School Bus Dashcam Video Captures Lakewood Bus Driver’s View of Car Nearly Striking Child (With Audio)

School bus dashcam footage obtained by TLS shows the moment a car passes the bus’s red lights and stop sign, seconds before the child crossed the road.

The bus driver can be heard saying it was the second incident that day.

“Unreal,” she says. “These people need to learn to respect school buses.”

The dangerous offense carries 6 points on the license.

Last week, TLS published a surveillance video angle of this incident:



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  1. Maybe the bus didnt turn on their lights, I saw a bus this morning picking up kids no lights no stop sign and when he passed me after I called to him to tell him he didn’t turn on his lights and all he did was give me attitude, was thinking of calling the company and reporting him.

  2. Enforcement is unfortunately not a big enough deterrent. The police should impound the car. If you think that’s harsh, imagine if it was your child getting off the bus!


  4. I rarely drive through that neighborhood, but was waiting on Pressburg on Friday at 12pm with a few cars in line to turn left to Hillside. A car from behind me, went into opposite lane around my left, into oncoming traffic, to make a right turn to Hillside. Reckless driving .

    • Westgate is constructed so that all cars coming off the densely populated blocks of Pressburg, Sanz Town, and Kingsfield must feed into the same narrow street (barely wide enough for 2 cars to pass without knocking off a mirror) and then wait at 1 stop sign to make the left onto Hillside. You could wait there at a standstill for a half hour during playgroup pickup rush hour. While that’s no excuse for reckless driving, people don’t make the best decisions under this kind of pressure.

      • Not an excuse. If you can’t manage to drive like a mentsh and respect the roads of a neighborhood like west gate to bad. Move back to brooklyn where it’s much better.

  5. @Anonymous 5:28PM, I would say it was, and still is, a total lack of any urban planning. Not just reckless urban planning. The results of this lack of urban planning are not only traffic issues. The ugly developments have turned many neighborhoods of a once beautiful town, into crowded eyesores. Obviously, Lakewood could not remain the small, quiet, beautiful town is was when I arrived over 40 years ago. But the growth could have been handled in a more responsible way, with thought about the future of Lakewood. Not only the economic benefits to builders and their friends in the township govt. No wonder the surrounding towns are apprehensive about our community moving in.

  6. Unfortunately it is all about making another dollar and that is why these builders were able to get away with this lack of urban planning. It is going on now in monsey where every 1 house becomes 10 apartments at least and then people lose patience sitting in traffic. The frum oilam has to stop this nonsense.

  7. There is no place this driver needed to be that excuses almost killing a child. There is no excuse. No matter how many potholes the driver went over, how many long waits at stop signs, crowded developments, and being late for kids pickup. There’s never an excuse and it’s scary that we have to wait for a tragedy before people start taking this seriously.

  8. Parents need to be the bus stops to pick their kids up, cross the road with them. You can not trust people to stop or be careful, please be careful out there.

  9. U noticed she said “these people” it’s not a joke we need to stop the driving here is insane we need to make a kiddish hashem not a chillul hashem slow down and abide by all rules driving and parking. Why is it so difficult? all of our children’s lives matter, and every life matters.

  10. Ridiculous!! You can clearly see the Flashing RED lights!! That means STOP on BOTH sides of a Bus picking up or dropping off kids!! I see this ALL THE TIME on New Hampshire Ave.

  11. As the bus driver of that bus run where this incident happened I would just like to clarify When I said these people I was not trying to signal anybody out when I say these people I mean everybody everybody Needs to respect the school bus as we are transporting your children to and from school daily. I choose poor choice of words as I was horrified at the moment. It would be nice if everyone including bus drivers to slow down a little bit and be aware . I can tell you I felt the blood drain from my body and must have been white as a ghost . To think twice in one day on the same bus run. People just take caution in your surroundings . Have a happy safe day to all.

    • Kathy, you were protecting our children. Please don’t ever apologize for that! Anyone logical listening would have understood that “these people” meant the reckless drivers and nothing more. P.S. I was especially touched by the way you wished each kid leaving the bus a wonderful day! Every child should be so lucky as to have such a warm and caring driver.

  12. Thank you all for the kind words, I do my best to stay safe as I drive in this very challenging community. May you all have a safe and happy Passach.

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