Readers’ Scoop: School Officials Gone Too Far

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallWhen  does stupidity takes precedence over common sense. Would you believe a 12 year old girl was sent to the P.E.S.S. unit in Kimball Hospital because the nurse at her school could not differentiate between cat scratches from other types of cuttings on the upper part of her hand….I thought school nurses were qualified registered nurses.
This girl is now traumatized from the hospital and is now fearful of playing with her kitten that was recommended by her neurologist for her seizures…. Common Sense out the window…..

Don Alemany

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  1. If the nurse suspected this child was cutting herself, she has no choice but to report it and seek help. It may not be possible to tell the difference between cat scratches and self cutting

  2. They could have verified the source of the scratches by calling her mother, before sending her to the hospital. Something is missing from this story. How bad were the scratches? Still, I don’t think a kitten that scratches is such a good pet. Maybe the cat was provoked to scratch. A tame pet probably wouldn’t scratch. How does having a cat prevent seizures anyway?

  3. School nurses forget everything they were taught in nursing school, being that they do not have the hands on experience that a nurse in a hospital would.

  4. School nurses do not forget everything they were taught. They are required to be up to date with all their nursing skills, or they can not maintain their license. For most school nurses in ocean county, they have other jobs in hospitals, home care, or nursing homes and have the school nurse job as supplimental income. School nurses also have student with diabetes, seizures, severe allergic reactions, and a wide range of issues that require nursing care.
    Additionally by law they are required to maintain immunization records, screen for vision and hearing, blood pressure, heigt weight and scoliosis.

  5. A school nurse is not an expert on child psychology- maybe this should have been discussed with counselors at the school and discussed with the parents to be sure before sending the child for a psych screening in a hospital?

  6. PESS is the crisis center in the hospital.

    To send a child with a cat scratch on her hand to the hospital is a tad bit EXTREME! It is a cat scratch.

    To think the school nurse couldnt tell the diference between a cat scratch and a cut with a razor blade or a knife.

    I also believe the child plays a tad bit to rough with the cat, and maybe until the Kitten is older, keep the child away from it, or limit its play.

    Good luck with the schools in the future

  7. Wacky:

    I dont care if they are required to be up to date. Fact is, that, when you are sitting in the same chair for 10 years treating colds, headaches, bites, scratches, and all the other minor situations htat occur in our schools, it pales in comparision to a nurse wotking in a hospital and what she sees and does on a regular basis.

  8. I think people should take two steps back and not blame the parent but read and understand what was said . The school nurse had it made up in her mind that this was not cat scratches. Even knowing the girls parent brought the kitten to prove to the nurse the nurse didn’t even care.

  9. I have heard about giving children with disorders a pet to help them through the rough times. My family bought a cat for our daughter who is slow, and very shy. The cat is one of her friends. The cat comofrts her and will even sleep with her.
    My daughter was cut up big time by this cat, and what we did was put mittens on my daughter while she played with her, or till the cat turned about 1 year old and wasnt as playful as she was as a kitten.
    I think the school should have called you and spoke with you before sending the child to the hospital (thats what I would have done). Discussed the cat, or at least find out if you had a cat in the house. The take the necessary steps from there.

    It is a sad day, when the people we trust our children to spend the day with jump to conclusions such as the child cutting herself!

    Whoever posted the story, please give us more insight on it , please.

  10. I feel that I need to add some clarification to my earlier comment. I am the child’s grandfather and I was contacted by the schools guidance counselor a week earlier about the scratches on her upper part of the hand. I confirmed that there is a 5 month old kitten in the household and that is where she got the scratches from. I also told her that we are trying to refrain her from playing with the kitten. Then a week later that same guidance counselor called and spoke with the child’s mother and demanded that she come pick the child up and take her to the hospital’s crisis unit for evaluation. The kitten was taken to the school so that she could see that there is in fact a kitten and so that the principal and nurse could see as well. The nurse even after seen the kitten made the statement that those were not scratches from the kitten and she needed to be evaluated and that was all there was to it. Well my daughter took my granddaughter and the kitten to the crisis unit at Kimball Med Center. The triage nurse, admitting clerk, counselors, E R nurse, and
    E R doctor all looked at the scratches and could not believe that a school nurse could not differentiate between self inflicted cuts and scratches from a kitten… Common sense gone out the window…

  11. guys you cannot get a new cat. and its not abusive, for the parents must have known it were cat scratches the hole time. so technically its not abuse and yes the nurse should kno the difference between a suicidal intention versus a cat freaking scratch i mean common. suicidal means ur intention is death.. so the cuts are gunne be big and deep and will leave scars when its done healing necause the person damaged there dermis but a cat scratch ur able to tell the difference between the two for which it has only destroyed the persons epedermis. so in my belief i think the nurse should have been able to tell the difference. i mean i would want to have a nurse in my school that knows what they are looking at and can tell tje difference.

  12. Lakewoodian i like to say from reading your post you know what a kitten will do and other people will second guess the nature of a kitten compare it to a infant they dont know better is what i am saying

  13. I sympathize with you Mr. Alemany.
    The schools are all over-cautious. It has gotten way out of hand.
    Between accusations for abuse, sending kids to therapy and diagnosing and medicating little children, we are constantly ruining lives.

  14. Don, get the kitten declawed already. They make the greatest companions for children if it wasnt for their natural reaction to climb and swat as they play and unless the kitty felt cornered and being attacked its not trying to harm your granddaughter just wants to play eat and sleep. I owned cats all my life and I know exactly the quality of therapy your granddaughter will gain from this kitten. Good luck with the idiots at school.

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