Self Defense At Home: Is A Lethal Weapon An Option? For Many, It Is

bulletsA TLS Report: Anyone living in NJ trying to obtain a carrying permit for a lethal weapon will probably tell you to give up on trying, as a carrying permit is extremely difficult to get. The only way to get that is by proving to the judge that your life is in immediate danger.

But that’s a long and ongoing battle between the 2nd Amendment rights groups and various government bodies.

In November, as reported on TLS, the Second Amendment Foundation filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey against several New Jersey officials for deprivation of civil rights under color of law. SAF is joined in the lawsuit by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc. and six private citizens whose applications for permits to carry have been denied generally on the grounds that they have not shown a “justifiable need.”

At home however, it’s fairlyan easy process, if you don’t have a criminal history, determined by a simple background check by the issuers.

In fact, many Frum homeowners in Lakewood own guns which are kept at home, TLS found.

“I originally got it for my job”, a Frum gun owner tells TLS, “but when things started “happening” in Lakewood, I decided to bring it home with me for extra security”, he says.

Asking if a burglar attempted to rob him if he would hesitate to shoot the perpetrator, “I’d kill first and hesitate later”, the owner said.

“As it says in the Torah, If the guy is robbing someone when he knows they are home, he obviously went in with the intention to restrain the owner some way or the other if he got in the way”, he says, “so “Haba Le’hargach, Hashkeim Le’horgoi”, he says. (Translation: Someone who comes to kill you, kill him first).

burglar_shot_pic tlsBack in July of 2008, a home intruder attempted to rob a home on County Line Road early one morning, when he was confronted with the homeowner holding a gun. The intruder was shot and died of his injuries. The licensed shooter was not charged.

But not everyone is fond of the idea of carrying a weapon at home.

“I for one, would not even think of bringing a gun into my home”, a parent with young children at home tells TLS. “Besides for the fear of my children getting a hold of it, if I had to confront an intruder, I’d fear him getting hold of my loaded weapon”, he says.

For those, there’s another option.

A few months back following a rash of burglaries, TLS wrote about the option of carrying pepper spray.

We spoke with an LPD Officer for his opinion on carrying pepper spray at home and on the streets.

“‎​It’s an excellent deterrent for an attacker especially for women” he said. “The law allows its carry usually on a key chain-type dispenser for easy access and use. Its not fatal, and will help buy the victim some time to call Police and get away from the attacker”. He added, “The law also allows for prosecution under an assault charge if a person uses it improperly against another person”. “My wife carries a nice pink one on her key chain”.

Pepper Spray is not an irritant, it is an Inflammatory agent. The difference is important. When you are sprayed with an inflammatory agent your eyes slam shut instantly. If you can manage to open your eyes your capillaries will be dilated and you will be temporarily blind.  This causes the person to be vulnerable and dependent, resulting in easy overpowering (for example, by law enforcement officials).

Are you permitted to carry it in NJ? Any non-felon 18 or over may possess for your protection “one pocket-sized device which contains and releases not more than three-quarters of an ounce of chemical substance not capable of lethal use or of inflicting serious bodily injury, but rather is intended to produce temporary physical discomfort or disability through being vaporized or otherwise dispensed in the air”.

(You cannot carry pepper spray on board a commercial aircraft. This is a Federal crime that can carry up to a $25,000 dollar fine. It is okay to carry pepper spray in your checked baggage although it is highly advisable that you notify the ticketing agent when you check your baggage. Also since 9/11, you may have issues when carrying pepper spray into secured locations such as a Federal buildings, State buildings or anyplace where you pass through a security checkpoint).

So what option is best for you?

The answer to that will have to be decided by you. TLS.



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  1. self defense at home, is a lethal weapon an option ,of course it is and that has nothing to do with a permit to carry a handgun . Even a legally purchased handgun does not give you the right to carry it . the article does not make this distinction that anyone who legally owns a handgun in NJ is well aware of . It is extremely hard to get a permit to carry in NJ

  2. Look at the incident yesterday in Arizona where six people were shot to death. Although it is our legal right to own a firearm, it can come at a high price as seen in this incident. Arizona has one of the most liberal gun carrying policies in the country. Of course there’s the flipside; had someone nearby exercised their legal rights, maybe the ending would have been better.

  3. the incident in Arizona was a real tragedy, this is a case of a mentally deranged individual who should have never had access to any kind of weapon. No law will ever stop this kind of insanity ,do you really think this person who was bent on killling innocent people would worry about a law banning him from gun ownership?
    Some questions i would like answers to, was the gun his , was it stolen , with his problems he had in the past if he purchased the gun why was that allowed . Was he taking any medication Lots of questions need to be answered and then some changes to avoid tragedies like this again in the future
    I am for legal ownership of firearms by resposible citzens who abide by the law and adamantly in favor of keeping weapons out of the hands of crimminal

  4. Before we jump to liberal conclusions, look at the numbers. Compare NY to Texas and NJ to Arizona. Both in NY, and NJ it is nearly impossible to get a permit to carry (and everywhere else where only law abiding citizens nay not carry) have from the highest murder rates in the nation (Camden, Newark Hello). As opposed to TX and AZ and even in the 51st State Israel! -crime (I.e home invasions, muggings etc) rates are almost non-existent- if not unheard of.
    But go to concentrated orthodox areas, where the phenomena surrounding guns is taboo- break-ins are rampant and crime rates are through the roof.

  5. Does anyone know how much it costs to own a gun? I would love to buy one but I think the cost is high. Before even buying one you gotta know how to use it! I believe shooting lessons are quite expensive around here. Then there’s the license and the cost of the weapon itself…

    Does anyone know what shooting lessons cost?

  6. # 9
    Handguns come in all shapes and sizes as well as calibers. Having been a life long gun owner and shooter, trainer, competetior, and one who carries a gun everyday, my advice is to go one of our local ranges. There are two right there in Lakewood, and each once is very close in what they do. You can register for a class, rent their gun and buy ammo and targets right there. I am sure someone would be helpful in pointing you in the right direction. Ok costs, it isn’t cheap.
    Handgun $300 up to $ 1500.
    Ammo $ 50 a box
    membership in a range $250 a year
    case/lock box $100
    NJ state paperwork and license fees $ 200

    These are not written in stone, so all you people who want to throw in your two cents, feel free.

    freedom is not cheap, but it is your right

  7. #10

    Thanks alot for the info. I’m sort of clueless when it comes to gun ownership……I had looked around online but didn’t even realize we had classse right here in Lakewood!

  8. #9:
    Please don’t scare off people with inaccuracies.
    A revolver can cost less than $200
    A box of ammo: $20-25
    Permit Fees: less than $100
    Membership in shooting ranges? If your a cop. Otherwise they’re just as good as gym memberships=worthless. (Pay as you go $20-30)
    Last but not least- Your 2 cents:
    Keep the change.

  9. To “The Scoop Rocks”
    Shooting lessons seem quite costly too. From looking online, I’m a bit confused as to how many of these classes are needed to take a guy out in my home at 4 AM. They have these “Basic Pistol” classes and then they have beyond that. I’m just wondering how much learning it takes just to learn to use a weapon safely??

  10. thats a new classic in my book. when it comes to gun ownership in nj, you are at the mercy of the law. i am a gun owner and would not think twice about defending myself if i was attacked IN MY HOME. outside my home my attacker has more rights than me. welcome to nj

  11. Mookie, You do not need shooting lessons in order to obtain a Permit to Purchase. That’s only a requirement for Permit to Carry (next life;-). best way to go would of course be to take lessons. If you have a friend with ample experience- that would be even better- this way you would be focusing on the lesson as opposed to the costs. If you lack that as well, check out your local shooting range, they would usually help with the basics. After that, just keep on practicing until you feel it coming natural. Hey! You may even find a cop there to give you a free lesson or two;-)
    Good Luck

  12. I have had a man come up to my door and try to open it. He were not black or hispanics. My door was locked, but I was alarmed and called the police. It was nighttime. But since he looked like any other man walking around the neighborhood, I could not give a description more then, he was wearing a white shirt and black suit and a black hat. This happened twice and one other time while I was having a party with my family. A man just walked in.
    Other times I’ve had men looking in the window of my door.
    So my question is, if a man came into my home, would I be in my rights to shoot him? At what point do I decide that he just thought he was in the correct home or if he meant to do me harm? Do I shoot first and hesitate later? Just asking. My thinking is that if someone enters my home uninvited I should assume he means to do me harm and I should shoot him. So I have been toying with the idea of buying a gun to shoot anyone who enters my home uninvited and use the Torah as my defense, Should I wait to see if he kills me before I kill him? Or should I just kill him before he tries to kill me? Tough questions for tough times.

  13. More like-strange questions for strange people. You sure you ain’t in your dreams? You have people walking into your house and people looking into your car windows? You sure must be a high person of interest.

  14. Everyone in Lakewood; in every frum home should have a Gun to protect themseves. Home invasions and burglry are happening at an accelerated rate. If you think for a second your not a target then look at (moderated) who are lurking aroung just waiting for a defensless Jew to terrorize.
    With the likes of Obama running this country Civil war, food rations and violence will be the RULE not the exception.
    I plead with every frum person to get thier gun license soon and with Hasem’s help we will be able to protect ourselves and our LOVED ones.

  15. I live in a town with strange people. What can I say? I didn’t say I had someone looking in my car. I said I had someone looking in my front door window. And I didn’t dream that TWICE I had a man try to open my door.

  16. Funny! Just got done taking instructor courses today. Give me a month or so, I should get my instructor credentials and IYH will start a class here in Lakewood.
    I am an orthodox Jew that was concerned with this issue for quite some time. Helped every Jew I saw at the range, but never got to actually take the firearm instructor courses. Passed it today and just waiting for my certificate and cards to come in. Taking class with me was a Jewish mom that will be teaching in another community. I am really excited to see this thing take off.

  17. I always keep an apple pie hanging behind the picture that hangs behind my front door. Just in case some crazy storms in or sneaks in for some loot I can real quick slam him with the pie…and once he’s dazed hit him hard.

    Works every time.

  18. By the way people, there is a study that shows the unarmed victim of a home invasion to have a bigger chance of surviving the attack than the armed one… That is so, because once you confront the intruder with deadly force he will respond in kind… And very often the intruder will be more willing and able to use the force…

  19. If you guys think that you can kill the intruder in self-defense and walk you are mistaken. You can justifiably kill only if you are under reasonable believe that your life is in immediate danger. What ususally will happen is that the government would charge you with murder or manslaughter and then you would have to prove the self-defense circumstances which are often hard to prove.

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