Readers’ Scoop: Think Before You Park

readers_scoop_parking_picPHOTO: To whom this may concern. While sitting in my car yesterday blocked by a careless parker, I figured I’d snap this picture and send it in to the Scoop. It’s the view of my rear-view mirror as well as the view in front of me. It was extremely frustrating. I had done my shopping in the plaza and sat into my car to leave. As most do before they back up, I looked in my mirrors and see a car parked directly behind me. Oh, and there was a child in the back seat, but that’s not the point of my frustration.

Getting out of the spot without scratching the vehicle next to me, if possible, would have probably taken a good few minutes, so I waited. About 5 minutes later, the driver came out and moved her vehicle.

I happened to have been on the way to a meeting and happened to have made it on time. But dear drivers, I ask you to please think before parking wherever is convenient for you. It’s frustrating to get blocked into a space.

P.S. Looking at the picture, it’s also inconsiderate to leave a shopping cart parked in a vehicle’s spot.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

A driver.

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  1. This is like a city, if you can’t get out of tight spots, and learn to maneuver in heavy traffic then don’t drive!
    There is no room to park in Lakewood, like this is pipsyik Wyoming with a population of 32.

  2. I don’t know why you even bother writing this letter, as it’s of no use. Or as in the words of Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid”.

  3. Its amazing how people use this website to vent their frustrations! Maybe go see a therapist! They will tell you how to deal with ur fruatrations in todays society. Because you sure int gonna change the way people act by writing this letter!

  4. I’m with the letter writer!

    Why is everyone saying to just let it go, you can’t change the world with a blog.

    I say let it be known that the world DOES NOT revovle around you and maybe you should go back to school to learn about bein adom l’chavairo.

    It’s a chutzpa when someone blocks you in! Don’t sweep it under the rug saying- oh, that’s life, go see a therapist!

    Let the other person see the therapist about why they think everything is about THEM!

  5. So the child left abandoned in a vehicle was NOT the source of your frustration, but getting delayed and slightly inconvenienced was? I think your priorities need to be checked

  6. Someone once parked right up against my driver side door. The only way I could get into my car was by going into the passenger side door and sliding over to my seat, and the only way I could back out of my spot was by scratching the other car’s mirror. I just don’t know how these people ever got driver’s licenses.

  7. next time take the air out of her tires, let her call the police to file a complaint, then watch her get a ticket for blocking you in. No masera here since she called not you. I promise you she will never block anyone again. #4 you are right on!

  8. the real issue is the child left in the car alone!!!!!!
    I would have called the police immediately !
    there are so many inconsiderate people that only are concerned for them selves and obviously not even their children

  9. to #8- If you were parked in the shop-rite parking lot; it was me that parked along side you. You were taking up 2 spots for no apparent reason!!! Next time park in one spot like you are supposed to.

  10. I had something similar happen to me recently. The person had parked in a parking spot, only they forgot to pull in completely. I guess they were in a rush, so they just parked 1/2 in the spot to an angle, I had to get into my car from the other side, push their mirror in, and move back and forth a good few times before I was out of the spot.
    #2, I could get out but why should it have to be like that? Just because they were in a rush and didn’t have time to finish parking (or find parking)? I was in a rush too, but I try to think of other people. I should have pulled out in a rush and dented their car. Then what would they have done? Complained about how people don’t think about others! But they never would think they do the same.

  11. The bottom line is, yes they did it: that’s THEIR problem. They did it to you, that’s YOUR problem. Could be a demerit for them but it could also be mitigating circumstances – use a little creative thinking to calm you down here. Who knows what could of happened had you not been delayed by “the enemy”. Zechus for you for a pretty minor inconvenience, B’H. The Ribbono Shel Olam has it all worked out. So have some Emunah in Him and thank Him profusely for His Wisdom and move on to the next zach with a smile. You’ll feel a lot better, believe me.

  12. Actualy from the picture,it looks like you parked on an angle tajing up 2 spaces. Had you parked straight you would have had no problem getting out. I think the lady blocked you in because she was fruatrated that you took 2 spots and didn’t leave a spot for her to park. I’m sure we will see a letter to the editor in a few days from a reader complaining about people taking up 2 spots. Anyway in the meantime I just want to thank the letter writer for taking out the time from his busy schedule to write this urgent letter. Its askonim like you that keep the town running!

  13. YES its called child abandonment and child endangerment. Do you think your child is safe because it is winter and the car is locked?

    Can the heater in a car fail? YES it can and it has

    Can a child abuser break a window in a car and take the child? YES it can and it has

    Can you child fidget his way to the front seat and slip the car into drive? YES it can and has

    Can you child choke on the lolipop you left with him to keep him busy? YES it can and it has

    There are a THOUSAND things that can go wrong when you leave a child alone, unsupervised in public. I really hope you take this lesson to heart and keep a better watch on your children.

  14. To #2 says:
    If you need to ask this question , you are beyond help
    with all the whackos out there why would you leave a child in your care by themselves? Thats just no good parenting
    Unless they are young teenagers ,you are putting their lives at risk and for what to save a few minutes time, just is real poor judgement and at what can be a sad ooutcome.
    I always said a few seconds of stupidity can cause you a lifetime of grief

  15. I once could not leave a chasuna at Bais Faiga for over an hour until my husband came with another car. A car was parked in the back in a spot that was not a parking spot, totally blocking my car, which was parked in a designated spot, from getting out. When my husband came out even later, the car was still there! She finally came out and apologized, saying she wasn’t such an experienced driver! Common sense, lady, common sense. CONSIDERATION, lady, CONSIDERATION! Both are sorely lacking nowadays.

  16. To 17; your being overly paranoid, is it better to let your kids come into the store? Can’t they be snatched easier than in a locked car? Should someone with ten kids not let them eat cuz they might choke? ?
    Nothing wrong with leaving in car for a short while in the winter in a public place etc.

  17. Even if you lock your kids in the car in the winter, for only a minute, someone can jimmy the lock, hot wire your car and drive away with your kids. I wouldn’t do it in this day and age. Maybe 40 years ago it was safe but, not now.

  18. Hashem Yerachem. I am not from Lakewood but I care about the greatest Torah community in America so I regularly read this site. I am at a loss. I can only hope that some of the comments here were from people just looking to pick a fight because if they are serious then there is a scary problem.

    First – There is no excuse ever no matter what to leave a child in a car unattended. Your community has had children die from this. No matter winter, summer, or any other reason. Never ever never can a child be left alone in a car even for a minute. there is no doctor, therapist, Rov, Gadol, law enforcement or any other professional who understands that will ever back you if you leave a child alone. This is not a debateable question.

    #2 – Two wrongs don’t make it right. No matter how the first person may have parked does not give you the right to block them in. Again there is no debate here possible on this. You are responsible for yourself and need to be a mentch. Period! Regardless of what others do. A true ben / bas Torah would act properly and never do this. An egotistical, dead brain would – because he will rationalize that he is more important and he must teach you a lesson. Oy. Help these people.

    3 – about 5 weeks ago I was in Lakewood on business, and needed to buy something so I went into park by your Shoprite parking lot. I was in shock. I sat for 30 minutes and watched (in such pain) how young men and ladies parked in the handicapped spots for no reason. I even asked a few why and got answers like “mind your own business”, “I just need to get 2 items and wil be right out”, It’s okay don’t worry there are plenty more spots” and others. WOW! People bentched without a handicapp yet they choose to park in a place for those who do – and then they will wonder when HKB”H gives them the handicapp why it happened? Duh…… figure it out – you asked for it!

    Come on people we are better than this. Be proud of your Yiddishkeit and proud of who you are and do the right thing!

  19. Wow! I am shocked appalled and a just a tad embarrassed. I was also in Shoprite plaza a little bit ago, I came out to my car to find a car parked too close to my driver side to get in. Now on a regular basis it’s selfish etc. etc. but I just happen to be a highly expectant woman and had to climb in from the passenger side. Now you can all say get over it this is life blah blah blah but sorry guys there are a lot of middos lacking here in my opinion. This is what’s called taking “bishvili nivra haolam” to the wrong degree. I hope ppl actually read the sensible comments here and take them to heart.


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