Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held For Yeshivah Gym Donated By Esformes Family

PHOTOSVIDEO: Over one hundred Bachurim of Yeshivah Mayan Hatorah this afternoon watched as the Mayor and Rabbonim cut a ribbon celebrating the opening of the ‘Esformes Family Gymnasium’ at the high school

The Gym, located adjacent to Rabbi Neuman’s Yeshivah on Milton Street, was donated by Morris (Moshe Yitchok) Esformes of Chicago, who was given a tour of the Yeshivah, and the gym which he donated.

Mr. Esformes was honored with placing a Mezuzah on the door to the Gym, before being joined by the Mayor and the staff at the Yeshivah for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Prior to the ribbon cutting, the Mayor presented Mr. Esformes and the Rosh Hayeshiva with a plaque, congratulating them on the momentous occasion.

The Gym features several basketball courts and a work-out room with a bench-press, treadmills and other exercise machines for the Bachurim to enjoy.

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  1. Morrie you are #1.

    We need more yeshivos to have gyms to give a kosher outlet to the bochurim.

    In Telshe Chicago The rosh yeshiva Harav Avrhom chaim Levine Shlita always emphasized the bochrim to have this as an outlet. Even the best bochrim would go play ball on Friday. This kept the bochrim sane and in good health.

  2. most yeshivas sadly occupy run down rentals and can only afford the bare necessities, unlike the vast public schools that we are forced to fund…,

  3. Kol hakovod to the donor & to the yeshiva for embracing this beautiful ceremony. Impressed that lakewood is acknowledging the importance of sports as a kosher outlet.

  4. Many mosdos forgot about were they came from and made everything assur that was mutter such as a gym.

    If there is not kosher outlet even the best bochrim will snap and/or find something not so kosher to find an outlet. sooner or later its texting among a group and before you know it your kid is hanging around the 7/11 with his black hat the first few weeks and then you can tell him or her different from the crowd.

    because you assur everything and everyone has to be a metzuyan. if your not – the young teenager gets the sublime message that they are second fiddle in the hanhala eyes. when it comes time to help them get into a yeshiva or bais yakov the parents are left hanging as the mosdos dont care about the “rejects” or “not metuyan kids. before you know it – you will chas vshalom see major changes in your kids.

    Why in the 80’s it was Ok to play ball. Today everyone looks like a bais medrash bochur in 7th grade. What happened to being NORMAL kids.

  5. #12 stop being such a hater. everyone else found something nice to say about this positive story. you need to find a new outlet to let off your hate.

  6. its not hate. Every yeshiva in town should open their eyes and Make a gym or at least rent one out for their talmidim at least once a week at night to give an outlet. No matter your level of learning.

    I am crying for how many of our children are getting crushed under the system (6 7 8 th grade , high school – post hs). its not hate at all. WAKE UP LAKEWOOD. Find me a family or person that does not know of a relative in town that is struggling spiritually. A major part is our educational system as i stated before. What happened to simchas hachaim, middos…. Derech Eretz kodma Latorah as being the true measure of talmide chachomim. How many of us are true examples. We are also to blame as our children see our hypocrisy. Not only the educational system.

    When was the last time you said a friendly hello to one of these special neshamas. What are we doing. No one want to discuss it but the situation is out of hand. A few yechidim try but they are overwhelmed.

    Rabbi Neuman is a savior, open minded and there are a few more under funded quality yeshivas intown backed by caring Roshei Yeshivas like this that need a gym..MORRIE is the greatest person to funding this project and knowing it will help this bocchrim shteig in their torah.

    My point is all our yehsivas catering to all bochrim needs a gym.. they need an outlet. RABBI NEUWMAN IS GOING TO GET THE BIGGEST REWARD FOR WILLING TO REALIZE THIS NEED AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. A Pioneer in Lakewood.

  7. “unlike the vast public schools that we are forced to fund…,”
    what are you saying ,you should not have to pay taxes like everyone else? EVERONE who owns a home pays taxes ,even if you have no children, even if you are retired with no children in the school sysytem ,even if you are single . so what is your problem?

  8. Btw it not a high school it’s a BM. People have to realize what this generation of bochrim face on a daily basis and that what may have not been accepted 50 yrs ago doesn’t mean it wrong today rather its the absolute right thing and the gedolim should be promoting outlets like these And us as parents should realize to think how bad this world is right now and to appreciate how fortunate we are that our children are learning in yeshiva….

  9. thank you mr Esformes for your help
    i hope others follow in your foot steps

    yes all schools should have a gym a pool etc.. however if they dont have the money for it what should they do ?
    should that come before paying our rebbiam and teachers who put thier heart and souls into our children ?

  10. The same way yeshivas make raffles and send the students collecting for yeshiva the firs and main thing to collect is for an outlet in the yeshiva

  11. Thank you rebbi and R Esformes its a great addition to the yeshiva and i can tell you first hand about the positive impact its having already!!!

  12. I would just like to take this chance to thank rabbi newman and rabbi esformes for all they do today and every other day to make our learning in yeshiva amazing and with this amazing outlet..

  13. I’m all for boys engaging in athletic activity and I think it’s great that the yeshiva opened a new gym. It just struck me as ironic that this story posted on Chanukah. Weren’t gymnasiums a Greek innovation?

  14. Bochurim may need an outlet, but you don’t have to build them a gym. Maybe they should build a medical facility in yeshivas because bochurim need doctors.

  15. Att. Groinem. The reason R Newman is so successful is bec he doesn’t think like you! It’s not that he HAD to build a gym but if it helps a little bit it’s worth it…….

  16. Groinem (#26) the only one who needs a medical facility is you. It’s apparent from your comment that you could have used a gym yourself during your time in yeshiva.

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