Satmar getting ready to build another development on River Avenue in Lakewood

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  1. This town has to Put all new developments on hold until the traffic issue is properly addressed. I don’t understand how project after project is approved!!! I think it’s great that people want to move here – but please – let us prepare properly and build the infrastructure first.

  2. just curious, if a development would put up a sign “Brisker development” would it fly, or would everyone protest, who do they think they are? where is their achdus to all yidden? do they think they are better then us? isn’t this discrimination? you can only imagine, but for some reason when it comes from outside the community there’s a free pass

  3. Iyh with the arrival of Satmer chasidim the already existing chesed in Lakewood will reach even greater heights! When it comes to selflessness the chasidim of Satmer stand head and shoulders above other groups. May we emulate their ways.

  4. Who is it that is approving all this non-stop building. At least make yourself known and explain the rationale behind this. As it is, it takes upwards of 30 minutes to drive down Rt 9.

    Who is taking responsibility for this? Where our elected officials that we keep on putting back into office year after year?

  5. Our elected officials whom we keep voting back into office year after year don’t have to do anything because they know they’ll be voted back no matter what they do or don’t do! As they say, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you vote them in year after year the building will keep on happening year after year.

  6. Thank you Lakewood Vaad for facilitating the approval process. You truly represent all the citizens of Lakewood & beyond. What a display of ahavas Yisroel.

  7. The Vaad and the committee member have said countless times they are pro density in Lakewood since everyone in town and all the yungerleit need houses.
    They then approve neighborhoods built specifically for satmar or belz wich is almost exclusively out of towners moving in to Lakewood.
    Tremendous disservice to the people who elected them. But since the Vaad endorses them..they don’t have to answer to anyone..they know they can’t ever be thrown out.
    If you call the committee men..they will say they had no idea it was not Lakewood ppl moving in.
    Not buying it.

  8. If they want to build and keep to themselves it’s one thing. But don’t come and start standing on Route 9 with your kids, protesting things that you don’t approve of. This just gives those who dislike our community more reasons to hate.
    Live your own lives and all will be well. Don’t move in and th to take over. If you want to be respected then make sure you respect others. Just because you disagree with their ideals , don’t make it right to protest and make us all look bad.

  9. Standing on the corner of Route 9 with little children from their Cheder protesting the state of Israel does not bring any more Kendusha what so ever. And it never will .

    • Neighbor, well said. it has nothing to do with liking or disliking them.
      It has all to do with Satmar doing things ( in this case protesting the state of Israel on rt 9 with little children)that does not represent most of Lakewood residents values. Its an optic which they do all over the world and has nothing to with enhancing Kedusha, It only causes those driving past them to “hold their nose”

  10. The biggest Chessed is to leave a person alone to live a normal life with all the abilities that were given to him by the creator of the world. Sorry we are not “Disabled’ people in need of “Chessed”

  11. Satmar already has 4 phases on locust street, (Lodz,harmony,grove,Hanover) so I’m not sure why this says “3rd phase”
    And by the way since the woman don’t drive they don’t add significant traffic to the area (compared to another development)

  12. where is shlav 3 of Lakewood yungerleit in Monroe? They dont give us housing there, understandably b.c. they need it all for themselves, so why in the world are we giving all our land away to the satmars and belzers when we need it for our kids/?

  13. Two things..
    Firstly reading these blogs gives a good indication of how these developments get approved… If the oilom would learn about the approval process you’d understand that the current planning/Zoning boards are powerless to stop the developments… The groundwork for these was laid years ago with Smart Growth Plans etc… The builders are years ahead of all of you..they take advantage of everyone’s disinterest in learning the process and only yelling when it’s too late.. Kudos to them.. All these applications to build conform to the current Zoning… There’s nothing anybody can do to deny.. I was by the smart growth meetings.. There were maybe 10 people who understood the implications… Nobody else was interested or showed up … Screaming now is about 5-7 years too late…
    Secondly… Back then nobody saw the Chasidish influx comming.. These WERE setup for “unzerer”.. What are the builders supposed to do if most non Chasidisher want to live in a real house in Jackson /TR etc and the Chasidisher are willing to pay up?

  14. I’m very excited cause the chasidim will hopefully get things done! They will manage to push the state to widen Rt 9!! Before you know it there will be 2 lanes in each direction!! Can’t wait!!

  15. I can’t wait!! The chasidim will manage to get the state to widen Rt 9!! So excited!! Before you know it the whole Rt 9 will be 2 lanes in each direction! With turning lanes!!

  16. Yaakov, Harmony is Belz not Satmar, and I don’t think the others are Satmar either. Satmar chasidim may be buying there but so can you. Satmar built on Cross near rt 9.

  17. im excited they are moving here, they are in the process of making their own vaad, and then the public will finally be represented! instead of special interest

  18. harry i think its pretty safe to say that their interests, their vaad will be very different from your interests, so dont get too excited about representation.

  19. Local towns: We don’t want the Orthodox moving into our towns. They want to build too much, price us out of our homes, ruin the school budget, and live by their own beliefs. They’ll ruin us like they did to Lakewood. (And they add “We’re not antisemitic like they claim, we just care about our towns”).

    Lakewood: we don’t want all those Satmar moving into our town. They want to build too much, price us out of our homes, and live by their own beliefs. They’ll ruin our town. We’re not anti-Satmar, Acheinu kol Bais Yisrael, we just care about our town.

    Sounds like people are more like the non-Yidden than they think. Personally, I worry about extra traffic and new schools just like many here. But when people become concerned about how one specific group moving in will change things, it’s discrimination.

  20. there is a tremendous need for more school space. there are those in Lakewood that need to learn the meaning of no child left behind. perhaps this new blood will help

  21. Concerned parent- I hope you’re right. But the developers look to make money on houses, not strategically place schools for the families. And honestly, some of the children with no school just didn’t feel their child is a good fit for an available class. Judging by the anti-Satmar talk here, do you really think schools can accommodate everyone, or will they need to build 2 schools, one for Satmar and one for other children?

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