reason.

  18. # 36 so what you are saying is it is the job of a cop to make people getting in the way feel important that is wow I have no words! Why were the boys ignoring the law does it not apply to them?

  19. I agree with the majority that every individual must have respect and obey law enforcement. However I also believe that most of the officers in our town are extremely devoted and risk their live for us. However there are a few Officers who have some very serious issues and they manifest when they deal with the frum community. This cannot and will not be tolerated. I think they should be using more manpower and resources for the violent and heinous crimes and not have 4 squad cars for a traffic stop of a 35 yr old Jewish woman with six kids in her car. As far as the juveniles they should have received a citation not taken to prison. What a nerve!!!! I think we should punish the Police Chaplain and Chief Lawson by not putting their pictures in the weeklies this week.

  20. they were not taken to PRISON they were taken to headquaters and an adult/guardian was called and they were then given a summons (as the BOCHURIM sat and laughed at cops and at there rebbeim the entire time ) what a wonderful kidush hashem

  21. Sorry folks this happens way too much in Lakewood. The officer tells you once and this should be the final warning. If he needs to tell you a second time your fair game and suffer the consequences. Don’t call the Mayor or your Rabbi for they have more important things to deal with. Time to grow up and be responsible for your actions. Mark my words, some day something out of the ordinary will go wrong at an accident scene and a bystander will get hurt.

    In the good old days the second warning from a cop was a nightstick across the leg and you didn’t dare tell your parents because they would administer the second punishment which would hurt far worse than the first.

    Maybe the EMS/ FIRE units in town could come up with a program for the kids to explain the dangers of being too close to a scene of an emergency call.

  22. What fire ? You where obviously not there cause you would have known there was no fire
    Just some angry police officers and a lunatic tow truck driver

  23. #25 I Hate To Break It To You, But There Was No Fire! Second Of All The Cops Were Being Way Too Snappy & Rude, Couldn’t They Just Explain The Problem To The Curious & Immature Bochurim???

  24. the moral of the story is never ans. to a cop b\c they are full of ego and they are unreasonable ,so don’t say they were doing for saftey b\c everything was cleared up even the gas by the arrest, and the cop said to go behind the fence for no reason. they should have never arrested the one behind the fence b\c he only got arrested b\c the cop got insulted b\c the cop only said ” so you are playing around with me ” and arrested him, so he wasn’t even under an arrest,so the cop had no right to treat him like a criminal , so cops should learn to chill out after the accident was cleared and even the gas was cleared. cops are supposed to be high class people and rolemodle and if they don’t know not to get insulted and not to curse and not to control their languge they should not be cops. WARNIG if you ask the cops if they feel stupid for arresting people that didn’t obey them like a peasnt to a king, they will arrest you.

  25. Really #54 your a (moderated), lets just say for an instance anything you said made any sense…………. I guess its ok for me to go into a bakery and grab my food behind the counter without waiting in line for the rest of the customers……………. RULES ARE RULES OBEY OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES

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