Readers’ Scoop: Switch Girls Day Off To Friday

sunday closedI have a simple question to ask. This town has phenomenal mosdos to instill all the greatest values into our precious children. B’h ken yirbu. However I have one simple question. Why do all the girls’ schools have to have off on Sunday? Why can’t we switch that needed day off to Friday?
Girls that would be off on Friday would be able to help their parents prepare for shabbas, learn how to cook & bake, maybe even clean!
We have become a generation that these traits are slowly disappearing.
(Today, a good balabusta is a lady that has good reliable help)
Instead we give them off Sunday, which becomes my most dangerous & expensive day of the week.
At first we tried to find fun things to do at home, but I got complaints that “Ta, I’m going to be the class neb if I don’t go to clubs”.
So we have to send our girls to clubs, because they are “so bored”. These clubs come out costing a small fortune!
B’H I make a living & try to pay full tuition, however, I always wonder how is it that parents that  struggle to pay tuition, but always manage to send to the most expensive clubs?
After clubs, it’s off to the pizza shops & malls etc…  All the places to potentially loose all the yiryas shomaim from a whole weeks learning & shabbas!
I know many towns have Friday as the day off- why can’t we in Lakewood do this too?
In a town where we are struggling to pay tuitions & keep kids on the D, why not make this simple change?
Even if the morah’s can’t manage to come in on Sundays….
Let the mosdos run clubs & other non learning programs, to keep the girls occupied & keep the income to pay for tuitions.

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  1. I Realy dont think that the wives want all their kids home on fridays- erev shabbos!!! and if your saying that no, it would only be the highschool girls then the problem with that would be- the teachers wont be able to come on sunday cuz their kids are home! so basicaly it is what it is- your not changing the system! sorry

  2. Your wife prob doesnt work in a business otherwise you wouldnt be asking this question. There are many women in the workforce as secretaries, therapists etc that their business is off on sunday but they have work on friday. Who will watch the girls on friday?

  3. A lot of parents work on Friday so who is watching the girls. On Sunday when the mother is home she can supervise her children.

    My girls do not go prancing around on Sundays spending money and getting in trouble I watch them.

    School is not a babysitting service.

  4. growing up in brooklyn we never had school on sunday and our parents wernt runnin around lookin for things for us to do! at most we went to some program (art dance) for about 45min-1hr! we were just fine! the problem is that today we teach our children that we always have to be doing something! goin somewhere! mayb its time we teach them that being at home on a day off and reading a book, playing games, or riding bikes is just fine! we are training our children not to have patience and not to know how to relax and spend quiet quality time with themselves, friends and family!

  5. The problem of this town is most of the time bussing… The mosdos in brooklyn are using private busring on sundays etc. But this town would rather just close school when there is no bussing, the same problem is on snowy days when public transportation decided that flurries is to dangers to drive a bus… Than there is no school or delayed opening

  6. I fully agree with the letter writer.

    As far as ladies working, we are talking about high school girls who dontr need bnabysitting.

    GO FOR IT!!

  7. Please let your children grow up and enjoy themselves. They are not your “replacement cleaning lady” or “day helper” . It is possible the only thing you would teach them by having them work all day Erev Shabbos is how to manipulate their own children one day with “guilt”
    ” Poor Tired Mommy needs help… ” Do a little less for Shabbos or Yom Tov and have a happier family. If they want to help, let it be their decision voluntarily – not your “Command”

  8. to number 10 . There is nothing demeaning or wrong or abusive with older chidren helping their mother’s.parents are not expected to do everything themselves, nor should they

  9. Wait, THIS is ur problem w/ todays schools ?! What about the torture of 18 subjects, constant tests, quizzes and, of course, this month, finals ?! I mean, school, overall, is good. It helps mold ur little “zeeskeit” into a mature, capable girl. But why the torture ? And what’s w/ detention, I hold its absulute cruel & inhumane punishment. I’m not joking. The yeshivos don’t do it. Look around at any woman you know who’s accomplished, respected & succesful, and ask urself “how much of her success is due to her doing good in High School” ? We have to tell some of the menaheleses in town to calm down. After all, its only school.

  10. to #12 there sure is detention in yeshivos – the only thing is the ones giving the punishment have to make sure it fits the crime.

  11. Sorry, I have to disagree for many reasons. First of all, when I went to school we had off Friday and school on Sunday. It was a disaster. We never had time to do anything for ourselves, or time to relax. Friday on our day off we helped at home. There was never time for shopping (for the things we needed, not running to the mall for no reason), no time to “chill” with friends etc. I am very happy that my kids have a day off to relax. They do help out on Friday and on Thursday for shabbos, so have no fear they know how to cook and clean.

    Second of all, there is no need to send to expensive clubs, how about doing a round-robin type of club? We do that and it’s great, and after that we just do things around the house or go to parks as a family.

    Another thing that people have mentioned about having school on Sunday, it would be very hard on parents that work to have their kids home on Friday.

    Just learn to spend quality time with your kids, (that doesn’t mean spending money) and teach them to be balabustas other times.

  12. Al pi daas sabah going back in the generations, it’s the proper thing to do. Yet more, there should be a system of volunteer girls helping families prepare for Shabbos. It will be the most productive day fro a bas yisroels stand point.

    Reb Matisyhu should immediatly implement this upgrade.

  13. Why not have school on Friday and Sunday? Off on Shabbos is what Hashem has given to the Yidden and it should stay that way.

  14. Even if this is only for high school girls there is still a problem. The high school teachers would have to teach on sunday instead of friday. Who will babysit their kids?

  15. i am originally from montreal. all the chassidish schools have off on friday and classes on sunday. and bais yakov has friday AND sunday! and everybody is perfectly fine with it!

  16. In our out-of-town community the Bais Yaakov girls have school for a half day on Fridays and until 12:00 on Sundays. This has been going on this way for several generations, and it is working out just fine. I know this is the way other communities do it also. My local daughters and granddaughters were very surprised to hear that their Lakewood cousins do not have any school on Sundays.

  17. growing up in bklyn, from third grade and up, we had half a day on sundays with english subjects only. there was no bussing…we either walked or went by car. so basically we had structure to our morning and free time in the afternoon. im not sure why lkwd never instituted sunday school for the girls.

  18. I suppose, any parent or family is free to find a community and setting which is most conducive to their aspirations and goals.

    There a families that rotate daughters home from school on erev Shabbos, especially the shorter ones, so as to assist the mother. That is something that a family can implement.

    As for Sunday entertainment, focus within, at yourself. Seemingly that is where the issue is eminating from. I would begin with the child that feels or thinks she needs to live up to everyone else in her class’ expectations.

    You must communicate to your daughter somehow your own and her own worth and values. After all, your daughter feels she needs to be like others, and you, the parent seem to feel that all need to be like you. So somewhere the family message went awry.

    Perhaps sit down and iron out the fact that what is important is to do what Hashem and the Torah wants and use that as a launching point for further growth. Hopefully your daughter will begin to think herself less a neb in the eyes of her friends, and you will make less suggestions for the public.

    Hatzlocha Rabba.

  19. My daughters learn an important lesson from being off from school every Sunday. They learn that going shopping is an important weekly activity. When they get married they will be only buy matching clothing for their special kinderlach–for Shabbos AND weekdays. This is one of the most important things in yiddishkeit. We’ve made so much progress since the first Bais Yaakov was started by Rebbitzen Sara Shneirer.

  20. just put yourself back in high school
    didn’t you look foreword to that one day off that you can sleep late and go out with your friends?? can you imagine how upset you would be if you have one more full day of tedious work (especially in high school!!)
    I think you mothers can manage just fine on Fridays until 12:00. we have the whole afternoon to help! We don’t go anywhere!
    just think about us girls and don’t be selfish.
    maybe if you take the time and effort, on Sundays, you can teach us how to cook and bake. on Friday, there’s no time!!

  21. i couldn’t disagree more! if you are looking for ways for our children to become more domesticated than they should be giving them classes on cooking and baking in school! and it could be reinforced at home in a loving and non pressurising environment. it seems that your motive is not one of selflesnes, rather you need cleaning help! that is completely unfair to your child who could use a break from school. which is what sunday is for as well as a time to bond with their family! besides- friday is a short day so there is deffinitely time for the girls to help ( help not take over and have the entire responsiblity!!!!!!) at home. please come up with better ideas- i like the time that i get to spend with my girls on sunday which is pressure free( no cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, baking, etc.. for shabbos!)

  22. If shabbas wouldent be a bourdon , but rather we make it to be the gift from hashem that it is, then it would be considerd a privelage to be able to prepare for shabbas kodesh.

  23. Does anyone know why there is no school next Friday ? When full time, hard working parents, are working “Erev” and “Friday” and still manage to prepare and be ready for Shabbos and Yom Tov, with the children home.
    Does any other employer give a day off after Yom Tov, and pay full time ?

  24. Everyone who commented seems to have a point- but at the end of the day it comes down to our girls loosing the basic know-hows of how to cook, clean, and prepare for shabbos like a good yiddeshe mama should know. The girls would definetly gain this knowledge staying at home on Fridays but there are two probloms with this. 1- It’s not practical; parents work scheduales, teachers and bbabysitting, buses… and 2- “Bizman Haze” girls need that relaxing time where they can catch up with other things then school. This doesn’t mean having to spend money or go to clubs. It means relaxing and preparing for the week ahead, wheather that consists of schoolwork, reading, sports, art, social, excersizing….. people need a day off and Baruch Hashem we have Shabbos and THAT IS the ultimate relaxation- still sundays is a day that one could do melacha and get things done and “relax” in a way that can’t be done on shabbos. Our daughters definetly are loosing some of the experiance and sensativities of a real balebust and therefore they should help for shabbos to gain this- but this can be done Thursday night- which is a reason teachers don’t give homework, and it can be done summer shabosim where there is enough time for cooking and cleaning. BOTTOM LINE: The girls do need to learn to cook….in order to become fine wives, yet with a balance that knowing Sundays are for XYZ and Thursday nights and erev shabbos help mommy- but to make a switch of friday and sunday can’t happen and really shouldn’t.

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