School District Cancels All Bus Transportation For Friday

Bus transportation has been cancelled for Friday for all of the Lakewood District because many routes are still impassable due to downed trees and wires, a Board of Education official tells TLS.

Public School has been cancelled as well.

Busing for private schools will resume Sunday, and Public Schools are expected to resume school and busing on Monday.


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  1. Nonsense I drove all around Lakewood today no snow or major tree problems on roads this is an outrage. Everyone else has to go to work when it snows as well and be on time let them go to work and off the chairs.

  2. i was out this morning and many wires were hanging low for a bus to pass or totally down.

    PS call your schools. YOC is having Jays in the Morning if your road is approchable. Not sure yet for the way home.

  3. I wouldn’t want to send my children on a bus in this. Even though it took me 45 minutes waiting in line to pick up my son from Yeshiva this afternoon…

  4. I’ve driven around lakewood as well and not all roads are crystal clear. There are still trees and wires down. You as an adult can choose for yourself to drive to work but children don’t choose they rely on the adults to make the resonsible decision for them! So be responsible parents and consider the safty of your chldren first and not yourselves!

  5. Nonsense, does none care about the working folk that needs to now take off of work to watch their children…. BOE members should all resign

  6. It’s pretty SAD when all you can think about is how REDICULOUS it is that there is no busing tomorrowmay if the buses stay off the road the electric crew’s can do there job and get things cleaned up So if that means you have to drive your child to school then so be it.. AND DO IT

  7. And when the private schools do the RIGHT thing and have school tomorrow ,then all our “friends” will scream at how we put our kids in danger because the school board deemed it unsafe . What is unsafe is 5000 mothers having to carpool instead of a hundred buses .

  8. There are power lines, telephole lines, and trees down all over the town. The decision to not use large buses is based on the safety needs for all the community. I guess the possibility of a school bus hitting a low power line and electrifing the bus is a chance you are willing to take. Obviously you have no concern for your own safety but don’t think for a second you have the right to tell those responsible for the childrens safety how to do their job. You make the choice to put your life at risk driving on unsafe roads but the children rely on what should be sound logical judgement based on their well being not on what is an inconvience to you.

  9. So they don’t clear the trees(save $) and then they cancel bussing(save $) who is running this town? Thousands of hours of bitul torah today bc yeshiva was empty till 11am bc guys had to drive their kids to school and wives had to work, tommorow will be the same story

  10. I would not be calling it an outrage. Why would we send our children to school to buildings with no power? Check around almost every other district is closed as well because they recognize what’s most important…the safety and well being of our children. Stop complaining

  11. Nobody ever said anything about going to a school without power . this discussion is about providing the busing for those schools that have power, which I believe is the case with vast majority of the private schools .

  12. Many schoools have private bussing tomorrow, can someone PLEASE explain to me why its not dangerous for private bussing but it is for the BOE?????

  13. Yes some streets are in better condition that others. However sitting in a school without heat and power is not an option. The warnings about hypothermia is no joke; I don’t anyone would want to take that risk. To me, I realize that my child might miss school, but I would rather them be safe at home. Nothing stops me from opening a chumash or reading with them. This hurricane caused numerous damage to people and their homes. While many of us wait for the power to return many others are waiting to find shelter. Let’s try to see all sides of this issue. Our children’s safety should be number one.

  14. When will jcp&l do their jobs?? if this is a weekly occurrence, our kids will be off until chanuka! JCP&L has made enough money off our town and they should hire more personal.

  15. There is another issue here. The sidewalks are still full of snow and ice. That would mean children in middle of the streets waiting for the bus. As frustrating as the carpooling is, you can not have kids all over in middle of the streets. Has anyone notices how unsafe it is when the bochrim float around in traffic trying to hitch in middle of the street on a sunny day? Well multiply that by a couple of thousand and add some ice. Not a good equation. Having said that, it is a nightmare to literally have thousands if cars clogging up the streets for four straight hours on a short Friday. I guess we can think about being thankful that we have children to drive around. Have a restful Shabbos.

  16. #16 well said! #22 private bus companies don’t get paid unless they bus, I guess it’s a matter of greed, instead of safety for the children and drivers. It is difficult to drive a car without traffic lights working, with a bus it is much worse (not easy turning around or navigating detours!)

  17. Lakewood High School never lost power. Light were on in the parking lot the day of Sandy, every day last week, and every day this week. I do not know why all the schools have to class because some of them close.

  18. Not using the buses on a snow day, or any other day, is not a way of saving money. If a day of school is missed it has to be made up– so the bus will run another day!

    One thing that is saved by not having school on a weather day is lives!!

  19. To those who made the decision not to have Bussing I want to say THANK YOU!
    Thank you for the hazardous traffic you created around town this morning with thousands of kids eing driven to school.
    Thank you for your inconviniencing thousands of ppl putting kids in harms way dangerously walking on the roads.. look at prospect street.

  20. LAKEWOOD,the town that no matters what always have a reason to complaint.Complaint about the police,DPW,boe,jcp&l and any other thing.Why you are here then? If you dont like it just move into another town.I dont see nobody complaining about the mayor or any other elected official when most of the time they are the 1’s taking those types of decisions.I’m not saying they are at fault but here everybody’s always blaming the middle man when he’s only following orders.

  21. good decision, many wires down, transformers hanging over roads.
    of course if you don’t care about safety… keeping children safe…
    spending time with your children you can choose to complain or enjoy the family time. sending little ones to unheated buildings is unthinkable but obviously some adults are more concerned with their busy schedules and $$$. we are lucky in lakewood to be experiences minor inconveniences, not like our neighbors who lost homes.

  22. Funny how those sitting home behind your computers are telling us about how bad the roads are with wires down. The Roads are fine and drivable. The few roads that are closed with wires or trees have been so for a week or will be like that for a while. so it has no affect on the bussing. Kids were walking on the side of roads with no sidewalks and traffic all along! Brilliant BOE.

  23. Att #35 if you drive around lakewood, many roads were first closed after the snow storm. and they were not a FEW- but almost every corner in town. East 7th in Park is still closed due to down wires and this is a main crossroads into Lakewood that leads into Ridge- Raintree Area.

    Not sure which side of town you have been. many people who did NOT lose power with Sandy , lost with the snow storm and still done have power.


  25. I would like all the people who posted negative comments why school were not open to read this again. I am sure you or your friends attedned this most wonderful event. You should be ashamed of your post’s. In my opinion your very selfish and not caring of others.

    As Storm Knocks Power Out Once Again, Chesed of Lakewood Is Back with “Recharge!” Night Three
    Nov 08 2012 4:12 pm
    COL: Thousands of lights are out all around town again! But don’t worry; Chesed of Lakewood is back with the third night of “Recharge!” Recharge yourselves, recharge your children’s appetites, and recharge your cell phones!

    The basics we can offer our Lakewood families who are in the dark yet again are warm meals, working bathrooms, a place to charge their cell phones and devices, and a chance to get out of their dark houses and enjoy themselves. If you have no power, you’re invited to come to Bais Faiga tonight from 5:30 to 8:00, where a delicious hot meal will be served. There will be exciting entertainment, including live music and a world-famous ventriloquist!

    Join the thousands who took advantage of Recharge when they lost power during Superstorm Sandy. Give yourself more energy as Shabbos approaches! We welcome all adults and children who have no power to join Recharge tonight at Bais Faiga from 5:30 to 8:00! Don’t stay home in the cold and dark. If your home is out of power, please feel welcome to join the “Recharge!” event tonight.

    Call Chesed of Lakewood at 732-901-0482 if you have any questions. Please note that due to overwhelming call volume, we may not be able to answer all calls.

  26. Iam disgusted by all those who think only abouy themselves and no one else . from all the complainrs posting here there is no shortage in lakewood of selfish people ‘just look arround at the real devistation that others have to deal with and you will realize how foolish you are.

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