Reader’s Scoop: You Blew Right Past The Flower Car

funeralWas that you? This past week, I witnessed a green Camry zipping down Route 9 while a Funeral procession was attempting to turn onto Courtney Road. You blew right past the Flower Car directly in front of the Hearse. I cannot repeat the words coming from the driver’s mouth-but yes, they were bad. Do you realize how disrespectful is was?

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  1. Wow. What a chillul hashem. I won’t jump to any conclusions as to where the driver was in such a rush to but, are we really ALWAYS in such a hurry that we have lost our respect????? The driver of this vehicle should have gotten a fat ticket.

  2. why do you assume that the person realized there was a funeral mabey he saw the cars going slow and thought it was a passable matzav when he started going around it was too late and he sped up to get out of the lane don’t always bash when its easy to lests be dan likav zchus sometimes

  3. I did not see what he did. But maybe he didn’t know the ettiquette of their funerals which is different than ours. Maybe he didn’t mean to be disrespectful and was very remorseful when he realized he did a mistake.

  4. Could be he was on his way to yeshivah or maybe he was on his way to a lakewood township meeting that was scheduled at a crazy time.

  5. It was extremly difficult to miss the flower car has made most of the turn hearse was in a 90 angle pretty hard not see what was unbealivable is the chutzpah

  6. THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes we need to be so careful to make a kiddush hashem wherever we go! its time we people started being respectful to everyone. maybe there will be less antisemitism in this town. thank u for ur post

  7. I was on Clifton today, stopped for a pedestrian, due to the new law, and the guy behind me was waving his hands at me in exasperation and frustration and honking at me, because of course he was in such a hurry. I just laughed at him, and waited patiently for the pedestrians to cross to the sidewalk, as per the laws of the great state of New Jersey.

  8. There are many poor drivers out there. I think some of them don’t know the laws or rules of the road. Stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk, making a right turn on red, putting on your lights when you put on your wipers, not leaving your handicapped decal hanging from your rear view mirror while driving, using your turn signals, etc. You’ve got to be very careful out there.

  9. let’s teach our readers about the benefit of the doubt: now it is possible that this guy was on an ems call, surely ya’all would admit that saving a life takes precedence. Let us train ourselves to give the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions and we’ll be a less frustrated people.

  10. Because were part of a minority, and we do have a bit of not very perfect or very considerate drivers out there, we have to be carful because one silly mistake reflects upon all of us. U and I see it all the time…

  11. A person holding a valid drivers license has a Legal Responsibility to be aware of any laws that exists in the State they are operating a vehicle in. That being said, in the state of New Jersey it is illegal to not yield for a funeral procession.

    “A person who interrupts or fails to yield the right- of-way to any vehicle which is being driven in a funeral procession shall be fined $100. (C.39:5-30.5)”

  12. So you came in and you caught me red handed jumpin on the hearse next door, picture this a funeral procession for a deceased man going in the floor, how could I have done that where’s my respect is that me bein selfish that is what I detect- hehe spoof shaggy

  13. medical emergencies especially a husband taking their wife to the hospital for any emergency reason can really crush comprehensive thinking

  14. I was once listening to a nj radio program and the broadcasters asked who are the worst nj drivers and people called in soccer moms and so on one guy said lakewood rabbis how he hates driving through lakewood because people cut him off constantly pull out of a parking spot without looking and have conversations with other driveres and pedestrians blocking traffic raboisai we live in galus try to minimize chilul hashem as much as possible

  15. There are way too many complaints about the driving of ‘unzere’ for us to ignore them.Unfortunately there are many others areas in which we do not live up to ‘Shem S’Hmoyim Misahav Al Yodchem’ but this is from the most blatant with the least justifications and excuses for.

  16. hello whats with you lakewood you should be dan lekaf zecus maybe this toyota has the same problem like the rest of them and he can not stop

  17. Zay Mir Moichel.. Der Emmes Iz, that was me in the “green” Camry.. Unfortunately, the car is usually black, but with the heavy pollen, it only appears to be ‘green’ . I thought the flower car was from Bella Fiore and that they were getting the Shevuous shipment early.. I tried pulling up alongside the car to tell them that they have 5 more weeks, (Poshut, Altz Baal Tashchis)when my gas pedal got stuck and wouldnt release. I plan on bringing this up to Toyota and hopefully, they will issue an apology to the Nifteres, as well.
    Hamakom Yinachem Eschem…

  18. Thank you for always bringing the actual law to light so people can see its not just courtesy, but the LAW .

    And you are 100% right that it is not a right but a privilege to drive in this state and you are responsible to know all of the laws before you get behind the wheel.

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