Readers’ Scoop: Why The Bumper Parking?

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallDear TLS. I was sitting in my car last night talking on my phone, parked on the side of the road, with my car running. A few minutes go by, and someone attempts to park right in front of me. Ever saw the way they do it in Brooklyn? Well in case not, let me tell you the way it works there. Drivers try to squeeze into a spot pretty much not larger than their vehicle, and are on a bumping-car rampage until they can get into the spot they NEED, right in front of the store they’re headed into.

Anyway, to get to the point, I didn’t expect it here in Lakewood.

As this guy is trying to park (It was a front space and no other vehicles in front of the space he was trying to park in), he began backing up, getting closer and closer to my car.

So I say to myself, I’m not going to honk him because this isn’t Brooklyn, and besides, my headlights were on, so he surely knows I’m in my car.

What do you know, the guy backs right into my car, jolting me in my seat.

I have a question for you. Is this just me, being a little over sensitive about people hitting my car trying to use the bumper-park technique, or do some drivers not belong on the road?

Thank you for listening.

A normal Lakewood driver.

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  1. Welcome to Boro Park! As we allow overdevelopment to envelop our town, and turn it into Boro Park, we will have to live with all the other aspects of Boro Park, which I hate so much, and for which I’ve moved to Lakewood ten years ago.

    Thank you to overdevelopment with zero parking

  2. its not the lakewood method, its not the boro park method, it is the ” i am too concerned about my own needs, and dont care about others’ method that shows itself in the driving style of some in this town

  3. I have a new car that I take car of. What do you know some inconsiderate person has to hit it and damage the bumper so badly I had to have it replaced. It cost me quite a bit of money as I have a large deductible on my insurance. Why is it people don’t have respect for other people or other people’s property?

  4. i drive a leased car and every scratch that ppl make on it bc they dont care to back right into it in the above scenario, i will have to pay for when i return the car. ppl can be a little more careful.

  5. it’s called me first – it’s why they have to park & block others or at least make it difficult for them to get out.
    I want the closest parking space- it is convenient for me – do I consider that it is inconvenient for u ? that means nothing

  6. To #7
    You feel the need to twist everything?? Blame the victim sure why not its easier!
    What would have happened if he wasnt in the car would you blame him for parking first???
    Do you really think if he would have gotten out of the car and tried to help the other driver would have actually listened??

  7. i don’t think he was using the bumper-park method he just simply doesn’t know how to park\drive and should just stay off the road.

  8. Dear Writer,

    You are making a valid point, but are you picking on Brooklyn drivers. The person parking could have easily been from Monsey, 5 Towns Queens, Monroe and the list goes on and on.

    You should just made a general statement.

  9. Hi editor. was there something objectionable about my post that it wasnt posted? was it against any of the rules? please advise. thanks for your wonderful website.

  10. People have to realize, that even a “tap” on the bumper may cause painful whiplash to the person(s) in the other car.

  11. Im living in Lakewood for over ten years and I will say one thing. IT WAS not like this back then. People would leave notes asking you to call them because they are NOT SURE if they scratched your car….Today that is very much gone. I’m not sure why but it’s the fact to a large extent. I have gotten scratches on my car where noone has left any info…..As for the “Boro Park” method…..I won’t say it’s BP or Brooklyn but all you have to do is take on look at bumpers in NY and you know there’s an issue! It’s like the bumpers have dry and peeling skin!

  12. maybe people should stop buying such fancy cars that they won’t have to have such hakpados on every little thing..a car parked that gets hit is generally in a reshus harabim where different halachos apply

  13. #19, you cannot be for real! Do you mean you are allowed to damage someone else’s property if it’s outside in public?!?!? You’ve gotta be joking! And guess what. You’re not even allowed to damage cars that arent fancy.

  14. funny all these replies to this post. the truth is if you back into my car and i happen to be so lucky to be sitting in it, I am calling Lakewoods finest and filing a police report, then getting an estimate and having my bumper repainted to look exactly how it was before you tried to park where you shouldn’t have. if you choose to pay for it fine, if not your insurance company will and hopefully your rates will go up. the nerve of you to think you can hit a car and just run into a store to buy a hat or shoes, milk or whatever you needed. so be warned before you drive, or try to park.
    there are plenty of parking spaces all over downtown, don’t be lazy walk an extra few feet to avoid your rates going up.

  15. this is just crazy, if they can’t park the car they shouldn’t drive a car, why is it so hard to get your car into a space that FITS your car not play bumper cars. it amazes me how disrespectful people are these days. if that was me i would have gotten out of my car and said something to that person while i dialed 911.

  16. people should start to learn about other people’s property and NO!!!! its not a rishus harabim thats only when u stop in the middle of the road for any given reason pesak from rabbi (moderated) and at least treat other people’s property like a sefer torah bec any damage he does even if u think its nothing bes din shel mala will decide that and lakewood is a great place to live between gashmious and ruchnious so lets care about another jew and god loves everyone equally no matter what

  17. Your all a bunch of cry babies, get a life. You should not be on the internet in the first place. A “BUMPER ” on the car is given that name for a reason. DUMMY. Next time back up a drop like most considerate people do in all boros and states.

  18. I have a leased car(a toyota corolla for 139 a month) and I’m not a fancy guy and don’t care about a scratch but I will have to pay for it when I return it. My solution is that whenever I park if it will create a “questionable” spot in front or in back of me I just park “right in the middle” and take up 2 spots leaving a nice amount of room in front and back but not enough to give anyone the thought of trying to squeeze in. You can call me selfish but until people stop bumping my bumper I will keep taking up 2 spots.

  19. Hey john h. apparently the only dummy here is you. Yes it is a bumper just in case you get into an accident not for someone to purposely drive into it. You must be the culprit who doesn’t know how to park or who is just plain rude

  20. I leased a van a year ago, and anchor told me that a lot of new cars come with $1500 waiver that means you don’t pay for the small scratches, its the best thing for people who think bumpers are made to bump into.

  21. Speaking of bumpers, I would love someone to print up bumper stickers which state:


    I’m sure that their are many readers who know as I do what a chillul H-shem the imported driving habits causes. I don’t blame anyone because I’ve driven in NY and I know it’s part and parcel of the city way of life. but someone ought to educate new Lakewood residents about the local norms (and not just for driving). Maybe a newcomer’s welcoming brochure, or something…? – hey, TLS, that could be a great money-maker, with sponsors, and all…

  22. Only honda has the $1500 waiver and its not so poshut. Also why should I use up my waiver on your scratches and bumps. I would rather I’ll have dents and scratches from the kids in the developments bikes that I need to use my waiver.

  23. it happend to me i jst got my bumpers changed to return to a leesing company i went to daven i come back i dont how to tell you i had to pay addiitlal for the scraches

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