Mashgiach Rabbi Jacobs Shlita Re-enforces Parking Regulations Near Mikvah

Kleinman buildingThe Roshei Hayeshivah Reb Yisroel Newman Shlita and Reb Dovid Schustal Shlita, have just left the Kleinman building of BMG after standing by the Mashgiach Rabbi Jacobs Shlita as he announced the re-enforcement of the parking restrictions in the Mikvah vicinity. Rabbi Jacobs reiterated the rules put in place as the Yeshivah moved to the new building, which is down the block from the town’s Mikvah, located at 11thand Madison. Upon the request from the Mikvah staff, all BMG students were asked not to park on Carey Street and on the block of the Mikvah. They were also asked not to walk by the Mikvah during the evening hours.

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  1. do i lose my kollel check if i park in a restricted spot ?

    what about my chavrusa who doesnt get a kollel check ?

    and what about balai batim who come to learn in yeshiva?

  2. have you no decency at all? i hope you’re just some laidikgayer, not a confused yeshivaman who cant get enough of arguing on internet he isn’t supposed to have. This is about some sensitivity to the users of the mikva and was a condition of the yeshiva moving in. Why is it so difficult to comply? just more of the local :It’s all about me” attitude. grow up already

  3. i think you missed my point. seems like people are so thick they cannot read between the lines. of course it is insensitive to park there during usage hours , weather your in yeshiva or not . the “enforcement of parking resctrictions ” is what i was getting at. the parking there is half the problem , the fact that they have to enforce parking restriction shows that something is very wrong. instead of enforcing restrictions they should lead by example and that would solve the problem.

  4. its in your head. nobody is looking. In borogh park we have a mikva every few blocks people park walk and go about their business. nobody cares who is going to the mik. we all have our own lives and in lakewood everyone drives the same 2 or 3 model cars anyway so dont worry so much!

  5. Bemechilas Kvoid Toirosom I think They got it wrong! Its not the Kleinman BM people parking there. Its the Bais Sholom people since the cheder took away all those spots I have had to park on eleventh whenever I come late to Bais Shalom!.

  6. # 2 says “This is about some sensitivity to the users of the mikva and was a condition of the yeshiva moving in.” well well did the conservatives make this Tnai with the Yeshiva? There was no such Tnaai! It can’t be made and obviously if the Yeshiva is seating 850 people with cars some people will park near the Mikvah! In all other communities such as BP and Flatbush it’s OK, why is here different? Whats the prob.?

  7. The masgiach of BMG is also Rabbi Yehuda Jacobs, he is a very big onav which is why people dont know him, he was there before Rabbi saloman and a talmid of Rav Ahron Kotler , and a huge baal aitza and tzadik

  8. To all the smarties and boro parked. Firstly please stay PARKED in Boro Parked-we don’t need people like you here. It’s unfortunate that we have too may of your type here already. Somehow wherever you guys go there are always problems,issues,fighting but most of all a bunch of fake leidigeirs that look Jewish and act very different. Who said the only issue here is privacy?? How about the fact that until now it was taboo for a man to be seen strolling around on that block after dark. If Yeshiva guys will be parking and thus inevitably walking there aren’t we opening up a door for some psychopath to take advantage of? And yes,Lakewood is very different than BP in this respect. Being that Mikvaos in BP are all over and simultaneously people are all over there is a deterrent whereas Lakewood blocks are very dark and many times totally deserted. This creates both a great sense of incomfort and fear and rightfully so. But the main this you guys from BP are missing is the SENSITIVITY to Tznius that you have long thrown in the garbage.

  9. what most don’t understand is that for some reason the relationship between the yhsiva and yungerlit is not very well and whatever they will do just won’t be good enough maybe they should try and give $ome services rather than take a whole day there will be no problems with the mik.

  10. I think. evrey one
    should mind there own bussnis and all u board solels should stop fighting about what’s better lakewood or. borough park, where taking about a serius issue and get back to the point

  11. Frankly, the suggestion to move the Mikvah because a Beis Medrash moved in does not make sense. A Mikvah has to be central so that there should not be security and safety concerns. To build a Mikavah in a place where people fear to walk is counterproductive. However, to have the sensitivity and respect not to parade around the block of the Mikvah certainly behooves a town of Bnei Torah.

  12. #24 – I beleive what R’ Chaim meant was that if the kannoim are bothered by the yeshiva’s proximity to the mikvah, let them move the mikvah as they have no complaint in halacha against the yeshiva to force them not to park nearby.

  13. #16 You are right on the mark in regard to the Mashgiach Harav Jacobs. He represents what Lakewood was to be in the vision of Reb Aron who he is a talmud of. He is a true talmud chachom and a true anov who is not looking to have his picture in the papers. May he continue in his sincere. Avoidas hakodesh

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