Readers’ Scoop: Rubashkin Letter

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallDear Editor:
On Monday you posted a letter asking for Lakewood residents to make a kinus and raise a awareness about the plight of R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. What I found striking was that for all articles about the BOE and HH And singer people have so much to say. But when a Yid is sitting in prison and it is well known and documented the misjustice that R’ Sholom had, there are only 2 comments.
Let me ask. Do we have our priorities strait? Shouldn’t we make a tumult about it? When Martin Grossman was on death row there was a tremendous outcry. Were is the outcry over this poor yid? True he is not on death row but he is a frum yid who was targeted because he was a frum yid. Should we not stand up for him? Should we not try to find out how we can make a difference?


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  1. How sad.
    The fact the prosecution is recommending life in prison for the charges against him should give each yid the reason to pause and reflect.

    The least someone can do is have this poor man in mind during your tefillos.

    Shalom Mordechai ben Rivka

  2. R’ Aaron….It is interesting that you bring this up. I have always thought that it is quite amazing that whenever some good juicy story that could involve bashing someone or an organization comes up, there will be about 100 comments. A story like the one you mentioned or anything about a shiur or the like will get a negligible response. I have thought about it and have decided that it might make sense after all. The lack of comments might mean that everyone is in agreement and that there really is no argument or other side. So, why bluster? It’s pashut! So, while it may seem that nobody cares, it might be to the contrary and there’s actually nothing to add. Maybe people should chime in and just say that they agree and support what has been said?

  3. Please be Dan L’kaf Zchus. Everyone knows of the injustice being portrayed by the US Dept.of Justice, However most people don’t know what to do. Do petitions to congressman & judges ever work ? Did it help for Pollard, Grossman, Rubashkin ? People like to comment where they can make a difference . If you have any ideas how to make a difference please share them. Don’t try to lower the status of the TLS readers and say they are not concerned. If anyone had a practical way of helping Rubashkin there no doubt would be members of 10,000 Lakewood families in line first.

  4. I think the reason for only 2 comments is that we all agree with the article, it is informing us about a yom tifila and I think this is 1 thing that everyone is united in. The Martin Grossman story is none comparison to this. We all davin for Sholm Ribashkin, and hope that he will come home to his family soon, and let us not forget Gilad Shalit. (Gilad Ben Aviva)

  5. The reason is simple- we all agree on this sad story!! Perhaps we are all busy saying tehilim…. Would you rather have 100 comments debating this issue???

  6. The fact that there are no comments attests to the rachmunim bnie rachmunim of the Lakewood oilim. On some of the more modernisha/frieh sites you will find comments on an article like that. Those comments include ones like CH’V “Let him sit”, “he deserves it” etc.

    Look at the good in us. Every one of us is in agreement and are davaning to our tatteh in himmel to help one of our brothers. I am sure if someone had another idea (besides davaning) they would have mentioned it.

  7. I wish that every keystroke I typed on my Blackberry was able to take a year off his sentence. We all know the truth, nobody from the federal DOJ is looking at this post. The fact that a bunch of Jews are upset, doesn’t mean anything to those judging him harshly. If anything, it would only make then happier knowing they are hurting even more jews. We see from all of this that we are held to a higher standard when it comes to honesty. It is mind boggling that this man is receiving a sentence meant for a murderer. They are simply sending us all a message. It is very sad that this man became the messenger. Our cries and screams will only steel their resolve to punish him more severely.

  8. Please, the reason there are no comments is because the moderator is not letting anything through. I personally have a lot of rachmonus and don’t think he is necesarilly being treated fairly, however, i also believe that he is not innocent.

  9. Emor Meat Veasei Harbeh. Blogging on the TLS site (as wonderful as it may be) will not get R’ Sholom too far. Afew Kapitlach Tehillim will do a lot more.

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