Reckless School Bus Driver Caught On Camera

reckless bus driver picVIDEO: Our ‘Caught On Camera’ man sent us another one of his videos. This video, shot by a dash-cam, shows a School Bus waiting to make a left turn off of Hope Chapel Road, where the speed limit is 45 MPH. The driver, apparently impatient, proceeds to cut off two cars ahead of it, “and nearly gets t-boned by an oncoming vehicle”.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos are posted on TLS for all to see as an awareness to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits. Video credits: hobblitt.

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  1. I am outraged.. from what I can tell there is a car in front of him waiting to turn, but he decides to make the turn from 2nd place in line, nearly gets t-boned…not to mention, what if the car in front of him made the turn the same time, this could have been mamish a huge tragedy. i hope chief lawson is watching this and runs the license plate # so this driver can be properly disciplined.. how many school bus articles do we have to read on the scoop before something is done about these dangerous drivers?

  2. was he turning onto south lake drive? if so, the oncoming cars come around that bend, its nearly a blind turn and yet he jumps the line? oy, i feel bad for the grey car he probably had no idea what was happening, he is about to turn and a bus shows up out of no where… can the author tell if there were children on this bus???

  3. I was on W. County line this morning & th 2 buses in row had already switched of there red light together, out of nowhere the back one just cut me off, so I slowed a little only to see the front one put his lights on instantly, so I had to short stop in te rain which could have been very dangerous twice over.
    It seems to me the driver were on the phone together & made up to let the back one out B4 the front one put his lights on again, I can’t be sure of that, but it looked very planned. He should of at least let me go, B$ cutting me off, or I should of rammed straight into the bus that cut me off, but I am still young & my car isn’t so strong.

  4. i have actually called yuris and negba, both brushed me off and negba actually gave me a lecture. Im not sure if I have a right to call cops and file a complaint. i After all it is “sakonoth Nefoshoth”

  5. Thank goodness that someone captured this incident on camera. Careless drivers put us all at risk, especially the health and safety of the students being transported.

    Now that the incident is documented, there needs to be follow-up with the Lakewood School District, Transportation Department and LPD.

    Incidents of careless driving such as this will continue until residents are willing to say “NO MORE, IT STOPS HERE.” Let us not wait until a major accident to occur before residents demand the safe transportation of their children.

    This is happening all over Lakewood. It cannot continue.

  6. lets hope the police will file their own report since all the evidence they need is right here in the video.. the person who always shoots these videos, do you have a job as a driver? you seem to capture thiing kind of thing all the time, which either means you are on the road A LOT, or this kind of driving is so common place that anyone with a camera in the car is bound to capture this on a daily basis

  7. i do not know who dash cam dude is but i say keep up the good work. if the LPD was doing their job 100%, we would not have any reckless drivers. clearly LPD cannot be everywhere at all times, so citizens who report this driving can prevent a horrible tragedy from happening in the future

  8. In fairness (but not to condone this bus drivers actions) if Lakewood bus drivers had dash cameras we would see far worse actions by drivers in cars as they do the same if not worse to school buses. It’s not an uncommon sight to see a car do exactly what that bus did in the video while waiting behind a school bus. Every day I see at least one car endanger children’s lives at the intersection of RT9 and central. Cars go in the right turn lane going south and then cut back at the intersection to go straight often cutting in front of a school bus nearly causing an accident. Again I’m not condoning the bus driver but the people of Lakewood need to look in the mirror before casting stones.

  9. Bus drivers should be held even to a higher standard than others on the road for reasons that do not need an explanation They have the lives of many children in their “hands”.
    This driver obviously feels safety comes second to their time schedule THATS JUST INSANE!!!
    If this keeps up we are going to see a very tragic accident here in Lakewood and then evryone will wonder HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

  10. I see these types of stuff all the time. Im telling you, we have got to replace all these nasty schoolbus drivers. Im scared sometimes to send my kids with them in them. I dont know when they finished drinkiing the night before.

  11. If you are awitness to a driver commiting a violation , you hasve a right to file a complaint,many wont do that because they now would have to appear in court when the person accused has his hearing . I would advise anyone to call the LPD and let them handle it

  12. Whats new ! To many busses and not enough responsible Drivers.
    Every day we are playing with our childrens lives.
    I want one of the web sites to have a special page for reporting buses. Lets see if this does not teach the irresponsible people to be aware of their actions. I bet you its only 10% but the same 10% all the time.

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