Readers’ Scoop: Serving Alcohol To ‘Children’

alcoholDear Scoop ,
Now that purim is over and people are settling down, I think there’s a topic that should be placed on the table when it is still fresh. We all know that its a mitzva to drink on purim but I don’t think it means putting 10-15 year-olds in danger. How many children were seen lying in the streets? How many 15 year-olds ended up sleeping on the ice for hours? How many bochrim did Hatzala have to come for? There’s a law forbidding to serve alcohol to minors. The truth is, it’s once a year and nothing usually happens but if g-d forbid something does happen to a child, someone will get into trouble and be held responsible for it. Do we need that? Do we have to wait for a real tragedy to wake up and learn? Welcoming people into your home on purim, doesn’t give you the right to serve them alcohol.

A Parent.

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  1. last night I was driving down sunset road and i saw a 13-14 year old boy staggering around looking dazed and confused. I think ANYONE in this town who serves alcohol to a minor, should be arrested and charged. PERIOD

  2. There is no mitvah to get so drunk that you are vomiting on my lawn in front of my house, and in front of my children. Yes, Purim is only once a year, and yes thank g-d noone died, but, and this is a big but, it is not ok to ever serve alcohol to minors. If a parent wants to allow their child to drink at their home, let them do it, but, a nonparent may not give a child alcohol ever. There is no way anyone can rationalize what goes on in Lakewood, and convince someone that we are celebrating Purim, al pe halacha. Rabbi Feinstein believed one should drink alittle, then go to sleep. Purim has become an opportunity for boys (big and little) to get drunk, nothing more, nothing less. We should be ashamed!!

  3. I was on a call and got the scene and it was a 17 boy drunk why raboisy why I cried when I saw that than I did CPR. Than hadjem the bochur surrvived

  4. Kudos to TLS for constantly bringing up this important topic!

    Forget the law for a minute my friends. There is absolutely no mekor in Halacha for what goes on today’s day and age.Yes, the MItzva to drink is part of Seudas Purim. Not to drink at night or in general while collecting. This is besides the chilul hashem that is involved. Lehavdil we don’t See such behavior in public on New years etc….
    Simchas purim is a ruchniusdik simcha and just by drinking one cannot attain true simcha. This is unfortunately not taught is most yeshivos. Bucharim discuss for weeks before and after purim were an how much they will drink and how they acted etc..
    My point is that if it is not totally Leshem Shamaim then they might as well not drink rather than cause a chilul hashem. And those who are leshem shamaim are not carrying on in the streets.

  5. the oilem should come down this year was bter then all the other years not as many hatsolah calls so come down its a yomtov one time a year ive seen a bunch of them u just need to make them throw up

  6. I don’t understand the parent complainers all kids look fwd to an entire year is Purim give th a break and let them hang out relax all u parents or something like that

  7. i googled it and it seems like it is legal for a parent to serve his children alcohol and however he is somewhat responsible if something happens like if the child drives and gets into an accident

  8. The gadol R shmuel K shlita speaks out so clearly about how the mitzvah of purim should be done properly, and our heilige bachurim can’t listen to him. The taiere baal batim have to show another bottle to the immature and impressionable bachurim. At my sehuda I had 1 bottle of wine with music and dancing and good food. No drunks no vomiting. Yes to daas torah Yes to simchas Purim. Iyh next year by you the same

  9. I don’t understand why there is not seder on Purim.The bochurim should be let out early to give mishloach manos and eat the seudah, but the rest of the time they should be learning.

  10. to no 14, just type in “is it legal in the state of nj to serve alcohol to my children” most sites say its legal and i didnt come accross any that say its illegal, if you have a gov site that is clearer i would love to see it

  11. Great topic I hope all parants read this and ask them self the questions. …… Thank u TLS for once again bringing up a serious and important topic

  12. Every year it’s the same story. This time I saw a new Bar Mitzva bochar drunk and screaming in the shul as we were starting Maariv. An adult had to push him out so we could begin in peace. Another slightly older bochar was so drunk he puked in the shul, staggered out and passed out on the floor in the hallway. My son came home and told me he saw this as well.

  13. get real people….a lot of these kids are drinking more than on purim. shabbos is another time when they drink and its not frowned upon. but on this holiday we let them drink beyond control and shrug it off as to a holiday let then be boys. what about the girls who get plastered as well. If you want your child to have a drink, keep them home, safe, and moderate it, DONT TURN THEM LOOSE ON OUR TOWN. CRAZY.

  14. It’s a amazing none of these kids got severly injured in Lakewood.
    The problem now a days is that all of these types of incidents get swept under the rug. I remember back in the days that when this type of incident took place that DYFS would then get involved and then the parents would be held liable. I believe there may even be a law somewhere out that does apply to this type of action taken place with minors.
    Stop and think parents is it really worth losing a child over. Set an example otherwise pay the consequences.

  15. same old same old!

    Lots of u screaming to stop with the drinking I am sure when when you were a teen you were a stiff – once a stiff always a stiff. Yes – you will always have a few that go overboard it is always like that. I think this is a good outlet for the bochurim let them get stoned once a year and it is done for!. (Nebach you say you saw and also your son saw an older bocher puke… I wish that should be the worst thing you ever witness!!) all of you lighten up and chill. Purim is a great yom tov as my mashgiach said when the bocher gets shicker it bring out the pnimius lotews of bochurim have shtiged from their shikurim of Purim – Google it!

  16. Why not ask roshei yeshiva to enforce this. they are the ones taht make the biggest impression on the bochurim. They should (as responsible role models) advis the boys thatcollecting for the Yeshiva is a great mitzva, but knocking on doors when you are drunk only besmircehs teh name of the yeshiva and the Rosh Yesiva whose talmidim are going round.

    Parents also need to be makpid on their kids not to party like that on leil purim. there is not mitzva to drink before at night.

  17. to number 21…. lots of bochurim who shtaiged dont make up for the few who have died. its out of control… they can drink by a seuda with parents etc… but to go roaming the streets drunk… sakanas nefashos plain and simple. Are you matir a sakanas nefashos>

  18. Ad d’lo yadah can be done by taking a nap. The risk of losing a child is just not worth it. If you are naive enough to think “It won’t happen to me” you are just sticking your head in the sand. Your family that you leave behind bears the pain of losing you. It’s the worst pain.

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