Readers’ Scoop: Why The Airport Security System Is So Pathetic

Airport SecurityAnyone that has done any research on the full body scanners will understand that these machines do not take x ray style images that cannot be identified, but rather a 25% pure body image. In simple terms this means that the person monitoring your image on screen has a VERY decent view of your full body. If the security personnel then decide to invert the image, clarity rises to 58% which is more than enough to identify the person properly in all areas of the body. To me, and I’m sure to many others, this is troubling.

Pat downs on the other hand are damaging for so many reasons. Firstly, they are somewhat perverted, as this country chooses to not profile, and therefore everyone is subject to a pat down should they not opt for the scan which puts your wife/child at risk of a pervert officer.

Secondly, pat downs can only decrease the chance of an act of terrorism as we know of too many instances where bombs were placed in liquid bottles, courier packages and shoes, so in essence, pat downs don’t do all that much good for security.

Lastly, everyone agrees that airport security is the most lengthy and irritating procedure when traveling, and the line for the metal detector machine is always so long.. Can you just imagine the line for the 40 second pat down??

Let me explain why the security system logic at the airports is so pathetic.

TAKING OFF OUR SHOES: This is due to the 2001 bomb plot from England when the would be bomber planted explosives in his shoes.

BANNED TAKING LIQUID: This is due to the more recent bomb plot to mix substances to create lethal explosives in flight.

PAT DOWNS/BODY SCANNERS: This is due to the very recent bomb plot of the Al Qaeda terrorist who wrapped explosives around his genitals and planned to explode them in flight.


Ok, even more recent of three weeks ago, just when the scanners hit the airports, explosives were found in CARGO….!

So whats next I ask you, no more overseas mail? Or see through shipping?

NEVER has a bomb or bomber passed through Ben Gurion, because the Israelis are not scared of profiling, of calling someone suspicious looking or even holding them for questioning… because civilian safety is the most important, so don’t be fooled that we are now safe, because CV’S our enemies will find yet another way to pierce through the security system unless we open our eyes and realise that he who looks suspicious may very well be suspicious.

So I am sorry, I don’t have an answer as to whether pat downs or scanners are halachically correct, although I believe that should you wish to fly then it is something you must deal with, but I do know they are perverse, unhelpful to the cause of security and a waste of precious moments replaced by stress and impatient waiting.

I wish you all a pleasant flight, and NEVER be scared to point out something suspicious to an officer – because – YOUR SAFETY IS FIRST!!

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  1. There is a device made by an Israeli company that scans shoes as you walk through it! They use then at Ben Gurion. Think of the time savings if all u.s. airports had them. The stock is listed as IDOI and is selling for less than a penny a share. If and when America decides to use them I hope the stock will soar. Meanwhile we plod along taking off our shoes and have some one look at them on a screen.

  2. I think the real reason behind all this insanity is – the American gov’t. is not so benign as we all believe and they are not doing all this for our good – they want us to get used to being bossed around (in the name of security, or some other “benefit” to us.) because eventually they want to declare martial law and completely control us.

  3. Why should I care if someone sitting in a room somewhere sees a 25% pure body image of me?

    Funny how its the same people who will blame the gov’t when something bad happens are the same ones screaming that the gov’t should lower their security measures

  4. I’m sick and tired of hearing about how great Israel is because they profile.
    It’s very easy for us Jews to be all happy about the system because we are not the target of the profiling!

  5. It is the PC clowns of this country who are allowed to run rampant with their utter nonsense that keep us in more danger than necessary. There is no reason why we cannot do behavioral profiling. There is no reason that the TSA cannot engage us in a slight conversation as we pass thru them like sheep. There is no reason they cant LOOK US IN THE EYE when they check our ID. The funny thing is that all the terrorists all had proper ID!

  6. To commonsense: be sick and tires all you want. The facts speak for themselves. The only reason you can feel sick and tired is because YOU’RE NOT DEAD. But keep showing your solidarity for those being profiled, that wont last much longer.

  7. Israeli scientists have invented a great alternative to invasive personal body scanners at airports. The Israelis are close to deploying an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at most airports. It’s a booth you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. They see this as a win-win for everyone, with none of this (moderated) about racial profiling. It also would eliminate the costs of a long and expensive trial. Justice would be swift. Case closed! Picture this. You would be in the airport terminal and hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system . . . “Attention EL AL standby passengers — we now have a seat available on flight number XXXX. Shalom! And have a pleasant flight.”

  8. To 7 & 8:

    When you’re the target of racial profiling, I’m sure you’ll scream and yell anti semitism, but when it’s someone else, too bad on them. I hate to break the news to you, but orthodox jews have more in common with other minorities than with the white conservatives like the racist Glen Beck

  9. Glenn Beck is not a racist. He’s less of a racist than you, Mr. AE. He has nothing against blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Moslems, or Yeshiva guys.

    He hates people on welfare, illegal immigrants, stuck up idiots, terrorists, and people who don’t work but get Food Stamps.

    Stop calling conservatives who disagree with you “racists”. Stop calling the Tea Party racist. The Tea Party helped Marcio Rubio (Hispanic) and many blacks get elected to Congress. You’re mmisinformed, and the Liberal propaganda machine is working, just as Goebells was successful in the ’30. Scary indeed.

  10. to CommonSense, AE , and others. Israel/ El Al does not operate merely on racial profiling. They stare into passenger’s eyes when they ask them a list of questions (rather than monotinously asking the questions by rote like most other airlines do while looking at their computer) and watch and listen to their responses, they very carefully observe people’s actions and nervousness, etc. And all this observation and cross checking even starts (unbeknownst to many travelers) way before the person even enters the security line. It’s all about using human intelligence rather than reactionary measures every time a new bomb plot surfaces like the article mentions. Obviously, any and all of their success is due to siyata dishmaya as even the best system is only effective with G-D’s help, and so may it continue but the idea is there are smarter and more effective ways to handle security. If anyone seems even a bit suspicious, they’re pulled for further questioning and checks. And in case you never traveled El Al, let me tell you that they give plenty of scrutiny to orthodox jews as well. It’s not at all like they give all Jews a pass and pull out all Arabs for further checks.

  11. Why on earth should anyone care that a total stranger has seen an image of what he looks like? Is the TSA agent a neighbor or mechutan that what he or she sees matters? Especially when all he does all day is look at the image.

    Grow up already.

  12. I don’t care if a total stranger see a 25% image of me, but, I don’t want to be exposed to more radiation than I am already. I don’t mind looking at someone straight in the face and being asked a few questions, or taking a lie detector test. I do mind being touched by a stranger in personal places and I don’t like walking on the filthy airport floor without my shoes, all in the name of dubious security measures.

  13. That is classic! Somehow I feel it’s not happening, but a very clever idea nonetheless. Maybe Obama should be told about this idea. Classic!!

  14. I went through security in from israel & I realized that I may have left my LIGHTER in my stuff. I told the guy & he said “yeah, its in your jacket pocket”. surprised, I told him that in america you can’t fly with a lighter, to which he said eith a laugh “betach, betach, b’artzot habrit lo m’ashrim rak mah she’yaaseh pitzutz!” (or something like that)

  15. when I traveled from Israel a number of years ago they asked if anyone had any weapons on them. I jokingly said I had a plastic disposable knife , well they made me turn it in. Then I didn’t have anything sharp to break open the plastic on my kosher meal which had, guess what? plastic knife inside!

  16. FINALLY A great alternative to body scanners at airports . . The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at the airports. It’s a booth you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. They see this as a win-win for everyone, with none of this ….. about racial profiling. It also would eliminate the costs of a long and expensive trial. Justice would be swift. Case closed! You’re in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system . . . “Attention standby passengers we now have a seat available on flight number XXXX. Shalom!”

    Hats off to the Israelis!

  17. #9, Moshe:

    That is absolutely awesome! The only trouble with that, though, is if America does implement it, then you’ll have some stupid liberalist organization like PETA pop up claiming that it’s “racist”, “inhumane”, “against democracy” “against the constitution” “blahblahblah” to use such a device, because it isn’t really the terrorist’s fault that the wants to blow people up, it’s just the way he was brought up.

  18. This is all 4 your safety so stop complaining. If you don’t want to go through the scanner then drive no 1 will care and there r no security checks. Just because the terrorists r a step ahead it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have security. Just by the way there were plenty of times where terrorists plans were foiled because of security.

  19. If you don’t want to go through security don’t fly. Second if Israel is so great go live their. Than you don’t have to deal with the U.S. and everything you get here.

  20. TO #21: You speak of going to Israel as if you are banishing someone to Siberia . Excuse me, this is the land that the Torah testifies
    ארץ אשר עיני ה´ א-לוקיך בה מראשית השנה etc. A little respect would be in order.

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