Readers’ Scoop: The Next Day Off From School Will Be To MY Benefit

palm treesMy husband and I have been toying with the idea of  enjoying a family vacation during mid-winter break. We have two daughters in school, and a young son in playgroup. Our primary concern was having our daughters miss a day and a half  of school for a luxury vacation. Family time is vital, but we have always emphasized that school is to be taken seriously, and days off are for valid reasons.

I now am under the impression that I take school more seriously than those running the school. All parents were at work on Wednesday and all boys were in Yeshiva. All roads were plowed, and all conditions were safe, yet our daughters were home. This was unexplainable, and in my opinion, inexcusable.

We will be taking our vacation with no hesitation- and dear principal- should you question my reasoning- let this serve as the explanation.

Packing my suitcases.

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  1. If you think about it for a minute you will realize that it is not the principals loss that you will be taking your daughters out of school but your daughters as they will be the ones to catch up on their work later.

  2. It is most ridiculous that our schools were once again closed. While the public schools have their own considerations, what does this teach our young children about mesiras nefesh for learning? The roads were more than clear in at least 90% of Lakewood and yet still many schools were closed. What gives?

  3. Bear in mind that decisions to close school are not made lightly. There are many things that go into the decision. Also, the decision is made at 7 in the morning. At that time many roads were as yet unplowed. They can’t know when those roads will be plowed. I was on Teaberry Court at 7:45 AM & it was as yet unplowed. They can’t know when it will be plowed.

  4. Join all the vacationers with schoolage kids.
    Enjoy every moment ,this might be the last time you’ll be doing this after school finds out.

  5. First of all, some girls schools did have school on Wednesday. They started late and ended early, but there was school. Secondly, it so happens that my block wasn’t plowed until after 11 am. You can’t blame the schools for closing if all the streets were not plowed by 8am. Not everyone has a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

  6. If you’re looking for an excuse to go on vacation, if this didn’t work out I’m sure you would find something else. There are other reasons why the school doesn’t want everyone taking “luxury vacations”, not only because your girls will miss school.

  7. let this be your explanation? please add your ishur number to the bottom of your “explanation” to the principal. Get used to it – girls schooling is OPTIONAL.

  8. u got them! wow how stupid cud u be do u realy think the school cares if u take out ur daughter? ur the one that shud care! you r what the old saying was talking about “u bite ur nose to spite ur face” or in hebrew the slang is “defakta es egged”!

  9. Totally agree with writer. They can still open for school. If your block was not plowed, dont bring your child to school. It is interesting how people managed to get to the mall, but to get to school it is “too dangerous”.

  10. You use the term “luxury vacation”. Obviously you can afford it or you wouldn’t be spending the money. How long will your vacation be? A long weekend with Thurs., Fri and Monday off wouldn’t hurt the kids. But, why do you need that vacation during the school year? American kids get way too much summer vacation. Why don’t you take your family on vacation then? I am sure you have your reasons. I think this generation is far different than when I grew up. we took school very seriously and we only vacationed in the summer. I even had school on Sunday and we never took off even then.

  11. what do u need an excuse for? they are girls and if they need a break, Go for it. Just word to the wise when you do these things , don’t announce it to the world.

  12. By the way, the reason some girls didn’t give off was because if they did, they might have to shorten mid-winter vacation, because there were too many off days already. I hope your daughters’ school doesn’t do that to you. And why are you publicizing this? You think the principals don’t read this?

  13. for the parents that missed out on work because school was closed, pay less tuition.
    my boss doesn’t pay me when i can’t come to work.
    why should i pay tuiton if half of the winter school is closed.
    my kid had school for 3 hours yesterday,
    if they already in school,why can’t they be there for the rest of the day?
    how do you expect me to pay tuition,if i have to stay home,FOR NO REASON ?

  14. If you are really interested in why schools were closed call your school head. Don’t make assumptions and then excuses to take luxury vacations. Your article is very irresponsible and embarrassing

  15. My girls had off and I drove my boys. Personally, I’d have been horrified to put my kids on a bus when not all the roads were plowed , some were only half plowed and most were icy. I braved the roads in my van with this in mind: With the boys, we pray that fulfilling their chiyuv (and for now my chinuch for them) of limud Torah will protect them against harm. But for the girls? This whole schooling idea is questionable altogether – it’s high time they learn to cook, organize, clean, keep calm, manage their reactionary behavior …. I’m thrilled when they have off and I get to teach them these vital life skills.

  16. Many girls schools were open.

    However as the bus companies weren’t providing busing every girl and boy and playgroup child would need to be driven to school. In my case my playgroup children had school, but my elementary and high school daugthers did not.
    I don’t believe the Talmud Torah of girls is so important that there should be so many cars on the road when there is still so much snow. Until there is busing it’s really preferable that the girls should be off altogether. It’s really very hazardous. When I was driving on ROUTE 9 yesterday to bring my boys to school – there was a section not far from Shoprite that wasn’t plowed well!!! – later on the way back I could see it had been replowed.

    I think safety should be the first consideration!! Now I have older children, but years ago we sent them to babysitters when I had to work and the schools were closed.

    Your article seems rather “attention seeking” to me.

  17. Dear Poster,
    Wow your really mature about this.
    Do you take your daughter’s schooling seriously or not? What role does the school play in bringing your kids up to take school seriously or not? Bring up your children the way YOU want to, stop blaming the school for it. What message are you giving to your daughters when you take them out of school for a luxury vacation? It doesn’t sound like you’re really serious about it.

  18. If the author values chinuch for her daughters to the point that she hesitates about taking extra time off then what difference does it make what the principal does? Assuming this mother takes chinuch more seriously than the principal, why does the principal’s weak emphasis on chinuch make it proper for the author to have weak emphasis on chinuch? One person’s bad behavior is not an excuse for another person’s bad behavior.

  19. yep that’s what we should teach our kids how to vacation this is very important thing in life………. learning can wait till we get back and I’m sure they will “learn” better then. They will be happy and wont beg for the next thing……. if you go to Florida they wont next time want to go to Swiss…… keep up the good work and apples don’t fall far from the tree!!

  20. Totally off the mark, Every principal wants to have school much more than the parents want it . These decisions need to be made at 5 AM to get the message out etc . and the principals have to rely on other people who tell them if there will be busses and if it looks dangerous to drive . So if at 5 or ^am the principal is told that it is still dangerous for most mothers to drive ,then you want them to put your life in Sakana ch”v.?

  21. These commentuhs all suffuh from MAYjuh reading comprehenshin failyuh. The guy’s tayning that if they didn’t have school on Wednesday, veyst ois that the school DOESN’T keah so much about the impawtintz of the limudim, and oif azoi vayt that THEY don’t keah, why should he? But his etzem taynah is fakhert, that they should keah about the limudim, and they shouldn’t give off because of two inches of snow.

  22. What are you doing to your children??????????????????????
    i sure hope they dont hear you complaining a whole day and calling their school and principal names. Why would you want to destroy all their respect and admiration for their principals/teachers because of some snow!!??

    On a different note – i sure hope they dont hear you complaining about how they are always home and what in the world will you do with them? Would you want your spouse to say that about you?????

    THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK – it’s that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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