Readers’ Scoop: What Was She Thinking?

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallI just returned from a shopping trip and am so disturbed by what I witnessed, that I sat down to write this letter. The store I was in has a very nice service that it offers its patrons. They have a room with a video machine to keep the kids quite while the parents shop. While I was there a little girl (around 4 years old) started crying. She was holding the hand of her little brother who was not older than 2 years old.  We looked around for the mother but she was not there. 

The worker in the store suggested I check the surrounding stores for the mother (apparently this was not the first time something like this happened). I ran around to the surrounding stores to see if perhaps the mother “forgot” her children. I walked into one store and asked if anyone left their kids behind in another store.  The mother said quite calmly “I did, why?”  I said to her that the kids were crying and that she could not leave her kids unattended in another store. She looked at me as if I was crazy and said that it wasn’t the first time she did this and there was never a problem before. 

Lest you think she ran out to the other store to get her children, let me assure you she took her mighty time putting the clothing she was holding aside, and only then did she come to get them. She could not understand why everyone was making such a fuss. 

How could she just leave them like that? 

She was saying that the child did not want to come with her so she left them and said she was going to one more store and would be right back. 

When someone mentioned that they were just about to call the LPD she was quite upset.  She wanted to know why we would do that. 

If I was not there I would not have believed the story. These are precious children. After all these warnings and stories you would think people would be more careful, but apparently not.  I cannot calm down about this story. 

What was she thinking?

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  1. Your assumption that she was thinking was obviously the first mistake. The next assumption that she was capable of a mature and responsible thought proccess was the second.

  2. i hate to make this comment but unfortunately there are some young mothers who are so nieve it is beyond rediculous i cant tell you how many times i walked down madison ave also known as state hwy route 9 with tractor trailers barreling down the hwy at 60 miles an hour finding a 2 year old kid standing alone on the side walk

  3. capable of bearing children are capable of being a good mother or good parent, and when something happens, will be the first to blame someone else.

  4. I have been married for about 3 years and Hashem has yet to bless us with children. When I see stories like this it makes as mad as I can be, Hashem gave you these treasures and you don’t appreciate them??

  5. To #7?
    Would you also tell everyone to mind their own business if your child was G-d forbid kidnapped? Or is that the point at which people are permitted to get involved? At least someone out there had enough brains to care!!!

  6. Here let me help you,she was thinking that the kids would be glued to the video for as long as it runs.which is unfortunatly correct. besides the owner was quite aware and didn’t bother her.being a part time babysitter is worth her costumer.


  8. I was in a mall at closing time and i noticed a lil girl sobbing next to a security officer….she lost her mommy…we waited for 10 mnutes till between sobs she was able to tell us her name…after we notice her mom wasnt coming for her we overhead paged her anoother 10 minutes went by…no mom! I decided to walk around when it hit me to check in a store for her i got to Gap and asked the women on line if anyone was missing a child….to which a mother replied ‘i am i will come in a minute as soon as i check out…” my mouth dropped open she had nothing to say…i returned her daughter to her and all this mother did was scream and yell why she walked away…WHERE R PEOPLES PRIORITIES???? do we have to wait for an abduction???

  9. let usall calm down. first of all the store tender herself was not too alarmed as you can see ,otherwise they would have been the first one to call the police. the children obviously were supposed to be watching the video and seemingly it is a safe place for the children

  10. Reply to 10: I can hardly believe that the owner was aware, as the owner is not usually in the store. And if you read the story it doesn’t seem like the worker was aware either as he told the author to go look in the surronding stores. Just assuming your kids will be kept busy by a video and assuming the workers find it worth taking care of your kids because you are a costumer is very wrong.

  11. where are you coming from did you read the story as the facts are the store worker was there and not alarmed at all. so do not make any of your own assumptions just to get your comment posted

  12. my friend reported a story she witnessed. she pulled into a parking lot of one of the local groceries and saw a woman leave her van. she happened to pull into the spot next to this van and saw 2 small children, one maybe 3 the other just an infant. the windows were slightly open but there was no other adult in sight. my friend waited until the mother came out of the store and asked her what she was thinking leaving 2 children in the car alone. the mother feigned complete innocence and said “oh my goodness! my neighbor was here when i pulled into the parking lot i just needed 2 items from the store i can’t believe she left!”. there was never anyone else in sight near this womans car. my friends it only takes a split second for an accident or an abduction to happen. let’s start taking responsibility for the precious gifts H-shem entrusted into our hands to care for.

  13. take a chill everyone!! i see all the time kids tend to stay attached to these machine for great lengths!! this hard working mother that finally got out to do some shopping left her precious kids with the other store owner/
    1) they were always lookes after
    2) the store owner knew they were there

    enough with this kidnapping nonesense, u make it sound like she dropped them off in harlem!!

  14. Some people think that all there is to raising kids is…having them. Being a mother means KIDS FIRST. period. This story makes me sick. I would have slapped that woman. Let her come and hear about the people who go through so much just to have one baby.

  15. how about the mothers that send their mexican cleaning ladies to pick up their children from playgroup is that responsible?then we wonder why these children look for other happiness. mothers or fathers shall pick these special presents not cleaning ladies.

  16. Its the same thinking that many women in Lakewood refuse to put there children in car seats or seat belts. They even stand in the car while the parent is driving, but that’s ok? Yes God watches over us everyday, but there is also common sense.

  17. Had a similar story about a year ago. On pulling into a parking spot at a local grocery, found a van next to me with the motor on and air conditioner going (how kind) and 2 very young children running and jumping around inside. I almost fainted. These kids (one already in the front seat) could have shifted the car destroying themselves, others! I tried to open the door to turn off the motor but it was locked! I ran into the store to find the parent. No response. Had parent paged. NO response. I ran back to van and waited for someone to emerge. Out comes a mother (who had been in the check out line and who had remained SILENT). She opened the door. I started yelling at her… How could you leave these pitzalach alone like this in such danger to themselves and others??? Her reply: It’s none of your business! I replied to her that it was and , if I ever see this again, I will call the police and she will loose her children permanently. She drove away quickly. Wonder if it was the same woman –?

  18. Here on high street people there kids in the street all the time… they think its a bungalow colony … there r cars going back and forth all the time… just wait till someone gets hit c”v and who do u think they will blame … the driver.. the township ???!!!!

  19. Since we are on this topic…

    How about:

    1. Parents who leave their sleeping babies at home with the cleaning lady while they go out

    2. Parents who drive around with 9 kids for carpool, in a van that has seating for 7….hmmmm

    3. Parents who leave the kids in a carriage out on the sidewalk while they go inside a store to shop

    4. Parents who hold their infant baby on the lap while they drive them to play group – “its in the same development, whats the big deal” was an actual quote from a woman I asked who was doing this.

    4. Two year olds that wander the streets of a development, completely and utterly unsupervised and alone.

    PARENTS – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? How can you neglect and abandon our precious children like this?

  20. Omg! Some of you are absolutely ridiculous! TVs , Video games, radios, toys, four and five year olds are not babysitters. You have your children take care of them!

  21. There is unfortunately a serious problem in this town! Hashem B”H blesses many of us with children and we just don’t realize how in one second He can take it all away C”V! Please please appreciate these wonderful presents from Hashem and guard them with your life!

  22. answer to #21, leaving kids in a car alone in this heat… i agree about kidnapping.. but the vehicle with windows open or closed becomes a death trap that will end their precious young lives.. don’t think so – sit in a car with windows closed & not running.. see how long it takes you to get out.. 🙁 As for the lady leaving her children in the store: she does not deserve to have children… children are a blessing from God & many people forget that..

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