School District Superintendent To Resign

Lydia Silva, Lakewood’s School District Superintendent will be resigning at the end of her term, board officials tell TLS. Her resignation, which she confirmed in a letter to the Board, is due to pension and other reasons, an official said. 

Silva served as Superintendent for one three-year term.

Her resignation takes effect June 30. TLS.

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  1. The letter comes right after her K-8 plan was rejected by the community and the board. You can’t expect her to take the blame for failing schools while her ideas for improving the schools aren’t being implemented.

  2. To # 6 –

    I think your comment is the only intelligent thing I heard on this matter. Seems to me these parents are trying to have it both ways.. First they complain about the failing schools, but then go ahead and protest the viable solution advanced by the expert in charge..

  3. there is so many things wrong with the lakewood public school system its hard to even know where to start to try and fix all the issues ,Idon’t believe this BOE can turn things arround so sad to see how the public schools have fallen to such a low point . It must be frustrating for anyone who has children in the public schools

  4. If lakewood closes the public schools that so called budget will go with it. the town will have to pay the outside overcrowded schools to allow them to take in the public school kids of Lakewood..and what do you think happens then..the state comes in to take over the towns schools..ALL OF THEM. Then we will lose the chance to do things the Lakewood way and have a state auditor for everything. Do you want that..You all better figure out what you want because once the state comes in you will have a hard time getting it back..and you lose your ability to vote on school issues..its what the state mandates is what you get.

  5. What’s the special board meeting scheduled for Monday about? They’re not hiring someone that fast. Is it to accept her resignation? Beg her to stay?

  6. The Lakewood Public School system is in total collapse. A 37% graduation rate compared to 92% State average is pathetic. The excuse of many second language students is unacceptable since many other towns have the same make up and better performance. The Board of Education has failed miserably for the children.

  7. The attorney (moderated) Even though many parents and BOE members do not agree with Ms. Silva I understand this all revolves communication. The attorney sends out all emails and up-dates that should come through the superinentents office. Ms. Silva will be missed but the establishment will not want Deb Mercora back.

  8. I believe Ms. Silva was on the right track making the changes she did in such a short period. If I am correct the board has to approve her resignation. At this point the board has the vote not accept her resignation but to also give her an extention. This is call a no confidence vote in many countries. Monday will tell the story?
    Oh- I expect another emergency meeting next week again.

  9. What district would want a population on half fluent, half literate, students? Do you think they want their schools scores to drop for a few thousand dollars?

  10. They all leavin cause its like the wild west now. Stillwells armed forces will straighten all this mess out. After all gotta justify spending.

  11. Quote “Why is everybody deserting the Lakewood school district like a sinking ship? What do they know that they are not telling?”
    your kidding right ? just look at how these schools are run no concern for the students at all .

  12. Quote “Then we will lose the chance to do things the Lakewood way and have a state auditor for everything. Do you want that”
    Y E S ! ! ! certainly would be better than what is in place now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. People need to see the whole picture. Ms. Silva was hired by the BOE to put the hole in the ship for it to sink. She and her administration have ruled by fear and intimidation. People wonder why the staff is running away- take a good look at the disrespect the board and it’s attorney act during a board meeting. All cell phones(including Ms. Silva’s) should be checked at the door! Instead of 8 am meetings how about 7pm. This would allow all of the public to be there!!

  14. I just wonder if most taxpayers and voters realize that, like it or not, the BOE elections is where it’s at. Not the Fire Commissioners. Not the Freeholders. Not the Township Committee. Not Christie. Not Obama. Most of our local taxes go to the Lakewood BOE. And the BOE a three-ring circus run amok.

    Wake-up Lakewood voters. You, and only you, can change it!

  15. To the few who said that Lakewood should send the public schools to other towns should be ashamed of themselves. How about private schools? Isn’t this the “land of the free.” No one owns this town; not you or me. It’s for ALL of us. Comments like that feed hatred; and God knows we don’t need anymore of that in our town or any other. Lets all work together to fix this.

  16. Perhaps the superintendent’s retiring will meliorate the divisive political rhetoric enabling the Administration and BOE to exhibt responsibile concern for less dramatic educational issues. The current emotional atmosphere has completely impeded the education of eighty students in the district whose teachers have been placed on Administrative Leave for six weeks. It is now feasible that the issues surrounding these administrative actions maybe resolved allowing the education of these students to resume.

  17. Heres the issue. The public school system has failed us in this town. I thing Gov Christie needs to some in here and take charge once and for all.

  18. Another BOE show. The whole bunch should resign and hand over the responsability to the State or at least the County. The ineptitude of the Lakewood BOE is a joke. There is no such thing as education in Lakewood.

  19. To the person who said the Ms Silva is leaving because of the K-8 program failing should stop and think, would you want your Kindergarteneer in a school with 8th graders? Riding on a bus with them, I for one would not. The board gets along with the Supertantent as long as they do as the board says, look at the one before Ms. Silva, she was great,until she started to question some of their actions and then it was bye-bye to her.

  20. let the state take over, nothing wrong with k – 8 was like that years ago ,or close the school and give all the tax money to where ever they go to school.

  21. I am sure IF the state takes over there will be many cuts and changes in the current manner of appropriations for school financing. This includes how much money and where the money trail leads to private schools.
    I also believe if the public schools are “closed” the costs to send and transport students to surrounding districts WILL be much MORE expensive than teaching them in our own schools. So be very carefull about what you WISH FOR!

  22. Did I read correctly that the board voted to move elections, then re-convened a day or so later – WITHOUT ALL who voted FOR the move – and reversed the first vote? Does this not smell very very fishy?

  23. I don’t understand how they have board members making decisions for our kids and their kids don’t even go to our schools, you don’t see us making decisions on their children’s educations, GOD help us if we did… uugghh, this is rediculous

  24. What did Mecora ever do for Lakewood? The boe needs to be dissolved . They neither represent nor act in the best interest of the children and families of the “true” district. Let the schools operate under the auspices of the Ocean County Supt. Office.

  25. The board does not have the interest in public education; is not supportive of corrective program enhancements.
    They are full of themselves, and don’t have a clue as to what a true board member should be all about.
    Board meetings are a circus

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