Safe or Selfish? Watch and Decide

dashcamDASHCAM VIDEO: “Perhaps a good way to get people to understand the severity of their dangerous driving habits, is by publicizing them,” a community activist said. “Additionally, if people realized they are being watched, they may behave differently.”

In this latest reader-submitted dashcam video, a driver can be seen making a left turn from a right lane, while other vehicles are turning into the same lane.

This video and other similar dashcam videos are posted on TLS as an awareness to drivers to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits.


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  1. Neither selfish nor safe in my opinion. All the reckless driving is the townships fault for doing nothing to improve the dreadful traffic situation that’s been getting steadily worse & worse for the past 20 yrs. instead they focus on broken street lights and other dumb things while local drivers are suffering & getting more & more frustrated. This leads to bad driving habits.

  2. Anon : Do you seriously believe that the township is at fault for this guy or girl making a illegal left turn ?? This is a prime example of a drivers blatant disregard for safety of others !! Trust me I towed for lakewood PD for 12 yrs and I would say 80 percent of all accidents are caused by people being in a rush and being careless.. This town has add more 4 and 3 way stops and lights and you say they have done nothing?? Wow

  3. So, the reckless driving is caused by the bad traffic caused by the township??? Does bad traffic cause people to make illegal u-turns in the middle of intersections, go through stop signs, talk on their cell phones most of the time, commit blatant and extensive double-parking, pick up hitch- hikers in the middle of major intersections, thus blocking traffic, and a few other selfish and unsafe acts I could think of? You’ve given me an entirely new perspective on the subject? Not to even mention the chillul hashem.

  4. Neither in my opinion too. If you notice the driver waited for an opening. He didn’t just go when he felt like. Its not legal or very safe, but how is that selfish. he was careful not to hit anyone and the person behind him had time to let him in.

    Frankly this business of calling an entire town selfish in public is a chillul hashem.

    I’d like to know the name of the Rav these activists consult with.

  5. This action is safe. Blatantly illegal and I’d have zero problem if this guy was ticketed or even had his license revoked for misusing his driving privileges but there was no way this can cause an accident. (And please, “yes it could have” is not a logical argument. I’m sure many people are going to feel that it could’ve caused an accident and I respect your OPINION but mine is that this can’t cause an accident. I’m merely stating my opinion for the benefit of nobody. Hi Nobody!!!)

  6. It shouldnt matter if someone is videotaping it or someone you know sees you being potentially destructive HKBH is watching how dare anyone defy the laws of this medina shel chesed.

  7. That is 100% unsafe. Anytime someone acts in a unsafe manner they put others at risk and that is very selfish. Regardless of this particular outcome.
    Perhaps TLS should as a ‘selfish or safe’ poll along these dashcam articles. That way the majority of us normal drivers can express how we truly feel about others in our great community putting our family and friends at risk

  8. I’m beginning to think there are to many people with the name selfish here in town .just this morning I’m heading west on central and planning to make a left on sunset I pull up to the light it was turning yellow I stop .A guy comes flying up behind me honking because he thought I’m going to go on the yellow anyways ,he couldn’t stop so switches in to the right lane makes a right on red going north on sunset and on the turn makes a u turn going south are we in such a rush? That we have to endanger ourselves and other drivers besides for the terrible chilul hashem it causes.

  9. To clarify my previous post.
    I’m not condoning reckless driving & I don’t know if that video was unsafe because I wasn’t there & couldn’t see the whole situation. What I am saying is that regardless of whether it’s right of wrong it’s because of the horrendous traffic situation in this town that people have bad driving habits. In a normal situation if someone finds himself in the wrong land he would just go around the block. But in Lakewood that circle can take 15-30 minutes. So he tends to do something brash & risky instead. & to Moshe y yea some of us are in a rush & sometimes a big rush. And there’s nothing wrong with being in a rush. But if thus town would have better flowing traffic they wouldn’t be under so much stress all the time.

  10. “Does bad traffic cause people to make illegal u-turns in the middle of intersections, go through stop signs, talk on their cell phones most of the time, commit blatant and extensive double-parking, pick up hitch- hikers in the middle of major intersections, thus blocking traffic, and a few other selfish and unsafe acts I could think of?” So many drivers who need to drive through Lakewood dread it & often go out of their way to avoid it, even if it take longer, just to decrease their chances of getting in an accident for the reasons mentioned above! It’s not selfishness, it’s called lack of respect for the traffic laws! : (

  11. Seriously awesome that TLS keeps posting these videos. I believe it makes people think twice. And if it doesn’t yet I hope the more videos there are the more they’ll start thinking on the road

  12. Id like someone to actually check out the numbers and see if Lakewood has more accidents per capita than other cities. From comments on driving in lakewood u wud think no one has ever been in new york city. I hate to break this to everyone but Lakewood isnt a little town anymore and yes the problem is worse because the city doesnt keep up infrastructure according to the growth

  13. Does anyone know if the driver signaled or made eye contact and got permission from the other drivers before he turned. U know, dan lkaf zchus and all that

  14. Reckless and selfish! Drivers actions were dangerous completely illegal. “bad traffic” is no excuse when operating a 3 ton weapon!
    Cmon guys! Just drive safely and responsibly!!

  15. it would be wonderful for both Lakewood ad for our friends who need to travel through Lakewood if there was a bypass road that started in the border on Route 9

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