Readers’ Scoop: Sharing Mailboxes And Values

Dear readers of TLS. I’d have sent this letter to my landlord, but I chose not to so as not to strain any relationships. But I do hope my landlord, or any landlord and tenant for that matter, read this.

A couple months ago, my landlord, (and yes, I’m a legal tenant for those that want to know) with whom I share mailboxes with, began ordering a clothing magazine, which contains many unrefined (to say the least) photos.

Now I’m not the nosy type of tenant, nor do I look to poke my nose in where its not my business.

However, as my children grow older, and sometimes bring in the mail for me, I do feel that it’s extremely inappropriate for them, or my husband, to be seeing these unrefined images.

My suggestion would be to either request from the sender that the magazines be packaged in a more private manner, or that you consider canceling your subscription for it.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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  1. I am actively trying to limit the type of catalogs that are sent to me in the mail. I freak at the pictures, and no matter how hard i try, my name seems to be a prime candidate for clothing catalogs, i call them and tell to stop sending them and to keep me off any offers. I never order clothing on line. it doesn’t always seem to help – so it really may not be his fault.

  2. Have your landlord bring in the mail let him separate it for you.Or keep track the expected dates the magazine comes and avoid getting the mail on those days.

  3. Have a talk with your landlord explain to him that you don’t want your kids exposed to these images , yourself as well and he will be kind enough to rectify the problem.

  4. Teach your children not to be nosy. Are you talking about Lands end or old navy? or any other catalog don’t open it up and look inside.

  5. Not justifying your landlord for subscribing to those companies, but why all the fuss? Just tell your kids that from now on a new rule; no one is to bring in the mail. And then you will bring it in either before or after the landlord has gotten his mail….. and magazines.

  6. Many people receive “clothing magazines” otherwise known as junk mail without asking to recieved them or “ordering” them. It is very hard to actually stop getting them.

  7. If you are concerned- then don’t let your children take the mail out of the mailbox. Simple solution! You can’t control or stop other people from what they do.

  8. Well, you seem to be on the internet, so I wouldn’t judge your landlord if I were you. Do you take your kids to the mall? There are not tznius things there too! Or how about Walmart, or Target, or ANY store that has clothing?! You can’t always control what your kids see out in the real world but you can teach them how to deal with it.

  9. I ordered women’s clothing just once from somewhere and now I am inundated with catalogs from many companies selling women’s clothes. It’s not something in my control. Children shouldn’t be taking in the landlords mail. And you shouldn’t be looking at his mail either.Just sort it, take yours and MYOB.

  10. The responses are really pathetic. Everyone is jumping on the letter writer about minding her own business.


    She specifies that she is looking for a solution in order to protect her family, not to care what her landlord reads. It’s a little odd that everyone is getting all worked up whether it’s her business or not.

    In terms of a solution, it seems that the only practical (and least likely to strain your relationship) thing to do is to pick up the mail yourself.


  11. If you are a legal tenant then you are entitled to your own mailbox! So get your own mailbox. Or you can just get the mail yourself. Or you can move out. Its a free world And if his wife wanys to get those stuff its her choice!

  12. If this were in fact a legal apartment, he WOULD have his own mail box. So this is clearly not a legal apartment. So stop complaining and live in the real world

  13. The problem does not with the homeowner the homeowner has every right to recieve what ever mail he chooses to, why not get your own mailbox, I didn’t even know its legal to share a mail box. What are you doing looking at his/her mail anyway ??

  14. For all those saying “let ur wife bring in the mail” space in & re-read. The writer IS the wife. The truth is, its a serious problem. We have dept store credit cards & we get tons of flyers announcing sales & whatever &, at times, the pics are very, um, unrefined. The Mashigiach spoke about this yrs ago: the lady should bring in the mail & discard the unrefined matter b4 it gets into the house. It sounds extreme but its an absolute necessity.

  15. I always separate the mail for my neighbors husband before I give it to him. I dont want him to have any nisoyon chas vsholom. All the women in a condominium complex need to look out for their neighbors husbands and vice a versa.

  16. Thoughtful
    All the women need to look out for the neighbors husband? Mind your own family please. This is the problem. Everyone gets involved in the neighbors business. It is the most untzniusdik way to live. And has caused many Worse problems than some catalogues.

  17. FYI – I once got a very prust magazine and when i called to tell them to get me off their list they let me know that another company (an online shoe store) had provided them with my information and that i’d only be able to stop getting these magazines by calling the shoe store to remove myself from that list.
    For the person who is saying they get their mailings because of store credit cards – you can call those places as well and ask to be removed from their mailing list.

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