Readers’ Scoop: Why Should I, The Taxpayer, Pay The $200,000 Price Tag For A Traffic Light

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallTLS, I drive around the area of Martin Luther and Pine streets and definitely agree that we need a traffic light there somewhere in that area. But why should I, the taxpayer , pay the $200,000 price tag. Shouldn’t the builder who squeezed so many houses and made a nice profit, pay for it. And in general, how does the township approve of all these developments to start with, without first factoring traffic?

Thank you,

Frustrated Driver and Taxpayer

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  1. Are you a storeowner? Then you benefit by the increased purchases of all these new residents. Are you using town roads? Then you benefit by better moving traffic. Are you a Yeshivaman? Then you benefit from the increased shul’s, increased mosdos, increased people here in town that support the Yeshiva. That is why I and you should pay for traffic control around town.

  2. You should be happy your tax dollars are going towards something useful- like public safety.

    And did you vote for the politicians that approved all this new construction?

  3. To #1
    older houses were spread out and not all coming out of one street trying to make a left onto a busy street.

    to #2
    These people whould buy an old house in Lakewood like everyone did before the developer boom and we would still have all the advantages you mentioned but with easier driving conditions.

    to #3
    I did not vote for them

  4. You have to realize that every house that those builders built is generating $7,000 minimum in tax revenue for the township.That should be more than enough to pay for one traffic light.

  5. I am happy to foot the bill for safety, much happier than the education of the public schools – but I do believe that the construction in this town is a bit out of hand.

  6. #5
    Can’t you read! The letter writer clearly states that he definitely sees the NEED for the traffic light. He just doesn’t want to have to pay for it!

  7. No one has to die. The poster agrees that the traffic light is necessary, He just wants the developers to pay for it, instead of the taxpayers.

  8. To #5: I don’t think he was questioning that the light is a public safety issue and should be installed. I think the writer is asking a reasonable question on why the tax payer should pay for it. The tax payer doesn’t pay for any other development infrastructure. The fact that there are well connected builders in town that are able to stuff many houses within small confines and create a safety issue is no reason for the tax payer to foot the bill. I think it is a legitimate question.

  9. How many taxpayers are there in Lakewood? How much does each one pay? divide the $200,000 between them all evenly and then complain. Besides that, the roads are not the property of the builder so he has no responsibility for their safety. Your town officials that approved these homes to be built in this way are the ones who are supposed to weigh safety/congestion against the almighty dollar.

    While I agree the roads are too congested, I am happy to pay for a stop light so that one day when I travel thru that intersection I don’t have to fear for my life.

  10. public safety is important. I’d rather have to pay for a traffic light than a baseball stadium or other frivolities. I try to avoid making a left into Pine from Martin Luther Dr. even though it is almost as hard from Rt. 9. There ought to be a left turn signal on Rt. 9 into Pine St.

  11. You make it sound like the entire problem is one development. You are clueless. The problem is from the Marc, Spruce, Vine, New Hampshire areas where all the houses are older construction. This is a vital, well spent $200,000.

  12. No one is forcing u to buy anywhere. You chose to buy in that neighborhood , don’t blame the builders. and if the township bothers u , why don’t u run yourself. its about time we get somthing useful for our tax dollar and that red light is sooo needed good grief!

  13. There is another factor that is important to note. When someone builds a house there is an increase in the tax base. These taxes go towards increased infrastructure costs, among other things.

    THAT’S why the “township” foots the bill. And THAT’S why the “taxpayer” foots the bill. It’s because these new houses are taxpayers also, and they pay their fair share into the system. I’m sorry, but you’re not any more important than them.

  14. I AGREE.

    Before any development gets approved, a study needs to be conducted on what the new development will do to the roadways- and if a new traffic light is needed, the developer should absorb that cost.

    I’M WITH YOU 100%.

    (Probably the only ones to disagree are the developers themselves)

  15. which developer should pay for the light? the last one? or the 20+ developers of a handful of homes each over the past 20 years? you cannot operate this way. Traffic lights become needed because of the large numbers of residents and through travelers. That is why we all share the cost. fahrgin a bissel

  16. The problem with this particular area is that there were numerous projects by different builders resulting in the issue since a lot of residents prefer this access route even though there are other access points. When agway was built with the plan to use twin oaks as the access to county line road. The builder was made as part of the approval to move twin oaks so it aligned with east end and install a traffic signal all paid for by the builder.

  17. developments or so many structures should be required to pay an impact fee to offset the cost of building up the infrastructure so the roads can be made to accomodate all the people that will be moving into these new structures or the commercial properties that are being built that are attracting customers that have to travel these roads and are now causing traffic to back up. I think the writer is right on. I also agree with the comment about the left turn lane. All state and county roads should have a designated left turn lane and arrow, with smart traffic lights. This is stuff that should have been done 20 years ago when the technology came out and when the property that needed to be purchased to accompllish this wasn’t as expensive. Now the only way for the government to do this would be to take property by ’eminent domain’ for public use, which really isn’t fair, unless it’s property that the town gave to someone for nothing or peanuts. And Rt. 9 where it is only two lane should have at least a third lane in the center for left turns like Rt. 35 in Wall Twp. At least you alleviate some of the traffic backing up and don’t have to take too much property to do this. The town should really consider more one way streets or alternate side of the street parking north of RT. 88 between Lakewood Ave. and Squankum Rd. It is getting worse every day.

  18. what’s the difference who pays for the light.

    it’s just one more traffic light that people can run!

    and another thing- there should really be a turn light @ Rt 9 N turning onto Central. who do we speak to about that?

  19. #20…that won’t work, people don’t go through the 4 way stops in this town the right way to begin with. Traffic light would much safe especially on that road, I do agree it is a very dangerous intersection.

  20. I live in the mlk area they need a light but it should only be working during the day like from 6 am till 11 pm other times it should be a blinking red and blinking orange they should also open up arlington to traffic I waited 12 min. this morning to turn left onto pine street its crazy already

  21. This street was subdivided decades ago & numerous builders have built there so there is no way a developer should be responsible for the light. That’s like if your street gets congested and the neighbors pay for a light since they rebuilt or remodeled there homes. Here houces were torn down and new ones erected on the same lot.
    That is only charged to the developer in new subdivisions which this is certainly not.

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