School District Attorney Expected To Assume Position As Title 1 Coordinator

Lakewood School Board Attorney Michael Inzelbuch is expected to assume the position of Title 1 Coordinator this evening – a move which has many Mosdos, District officials and parents unhappy, TLS has learned. Mr. Inzelbuch had attempted to seek the position last October, but then backed down after considerable pressure from Mosdos and parents alike.

Mr. Inzelbuch currently holds the position of Board Attorney and Nonpublic Special Education Consultant. He also serves in the position of Board Parliamentarian. The position of Title 1 Coordinator which would be his third paid position with the District, would give him control of all special education services in the District.

When learned about his attempt last October, parents have gone as far as distributing flyers and posters in Shuls and other houses of worship around town in an attempt to block the move. 

The matter is now planned for tonight’s meeting. TLS.

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  1. There is a huge issue here. I hope many people show up in favor of blocking this move. If any people you know have a special child, PLEASE come out and show your disapproval.

  2. if he ie the most qualified guy for the job (which he certanlly has the most experience and seems to understand our community needs) why not????
    just because he is “making a lot of money off my back? doesnt mean he isnt the best candidate for the job.

    p.s. people should learn to “fargin”

  3. I’m sure this will be deleted but really enough…. he has way to much power over the board…He is an attorney and that’s it….(moderated)

  4. Michaels been helping out special needs kids in our community for years! He is an expert in all theses matters! Why do you care if he gets this position too? It can only help our community’s needs! Go find something else to hock about!

  5. it seems like the “in” thing is to criticize inzelbuch.all one ever hears are the negatives. are people even aware of how much good he does for the klal? i personally know of people that he has helped out of very serious problems. it might not look good,but he deserves to be compensated for all his hard work on our behalf.if there is an equally qualified person,willing to take his jobs for less or even equal pay,let him step forward and we can talk.until then,it is a waste of time to promote conspiracy theories. it might also be wise to have 1 person as a central place for all our special ed issues,simply to avoid problems with communication and people passing the buck. i;m not totally defending this new development,but i wish people woiuld attempt to consider the pros as well as the cons

  6. I appeal to you lakewood voters to not allow this to happen. My whole life I turned a blind eye to politics in lkwd as it made no difference to me. Lo and behold my turn came and Hashem privelged me with a special needs child and then i learned the hard way what a difference this all makes

  7. Concerned Citizen says:
    February 29, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    & Mr.Inzelbuch’s pension will be?

    It will be a lot more than we make actually working…. I thought the state was cutting out double dipping.

  8. If he decided he wants this position I guarantee you not one board member will vote against it. He runs that board with an iron fist. His say is final.

  9. to #17 “I thought the state was cutting out double dipping.” – its very simple: that’s why he’s going for 3 jobs. It seems only double dipping is not allowed, triple dipping is allowed!

  10. #16. Being that we don’t know much about it as you say you hadn’t known, please tell us so that we could make an educated decision and understand all that is at hand.
    Tell us how you struggle and how you think it would be different if someone else held these positions.

  11. I did not read one valid reason why he shouldn’t get the job. If you going to say because he’s the lawyer and special Ed consultant so he shouldn’t get this job please keep your sinas chinyom and jealousy to yourself. As a open minded Lakewood parent I don’t see why he shouldn’t get the job, he’s a well known man in the education world and he’s good at what he does. If any ” intelligent” person can point out to me why he shouldn’t get the job please do.

  12. If he was simply an outsider getting this position I would have no problem. The fact that he controls the BOE and all its approvals I feel its definitely a conflict of interest. The Lakewood BOE should hire a new attorney asap and then it will be fine.

  13. Jealousy? He is the one that approves his own salary on all his positions and his hourly wage as attorney!

    Sure sounds like a conflict!

  14. Isn’t he also a lawyer representing one or more of the very organizations that he is supposed to be overseeing? Is that not a conflict of interest?

  15. The conflict is that he only approves vendors who contribute to his district salary. Check it out. There are numerous other conflicts.

  16. George

    Last I checked the people who we vote in approve salaryies get your facts straight.

    This is disgusting how people don’t get there facts straight I have been in attendance to numerous meetings and not once did I see Michael vote that because he is there lawyer not a member and only members have the right to vote.

  17. #21, you have every right to be happy for him but you don’t have the right to demand that those who oppose giving him this position “move out”.

  18. Their not there. Atrocious spelling, twice.

    For your info the people voting for his salary are his puppets. They will not even deny it.

    YOU need to get your facts, and your spelling, right.

  19. to LakewoodUnited- thank you for trying to stand up for our public schools and the students that rely on them. It seems to be a losing battle but to those of us that care, we truely appreciate the effort. Keep up the good work!

  20. Why is The Lakewood Scoop obviously blocking all comments that may bring out the dirt from under the carpet about this guy? Families with special needs children live a life of hardships that we cannot fathom. I have worked with Special Ed kids for the last 5 years. As much as you think you know, you dont.
    This guy makes it 25 times harder, (moderated) Let parents speak out. This guy (moderated) Who does he think he is??
    Drop the modderations!! LET US SPEAK!!!!

    Editor’s note: If you would like to post a letter with your name and information attached to it, please send it in. Thank you for understanding.

  21. My comments weren’t posted about the board attorney bc it had some negative facts about him. Maybe he’s paying the scoop off for this one.

  22. The ethics, morality and legaility of this appointment is not in the best interest of the community, public nor private. For each position, one must be adequately credentailed to fulfill. In addition, a major short coming with this appointment would be the obvious conflict of interest that is involved and his ability to objectively fulfill the requirements for each position. There is no jealously or anything of the sort but rational thinking by community tax payers and even non payers would be a great start. There are many qualified people who are interested and available for the position. Lets look at candidates for all three positions including Inzelbuch and let the best choice and decision be made, not the most popular. Three prudent and objective minds working together is a far better approach than one prudent mind.

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