$40,000 In Jewelry Stolen In Home Burglary

ciu tlsPolice and CIU are investigating the theft of about $40,000 in jewelry from a home, sources tell TLS. The incident occurred earlier this afternoon in the area of East County Line Road when a burglar made entry into a Frum home while the owners were away, and made off with all the jewelry from the safe.

It’s unknown if the safe was locked at the time. TLS-94/TLS-SR/TLS-WP

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  1. Hey TLS, good story, however, you may want to change the headline. The house wasn’t robbed, it was burglarized. Unless the homeowners were home and there was force used against the homeowners during the course of the burglary, it’s just a plain old burglary. Robbery= Force used. Burglary= No force.

  2. Nebach!!!!!!!!!!!! Any name for tehilim? May g-d fullfill your loss!!! my husband always tells me to make sure my jewlery is locked at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ohh the poor thief who breaks into one of the many armed homes in the area although these thieves think they have a free rob with very little risk one of these days theyre going to enter mine or armed citizens home and will be 12 gauged out the door mark my words its coming

  4. $40,000 in jewlery? are you kidding. and we have people complaining about their taxes? I sure hope you had a rider on you home owners policy for that amount the standard policy does not cover that!!!

  5. Another thing no insurance Co is going to cover that without reciepts , they will not accept appraisels as verification of value !! So I hope the homeowners were more careful with their paperwork than they were with their valuables

  6. While I would not dismiss $40,000.00 of jewelry as minor, for a family that has a few women, teenage and adult, it is not that difficult to amass that amount over the years. A diamon ring, a bracelet, necklaces, pendants, brooches and earrings will add up, especially if they are appraised and placed on a separate rider.
    H-shem Yimoleh Chesronam.

  7. Hmmmm, jewelry taken from a SAFE.

    Doesn’t sound right- if you have a safe, it’s only safe if its locked.

    Convieniently the thief arrived when the safe was vunerable.

    I smell rotting sardines

  8. Again with your mean-spirited posts. It mentions that it was in a safe. And just because someone has money doesn’t mean he wants the government to take it! You’re a real “spread the wealth” type of liberal!

    The next house you break into could be mine. here is a list of what to expect upon entering my home:

    .177mm(4.5cal) = IF YOU JUST ENTER.

  10. I would like to place a question to the editor.
    By whose standard do we find it acceptable to post comments that even hint to murder?
    A concerned TLS fan

  11. to number 22: “comments that even hint to murder”

    is not “murder”. its “justifiable homicide” 😉
    i dont know about you, but no one- and i mean NO ONE will ever hurt my woman, or kids. i dont care which jury thinks or says what. i will rot in jail or worse; but ill make sure my family is safe & alive. you on the other hand, can sit and watch your family be taken out one by one- like a true coward.

    one thing i learned from my grandfather who watched his family be killed by the germans. had more jews, including his family stood their ground, less jews would have been killed. WELL IM ONE (half) JEW THAT WILL DIE PROTECTING MY FAMILY, EVEN IT MEANS KILLING AN INTRUDER.

  12. maybe people should read the comment rules before they submit a comment…If You have nothing nice to say then dont say it.Try putting yourself in the other guys shoes…$40,000???????????? worth of jewelry??????????????????????????????????????? i cant imagine.

  13. Maybe some of you who are posting the type of guns you own should consider that maybe just maybe the next person who robs your house is reading this. Now that you told him you have a gun maybe he will bring his also. Now what, its let’s see who pulls the trigger first. Think before you write. You talk about protecting your family but you are only dangering them.

  14. to To My Voice says
    You are so wrong ,i am totally against “spreading the wealth” that the present administration is preaching , why would you say that? I just find it unusual for someone to have $40,000 in jewlery in their home in a safe that they would have left unlocked ,how does that make me a “spreading the wealth” person.
    If you don’t have anything to say accept to try and berate others who post here save your breath for breathing only

  15. $40K in jewelry is a lot – even if there are many teenage girls… teenagers dont have diamond rings… Is this the same east county line resident that was burgalized a few weeks ago?

  16. To all of u, mb we coula all help together, if evreyone could give a dollar, imagine how great they would feel. Thje gamara saya that u need to give evreyone what they are used to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will for sure help bring moshiach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jewlery for a lady is not a pashuta sach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. anyone ever think that the entire safe could have been stolen?? A few years ago there was a show called “to catch a thief” where they staged a break in with the owners watching from outside the home via video. After the staged break in they taught the homeowners how they could have protected their valuables. On the show, if the safe wasn’t bolted to the floor they took it with them.

    A simple alarm system costs about $40 a month, it even gets you a discount on your insurance. I’m not blaming this family, I feel terrible for them, but we can all use it as a lesson.

  18. Why are material things such as jewlery important to some people ?This goes against alll that I was ever taught of what is important in life , while helping others in need is a noble thing to do ,that in my mind would be to help someone who is truely in need (food, clothing, shelter etc ) I find it offensive to ask people to give because they have had jewlery stolen ~ their insurance will cover that.

  19. did it occur to any of you that maybe the guy is a salesman and he had it at home with him? . a friend of mine was hit 3 times while traveling around to make a sale. he finally threw in the towel and went into another field.

  20. Well since this town is starting to feel like Beirut, I went ahead and ordered some bouncing betty’s to bury around my house, and a 50. cal for the attic. Even contemplating digging a moat around my house to keep the maggots out.

  21. To HI:
    sounds like someone lost alot.

    To Who left my back door open:
    who cares if it was a robbery or burglary the point of the story was that a fellow is deep in the hole.

    To doesitmatter:
    on what would you base your comment.

    To wyndham:
    what would tehi

  22. To wyndham:
    what would tehilim help? its after the fact. a bit late dont you think.

    To tzvi:
    seems that you know alot of people in lakewood to post such a surprised comment.

    To trying to join lcsw:
    very true.

    To dogman:
    good idea. not very practical if the one robbed is a religious orthodox jew

  23. To quote you:
    “$40,000 in jewlery? are you kidding. and we have people complaining about their taxes? ”

    You are clearly making a correlation between the amount of money stolen (which implies the wealth of the individual) and the indecency of complaining about taxes. This demonstrates your opinion that someone with a “large” amount of valuables (in your opinion) negates his ability to complain about taxes. I stand by my comment that you’re a “spread the wealth” type of liberal.

    Another quote:
    “I find it offensive to ask people to give because they have had jewlery stolen ~ their insurance will cover that.”

    You are easily offended.

    Another quote:
    “If you don’t have anything to say accept to try and berate others who post here save your breath for breathing only”

    Indeed, if only you lived by your own creed.

  24. to To My Voice says:
    what is your problem ,that I too have a right to my oppinion ?? well thats to bad
    I am offended by those who find material things more important than how we treat each other like bearrating me for my oppinion
    thats all I have to say end of story
    This is my last comment obviously you don’t understand my position

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