Senator Singer Expresses Frustration Over Lack of Commitment From Nemours Children’s Health

New Jersey state Senator Bob Singer is expressing his frustration in a statement this morning after Nemours Children’s Health provided no guarantee that it will remain in the state’s Medicaid network despite receiving $20 million in new funding included in the recently passed Fiscal Year 2024 state budget.

“It is deeply frustrating that Nemours has not made a commitment to remain in New Jersey’s Medicaid network even after securing $20 million in additional funding for the fiscal year,” Singer (R-Lakewood), said.

“Parents of children with special medical needs rely on the services provided at Nemours Children’s Hospitals to treat complex conditions. For parents to find out that their children may be phased out of this necessary care and forced to find a new team of doctors is disturbing.”

Nemours Children’s Health is an in-network provider for families insured under NJ FamilyCare, but the group has not indicated whether they intend to remain in-network for the nearly 11,000 children they provide care to in New Jersey.

Last week, Nemours announced that they reached an agreement with WellCare, but not the other two insurance plans, which account for approximately 10,000 patients in the state.

Senator Singer echoed the sentiment of colleague Assemblyman Herb Conway Jr. and said that the Legislature allocated this money to Nemours Children’s Health so that they could remain in-network and avoid this issue all together.

“If the Legislature thought that Nemours was going to take the money and run we wouldn’t have advocated for them to get more funding,” Singer added. “Thousands of families depend on Nemours to provide life-sustaining treatments for their children. They will be doing a major disservice to these families by phasing out their care. We cannot let children who are in desperate need of medical attention be forgotten.”

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  1. Government is not the solution it is the problem.

    Senator Keep our borders safe and stop the decline of America – stay put of the free market and make healthcare run on capitalism not woth monopolistic govmnt involvement. as an example of our decline being recognized internationally – starting next year, Americans will need visas to visit Europe.

  2. Government isn’t the solution is easy to say if you don’t have a special needs child. Do you know why there are longer waiting lists for procedures in countries with socialized medicine? Because in non socialized medicine countries all those people in front of you on line are already dead.

    • If the govmnt is so good let them open their own hospital, medicaid is paying anyway.

      why are they getting involved with the free market, it does not help with innovation or quality of care of the free market.

      There is a reason why America has been so ahead with medical innovation than the countries that use socialized medicine. And there is a reason why 5 of the top ten hospitals in the world are right here in the USA

      And as far as socialized medicine working. Why are Canadians coming to the USA often for healthcare in the USA but Americans are not going there. For that matter people from all over the world come to the USA for medical care.
      But Americans are not rushing as fast to countries that use socialized medicine, if anything Americans to travel abroad to third world countries to save money on medical care.

      Additionally, socialized countries are piggy backing off Americas innovative success, thats why many medicines invented in the US is cheaper in socialist – but for some reason wasn’t developed there.

    • No, that’s not why there are longer lines that’s ridiculous. I live in Israel our medicine is as socialized as can be. I need to wait three months to get my teeth cleaned is that because everyone else with teeth is dead?

    • Just as another example – On the one hand, the govmnt through snap subsidizes the soft drink industry – with welfare participants using a total of 600 million dollars of their snap dollars on sugary drinks each year.

      Then the govmnt comes to the rescue by paying billions on care for those with diabetes.

      All with printed dollars.

  3. All of your comments above have nothing to do with Nemours. Stick to the subject at hand. My son was born with a congenital issue 10 1/2 years ago. We have been going to Nemours since then. He has had numerous surgeries there with top doctors. If Moshiach doesn’t come he will need numerous surgeries. Nemours DuPont Delaware is a top notch hospital and we couldn’t be happier with their care. Is there anyone that can help us get them to reinstate Amerigroup so we can have the continuity of care. If they do not take nj Medicaid we will have to get private insurance and pay a fortune for his care in Nemours. If someone comments go somewhere else for care, I would say if it was your child would you not go to all lengths to keep your child where he is getting care by the #1 doctor in the area he needs???!!!!

  4. Medicaid was never intended to be top tier insurance. If you’re or Medicaid you should be second tier. If you want top tier, you need to pay. That’s how economics works.
    As for Singer, they should’ve made it a condition of the grant, but of course the government can’t do anything correctly and didn’t. This is what happens when private parties write legislation that’s dumped into large spending bills with no one knowing what they’re signing. Mr Singer, this one is on you.

  5. Who said Medicaid is top tier?? I said the doctor is the top doctor for my son. In this case Medicaid covered Nemours DuPont hospital. That doesn’t make it a top tier insurance it just made it affordable to go to Nemours. We used to have private insurance for him and it was very expensive. The original problem was that Governor Murphy was not willing to pay and let Medicaid be taken in Delaware, that is what started this whole thing originally. Nemours was willing to renew Medicaid nj and Murphy did not want to. What I’m guessing is that the government paid just enough to renew the cheapest and least expensive Medicaid plan and that is what Nemours was given, or chose. We do not actually know how much it is that the government is supposed to give to renew all Medicaid nj programs.

  6. There are people who right wing ideology has replaced the Torah, and will argue with parents of a special needs child about social healthcare when the parent is trying to get his child his care.
    This way of thought was unheard of a couple of decades ago. Right wing radio has replaced the Torah. It is so sad!

  7. Govmnt is not the solution it is the problem.

    Perhaps if the govmnt would incentivize hospitals to be mediocre there would be better hospitals in this area.

    As far as financial assistance for those in need, one can call Nemours financial assistance dept directly at 844-551-2065

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