Readers’ Scoop: Police & Kol Shimshon At 11:20 PM

pd_in_action_reader_submitted[Reader Submitted] [Photos] Hi, thought this was interesting. It’s 11:20 PM in Lakewood in a quiet neighborhood. There happens to be a Shul on the corner (Kol Shimshon). The people run in quickly to daven (pray) and leave after a total of about 15-20 minutes. Two cars parked on 11th st. between Squankum Rd. and Lawrence Ave. on the wrong side of the street and facing the wrong direction.

A (white) police car pulls up and decides to write them tickets. A (dark – UEZ) police car pulls up and talks to the other cop and wonders why he just doesn’t move on…. The first cop stands his ground and refuses and continues issuing the tickets.

Now, I don’t know if anything should be made of this. They certainly were guilty. Maybe we shouldn’t think we should be allowed to get away with anything we want… But I really don’t understand the need for this. Follow through the patrol and continue. There is/was very little traffic at that time at night and maybe a warning could have been given. It’s different if this was in the morning when buses are rolling and people go to work etc. when it would certainly be a problem.

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  1. “Maybe we shouldn’t think we should be allowed to get away with anything we want… But I really don’t understand the need for this.”

    so if you think you shouldnt be allowed to get away with anything you want- why do you then not understand the need for this?

    one sentence contradicts the other.

  2. Why is it that you would think there are times its OK to violate the law ,remember the phrase “Equal and Fair Justice for all” being discretionary in its implimentation is not Equal and Fair. the law is the law including trafic violations period.

  3. So are you saying that we should be allowed to park at a fire hydrant – if 99.9% of the time there is no fire??? If there is an emergency and fire engines or ambulances can’t get through….. There is a reason that there is no parking on that side.

  4. So the cops shouldn’t enforce the law if it’s not bothering anyone? People who intentionally break the law will not stop doing so unless they are penalized. Better that they learn this lesson now than when it actually does cause a problem.

    If a cop sees someone intentionally run a red light should they only give a ticket when it causes an accident?

  5. I think the cops should realize that the same cars that they are ticketing are owened by the ones paying through the roof on property taxes to pay their salaries. Let them spend their time going after the hoodlums in town and leave the hardworking, tax paying citizens alone!

  6. I agree to the Reader! As a matter of fact – I noticed the EXACT case scenario in front of BMG & Satmar last night within that same hr.! The officers seem to be well aware of when & where there is a parking issue & tend to take good advantage of it. In some cases there were people sitting in their vehicles waiting for someone, however the officer felt it VERY necessary to blow that air horn (with ZERO consideration for sleeping neighbors / children) in order to show “who’s boss”!!

  7. to Hello- if those who are breaking traffic laws are residents and taxpayers in this town maybe they should take more pride in their community and follow the laws. It all adds to quality of life in this town. Sounds like the taxpayers have more of a sense of entitlement than the police officers that SERVE this community and risk their lives for it.

  8. It’s about time. We can barely get out of our development sometimes. Never used to be this way. People parking on both sides of a small street, and also walking in the street, when they have sidewalks on BOTH sides. So rude. This is in Raintree. The law pertains to EVERYONE.

  9. Do not believe that it is OK to violate traffic regulations in order to pray together. All gathering places that attract that many vehicles need off street parking or sufficient legal parking places.

  10. How about parking a little further and get a little exercise instead of parking illegaly. alot of people could use some extra excercise

  11. #8 – (“the officer felt it VERY necessary to blow that air horn (with ZERO consideration for sleeping neighbors / children) in order to show “who’s boss”!!”) — no problem, next time no warning air-horn, JUST QUIET FLASHING LIGHTS AND A TICKET BOOK.

    Why dont you blame your fellow neighbors for breaking laws/rules, causing officers to take time away from patrol to enforce the same rules OVER & OVER again….?
    how many times would it take for you to roll down the same street day after day, week after week, month after month, and enforce the same laws- day in, and day out- before you too begin to realize that no one respects laws, or the officer who just yesterday handed out verbal warnings- before you too take on a less respectful approach?

    if i was your neighbor, and parked in front of your driveway, every day- for a month. and every day you had to politely knock on my door and ask me to move my car, how long before you loose that respect and HONK THAT HORN!?


  12. To #7 – Lakewood development is out of control and the impact on all is through taxes. The tax rolls are shrinking due to the steady stream of tax exemptions and the demand for all services is increasing. Lakewood needs more businesses to put down roots in the Industrial Parks, along the major roads, and utilize the empty retail facilities in place i.e. Stop & Shop, Staples etc.

  13. How about seeing the 4 signs that are clearly visible that state NO PARKING ANY TIME with arrows going both ways underneath, follow the law

  14. No-one is above the LAW even though there are those who think so and they have an attitude about it. Why do u think u are above repoarch from doing wrong, Not in this life or the one to come, we all have to give an account for our actions in life how and what we do and how we treat one another, especially our neighbors.

  15. Good job LPD! Keep inforcing the law, it saves lives.
    How many times do we pull out of a corner and can’t see because of illegally parked cars. Obey the law, its that simple.

  16. Its unfortunate that they were the korbanos who got the tickets. But the police should really come every day and give tickets to everyone who parks illegally on East 11th st and the corner of Squankum by Kol Shimshon! I live on Lawrence and it is sometimes so dangerous and hard to get down E 11th through traffic. The street is not made for parking on both sides! I have seen many near misses and actual accidents!! The only way to fix this problem is to just ticket everyone everyday and people will realize that enough is enough!! If you want to daven in Kol Shimshon PARK LEGALY!!! I apologize if I come across to strong but this really is a big problem!

  17. as ive wrote in previous comments , the cops in lakewood are bored at night ,we have too many cops just roaming the streets,we dont want to pay their pensions .but all we hear from you comi libs obama lovers ” we need more cops” youre obviously not paying taxes,and youre probably part of a union

  18. So, with your logic….. red lights can be run late at nite, stop sign ignored, and speed limits disobeyed because it is late and few cars are on the road. The problem with this logic is that people cannot make distinctions between right and wrong. If it is wrong in am, then it is wrong in pm. As others said, a law is a law. They are there to not just protect you, but others who are also on the road.

  19. Let me ask you this, why didn’t the owners of the cars take an extra 30 seconds and park correctly? The answer is that they don’t care about the law or fellow drivers.

  20. Mr. Conservative,
    I, for one, agree with you 100% from start to finish on this one.
    If the sign says “No Parking,” then don’t park there. Period.

  21. Why is it ok on sunday morning for cars to be parked by the church on rt 88 near rt 9,when there is a no standing sign there.

  22. I think #28’s comment deserves to be discussed.
    What about it Mr. Conservative and all you other bashers….

  23. they should get tickets too- the law is the law. The idea that someone would go to church or temple or anywhere to worship but break the law on there way in is ridiculous!

  24. Don’t blame the police officer for doing his job. And yes your taxes go towards his salary but he is there to protect the town as a whole. Laws are there for a reason and no one should be arrogant enough that they don’t have to obey them. If it wasn’t for the police doing their jobs can you imagine the chaos there would be?

  25. I think we shgould all stick it to the police this week.
    Let’s all park legally!

    And while we’re at it let’s stick it to them even further.
    Let’s not break any laws. Just for 1 week.

  26. the point the writer was making was well taken. he’s entitled to his view, and that’s that. let’s see if there’s equal enforcement on Sundays at other religious venues…

  27. nice job everyone.
    i believe we have now covered every part of this issue. maybe we can share with our friends who do not read this blog, or care about any other rules, what was discussed…
    maybe we can influence them to e a better neighbor, and park/drive correctly.

  28. I am a resident of Lawrence Ave I am MAKPID GUMMOR to anyone who parks illegaly on the north side of E 11th you make it impossible for my family to exit our home. Dont be frum on aneer’s chesbon

  29. #20 and #36 are absolutely right. Parking on that side of East 11th streeet either way is illegal; a major inconvenience for the residents of the block; and most importantly, creates hazardous driving conditions. I hope continued ticketing will help stop this.

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