Readers’ Scoop: ‘Sale Till 11/4’ Should Include 11/4

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Today 11/04/10, I went into a store (moderated) because they had an ad in this week’s paper that said ends 11/04/10. To me that meant the sale included 11/04/10. When I brought my “sale” item to the register I was informed of the price which was $1.00 more than the ad’s sale price. I asked isn’t it $8.99 and the man told me it is $9.99. I took it home anyway because I wanted to re- read the ad to see if I mistook the ad. I came home re-read it and saw that it said ends 11/04/10, so I called  the store and told him he overcharged me. He said “I told you it was $9.99 and you didn’t have to buy it”. I told him that the sale says it ends today. He said the sale is until today. I said that all stores include the day the sale ends and that is not what his ad said. He said I could bring it back. Well that’s not what I wanted, I wanted straightforwardness, I wanted the sale price.

I think he is wrong and I want to use this forum to inform the public to be aware of this store’s sales tactics. According to them if the ad says ends 11/04/10 it does not include 11/04/10. Everyone I spoke to about this afterward said I was right and he was wrong. Please publish this letter leto’eles Horabim. ,

A Careful Lakewood Shopper

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  1. The Gemorah says “stealing a prutah (as insignificant sum) is like stealing a manna (a large sum).
    Someone should tell this to the shop’s owner.

  2. The point of my letter wasn’t about a dollar, it was the principal of the thing. The ad ends today and I was not given the sale price today, That is dishonest. Usually a good store policy is give in to the customer and make him happy even if he’s wrong, then you’ve made a customer that will keep on coming back, but, if you are clearly wrong and don’t want to give the customer his due, then you’ve lost that customer and others who will surely hear about it. (if the sale was meant to end yesterday the ad should have said “until 11/04” or ends 11/03. I think this is clear to everyone except that store’s manager.

  3. any customer that just comes when a sale is going on isnt considered a good customer so if the store loses u as customer it doesnt mean that much to them

  4. It seems to me when you sent your letter to TLS, you included the stores name. (Correct me if I’m wrong) I’m not saying I don’t agree with your letter, but who gave you the right from a halacha standpoint, to publicize their name!!!

  5. #8 OP,
    Wow! It wasn’t the dollar, it was the principle. Very choshuv.
    So now that you got the ‘principle’ out of your system, do you feel any better?
    Look, is the store owner a jerk, Yes! But you paid the dollar, it’s only a dollar, now move on. And you actually called the owner back, I mean, please, I wish I would have so much free time like you do. But, ahhh, it’s the principle . . .

  6. Sorry but the customer is right, not everyone checks their receipts at the store. For the owner not to process the refund and make the customer bring it back is totally crazy!!!!!!

  7. First, let me make one thing clear. When something has an expiration date on it that date is always included in the offer.this store owner does not know the rules of an offer period. The issue here is this customer. You are right and make a good point, but do you need to go this length to vent your frustration?. Think about your health, your family and whatever else you have, and appreciateit.

  8. All stores include the last day of sale , I haven’t come across a store that wasn’t like that . Even the coupons are like that , you can use them till the end of the day printed. So it seems to be universal understanding that the last day is included ( V’Ad BeChlal ) . You might consider this a false advertisement but Mekach Tous it’s not , cuz they told you that’s its not a sale price and you bought it anyway.

  9. Goodness what is wrong with people! The person shopping is right the sign should have said the date that the sale ended it was deceiving and wrong.

  10. I sent this letter to let buyers be aware, not because a single dollar is so important. I am getting on with my life, but this store keeper is wrong and that’s the bottom line.

  11. At the end of the day, that store owner is going to regret misleading the public, because we all know WHO deals out all the money-The ONE ABOVE. So if he feels justified into nickel and dimeing customers, Hashem will give him what he is due. Meanwhile, don’t shop there anymore if it bothers you so much. BTW, running any business in this town is not easy! But you have to know how to deal with customers properly.

  12. Thank you so much for making me aware that when a store owner says a certain price, he get’s to charge you that price, even if you hold it should be different, that’s so nice of you.

  13. c’mon man its a lousy dollar why bother arguing who cares? NOT me not anyone else on the scoop if it was a $24.99 sale price and charged you $34.99 then maybe say hey i thought it was less no big deal but ONE DOLLAR give me a break

  14. the whole point is not that he gave the price and the customer bought it anyway. The point is he charged more than the advertised price for that day. It’s not about a lousy dollar it’s about truth in advertising.

  15. Every penny counts! Anyone not concerned about losing a $1, either you are well off, a child without bills, or perhaps a little careless with money. I’ve saved 80% off my shopping orders by using coupons. They may have been 30 or 50 cents off here and there, but the result saved me a lot of money of which can go to bills, etc.

    Usually if it’s a misunderstanding, the store owner, or manager will let it go. If the person behind the counter has no authority to give a discount, that money can come out of their next paycheck.

  16. The only misunderstanding was that the guy thinks that if it says sale ENDS 11/04/10 it means it ended on 11/03/10, which to me is that he doesn’t get it. I dealt with the store owner as far as I know. I didn’t misunderstand that he told me clearly $9.99 instead of $8.99 but, I thought I had misread the ad that’s why I bought the item after I went specially to the store to get it. (gas costs money too). I am disputing the charges with my credit card co. because they agree that it was wrong.

  17. simple solution don’t give them your business any more and spread the word they don’t honor what they advertise the word gets out they will be out of business .even thogh its only $1.00 thats not the issues its the lack of ethical treatment of their customers.

  18. 1$…. Principle…. Who cares?? It’s pathetic that 27 ppl have so much time on their hands to comment on this story. Nebuch. But now that I’m commenting i agree, store should be boycotted, sounds like something an Israeli would do

  19. As a matter of principle, you can feel free to clarify for only $50 whether or not the validity of the sale based on the language of the solicitation or sale is in compliance with state regulation:

    13:45A-18.1 Fee for contract review
    Any creditor, seller, insurer, lessor, or any person in the business of preparing and selling forms of consumer contracts, requesting a review of a consumer contract, or writing required to complete the consumer transaction, to determine its compliance with the Plain Language Act, N.J.S.A. 56:12-1 et seq., shall pay to the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs a fee in the amount of $50.00.

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