Readers’ Scoop: Stopping On The Side Of The Road For 3.2 Seconds Does Not Warrant A Ticket

lpd ticketing on clifton ave.Dear TLS.
There is an issue that I would like to discuss, which leads to the general understanding about officer (moderated). #1 We all know that parking in downtown is not easy, and when people out right disregard the law, the outcome is not very pretty to say the least.

With that said, it’s understood that if a person stops his car for a moment to let someone out of the car, it is not considered out right disregarding the law, its frowned upon and over looked. Yes, we understand that “on paper” he broke the law, but we all feel that stopping on the side of a road for about 3.2 seconds its not a very serious  law breakage, and it does not warrant a ticket. NO, there is no need to give a ticket for dropping a passenger off on the side of a road! I repeat, NO!

If our fellow officer feels that if he pulls you over and is nice and smiley and says – I quote “I could have gotten you for worse but I will be NICE”, (what was worse? he did not signal before he got back into the lane), then that shows he does not belong on a force. End of story! If you feel he did two terrible crimes, then ticket him for both.

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  1. Can you please explain a little more clearly what your point is? Basically it seems like you got a ticket (which happens to most people at some point) and were left so flustered and traumatized that you decided to write your incoherent rambling thoughts oh TLS!

  2. Ok, so please propose the cut off for how many seconds it is ok to stop in a handicap or non stoppping area.. is it 3.3 seconds? 7.14 seconds? 23.9 to the power of 9? Pi times the lenght of your eye lashes? the speed of light divided by the number of slices of pizza you can eat in 30 seconds??

    stop kvetching. follow the laws, stop your car legally, and let your passenger walk 30 more feet to go pick up his danish or dry cleaning.

    whiners like you give me a headache.

  3. Did you know that I got into a fender bender because someone slammed on their brakes to pick up a hitch hiker on the side of the road? sadly., he stopped for 4 seconds.. if only had had only stopped for 3.2 seconds like you, the whole accident could have been avoided!

  4. “If you feel he did two terrible crimes, then ticket him for both.”

    not a problem- you got it!!
    Your ridiculous rant will now authorize all officers to issue for every thing wrong. that includes license plate lights out, no turn signal, speeding, FAILURE TO MAINTAIN VEHICLE!!!!, etc; all in one traffic stop.

  5. Chris is in the ground for less than 2 weeks and now it is OK to start bashing the cops for doing their jobs. I guess it is OK for just YOU to stop and let off your passenger, but not anybody else. So do us a favor and stop by HQ and traffic and safety will issue you the very large decal to put on your windshield that allows you to disregard that section of title 39. We only have 1 such decal, and I am not sure if it is in use right now, so please hurry.

  6. well yes on a busy street like Clifton, 3.2 seconds is a big deal, if you have 10 people doing it then the whole street gets backed up, you are right its not a big deal on another street which is why you wont get a ticket for doing it on another street, but Clifton has to be zero tolerance because it gets backed up and unsafe rather quickly

  7. lets get real people , if this happened to you , you would be infuriated . stop with the holier then though attidute , cops are human some are nicer then others , some are more fair etz etz dont make them perfect.

  8. Dropping off or picking up without using a designated parking spot can and does cause accidents and disrupts the flow of traffic. Yes, this does warrent a ticket so take a deep breath say gam zu litova and move on.

  9. Scoop why did you post this letter? This person is one of many that feel the law does not apply to them. This situation happens all the time on James St people will just stop in the middle of the road to pick up a walker or drop someone off at the school. It is so dangers. Follow the law!

  10. There are places where it says “no stopping or standing”. That means even .1 second is too long. If you were right after the intersection so anyone pulling in behind you is in the intersection then .1 seconds is too long. It depends where u were.

  11. You are probably the same person who complained about the day laborers being picked up on Clinton ave. But it only took 3.2 seconds for them to get in the car so is that the same?

  12. Please, if you pull over with signalling to drop someone off there should not be a problem whether the sign says No Standing or Stopping. Look at Mid-Town Manhattan technically even the Taxi’s can’t operate for stretched at a time. (They are now changing that law to reflect to can stop or stand for up to 3 minutes.) It’s not about getting to the cleaning store or eating a danish, it’s about allowing someone out of a vehicle regardless if they are able bodied or handicapped, as long as you signaled, pulled over there was activity exiting or entering the vehicle and you re-signaled entering back into the flow of traffic there were no problems. For those who never had to pick up a child from a store, office, or school with other children in the car, very nice, but for everyone else, No Standing, No Stopping is ridiculous.

  13. I am not sure exactly what you did but here is a link and some points definitions from the NYS DMV.

    A NO PARKING sign means you may stop only temporarily to load or unload merchandise or passengers.

    A NO STANDING sign means you may stop only temporarily to load or unload passengers.

    A NO STOPPING sign means you may stop only in order to obey a traffic sign, signal or officer, or to avoid conflicts with other vehicles.

  14. Pull over are the magic words here. If you PULL OVER, outside of the flow of traffic there is no problem. It those idiots that just stop in the middle of the street that disrupt everything.

  15. outside facilities its common practice to pick up and drop off there is no place to pull to the curb since there are parked cars there.yet I’ve sEn ppl ticketed just for that and its not on a main rd like clifton ave. its a secondary rd without a No standing sign.

  16. Could the author of this article please be so kind as to post the exact particulars of the traffic stop; where the infraction occured, his or her license number and expiration date, the type of vehicle being operated illegally, and when they would like their court date to be? Thank you.

  17. To # 15- ‘Take a look at Mid-town Manhattan’

    Nope,,,we are not in Midtown Manhattan….Different place different laws. Enjoy the day.

    Why have laws if no one wants to obey them? Oooops, got caught , so write a whiney letter to TLS.

    I wonder the response of the letter writer if his/her house was robbed during the night and the responding officer replied,,’,the thief really didn’t break the law…only three small things are missing- no need for me to write this up’,,,

    How do we justify breaking any ‘LAW’ ?

  18. The writer said, “Yes, we understand that “on paper” he broke the law”… Please let me know which other laws you think it’s okay to break. Do you follow any traffic safety laws or just the really big ones?

    You got caught, pay the fine. Lessen learned.

  19. I think I saw u get pulled over across from pizza plus (not on clifton) and I agree that he looked to zealous to pull u over and then another car came to back him up as if u r criminals

  20. I think this letter brings up a certain issue, as horribly as it’s written and as irrelevant as the issue may be to the writer’s particular circumstance. Breaking a traffic law is NOT comparable to breaking into a home. I’m not sure if it is codified in the law or if not but in practice (and as is dictated by common sense) citing a motorist for a traffic infraction is up to the discretion of the police officer. Hence it is extremely rare for one to find someone cited for driving up to five miles over the speed limit. Did he break the law? Absolutely! Should he be fined? Definitely not. Unless of course there are other circumstances that would give the officer reason to ticket him.
    Now, most officers will usually be reasonable and not ticket a driver if the circumstances don’t call for it. Are there unreasonable, having-a-bad-day, or down right obnoxious cops out there? I don’t think there are less than is present in the general population. I think it would be foolish to assume that all cops are the nicest of people or never have a rough day.

    I am not out to bash Police Officers. I greatly respect them and their profession. As a matter of fact, I think most officers would agree with me.

    Again, I’m not sure if the letter writer’s situation was one that warranted a ticket or not, as the letter is not very coherent or detailed. But there does lie a point there.

  21. Seems like every time I drive on Clifton there are trucks parked in the traffic lane and block traffic. They are delivering to the stores. WHY ARE THEY BLOCKING THE ROAD ????
    They should park at the curb or in back of the stores. I once stopped in back of a truck and blew my horn because there were 3 cops on the corner. One cop came over and asked what the problem was. I told him I COULD NOT CROSS the double line to pass the truck as that is illegal. He talked with the truck driver and then told me the truck will move in a few minutes. Meanwhile a lot of cars passed both me and the truck by crossing the double line. Why didn’t the truck driver get a ticket????

  22. No stopping or standing signs are there for a reason so people like you can disregard them, get tickets and have to pay the fine. Who are you to feel that the law shouldn’t apply to you? I’m sure none of your friends or family would listen to you complain about this so you had to do your best to organize your incoherent thoughts on how you were wronged and how dare the police officer doing his job gave you a ticket. It’s people like you that break the law and try to justify their actions that give people outside of Lakewood the opinion and attitude they have towards your town. Hopefully you may take a moment and realize what you did was wrong, the police officer did his job correctly and issue you a summons at which point you can all do us a favor by shutting up and paying the ticket.

  23. when i was stopped at a “NO Standing” by an officer then when he come up to my window i asks him whatya mean? im sitting and ur standing so whos breaking the law?

    dont ask me what happened after that cuz i forgot.

    but you can ask my buddy abbot i think he had the bail.

  24. To #6. If the guy in front of you slammed his brakes for ANY reason and you hit him, you were WAY too close and are 100% at fault. Stop looking for other contributing factors!

  25. well actually maybe i do remember a lil what happened. you see i didnt wanta bother abbot so i made a bet with the officer. that if i can prove that im not here then he would let me go. so ya know how good i am i made da bet and he says ok you win.
    so i got all excited, but then he walks away leaving me in da cell.
    so i yell hey!, he says hey what. i says u said u gonna let me go out.

    he says from where? i says from here.
    he says well if you’re not here then you cant leave from here.


  27. The police officer had every right to give you a ticket if you did any of the following.

    (N.J.S.A. 39:4-138) Unless directed to do so by a police officer or to avoid an accident, a motorist should never STOP or PARK at any of the following places:

    • On a crosswalk
    • Between a safety zone for pedestrians and the adjacent curb or within 20 feet of the end of the safety zone
    • Near properly marked street construction
    • In a space on public or private property marked for vehicle parking for the handicapped (unless legally authorized)
    • On an interstate highway
    • On a sidewalk
    • In a bus stop zone
    • In front of a public or private driveway
    • Within an intersection
    • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
    • Within 25 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection, or side line of a street or intersection highway, except at alleys
    • Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
    • Within 50 feet of a stop sign
    • Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station and within 75 feet on the street opposite a fire station entrance
    • On any bridge or elevated roadway or in any tunnel
    • Next to another vehicle parked at the curb (double parking)
    • In an area where parking is prohibited by municipal ordinance

    Can you please enlighten us as to where/how you stopped to drop off your passenger, and what the officer ticketed you for? If you were willing to divulge the name of the officer, are you willing to elaborate a bit more regarding the incident that occurred today?

  28. please note it is illegal to park in an intersection such as a “T” Shaped or “Y” intersetion – many on ridge avenue. even if there is room for a car to park along the curb.

    Also you must be 25? feet off corners. Anyone parking in intersection such as i described above and be ticketed and towed.

  29. Not every law out there has to be enforced to the tee. Some laws are there so that people don’t get out of hand. Dropping someone off at the side of the road is not the kind of crime that warrants much attention. Quite frankly, its time the PD spends their time fighting REAL crime in this gang town, instead of looking for a victim of their boredom.

  30. i just spoke to the person who got the ticket and the excat location btwn lex and clifton infront of pizza plus and there was no sign that it was a no standing zone at all there is no reason for giving a ticket the was no breaking the law so to evreyone thats screaming take a deep breath there no reason to go crazy its a regular bored cop that has to give tickets

  31. yeah! you are saying that a drug dealer does not deserve a penality for selling just a little bag of cocaine, please be real!
    you want a ticket refund now?..

  32. Well what does a no stopping sign mean? Should we take them all down? I used to live in whispering pines and all the people stopping for 3.2 seconds blocked my view and all it takes is 3.1 seconds for a car to crash. Get the point?

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