Readers’ Scoop: November 6th Is A Critical Day For Jews And For Our Country

Dear Reader, November 6th is a critical day for the Jews and for our country. On November 6th we will choose a human being to lead our country. We will also decide the security of Israel. We will decide if the issues contrary to Torah values should be allowed or banned.

The choice is clear who to vote for.

The President continues to ignore Iran and does nothing about the nuclear plants they have. The Torah tells us that if someone is going to kill you, then you should kill him first. Imagine if Adolf Hitler YM’S was murdered before 1935? Ahmadinejad is another Hitler YM’S. As the PM of Israel said, “Given this record of Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, just imagine Iranian aggression with nuclear weapons.”

How can a religious Jew vote for President Obama and Biden, despite the fact that both men are opposed to some of the Torah’s most basic moral values?

The calls from the President to Israel that put our brethren at risk are outrageous and must stop! The President talking badly about the PM of Israel with other world leaders, imagine after the elections, if he wins!  Going back to the 1967 borders would leave certain areas of Israel with around a 10 mile space, surrounded by hostile countries- that’s suicide! The Chillul Hashem  this would make if they will win again! And we know that it is very difficult to get Teshuvah for a Chillul Hashem. 

Rav Avigdor Miller ZT”L, who preached that a Jewish vote must remain loyal to the candidate whose values are more in line with basic fundamentals of morality, this year the choice is clear. The President continues to ignore our brothers in suffering. Notably: Jonathan Pollard, who was declined to go to his father’s funeral, and is himself very sick. Jacob Ostreicher, who is currently imprisoned in Bolivia, and the prison there is horrendous and run by inmates themselves. Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, who is in prison in America for false charges and lies. Does that deserve 27 years behind bars, with a family of 10? Maybe Romney will look over these cases, and they will receive some help, President Obama definitely won‘t help them.

Now, there are those who might say that Rav Avigdor Miller was the minority opinion and make note that Reb Moshe Feinstein and other Gedolim voted Democratic because they saw the Democratic Party as more sympathetic to their schools and other institutions. The talmidim of Reb Moshe Feinstein say that they firmly believe Reb Moshe would not permit any Jew to vote for the Democratic Party of today. After all, the Democratic Party in the previous generation was not radicals like today. In the previous generation the Democratic Party was fighting for equal rights of those involved in sin. Today, the Democratic Party fights for the promotion of the immoral behavior itself.

Klal Yisrael must unite as one, like it says in Parshas Yisro like one man with one heart and vote for the right person, not who we feel is right, but the one who fit’s to the Torah the most. If Obama gets re-elected then we are allowing same gender marriages, which is completely opposite Torah values. Get involved in the election, donate money, tell your friends and neighbor what is the right thing to do, this is crucial. This election will have effects that will be felt by generations to come. November 6th will not only be a historic election for America, but also for the Orthodox Jews of America.

So when you’re standing in the polling booth, don’t vote your opinion but vote for who Hashem wants. I rest my case.

Sincerely, A Proud Jew 

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  1. i watch & await as it gets closer & closer to see the true yad Hashem who HASHEM CHOOSES to lead the USA into going against Israel

    (as Hashem said it will happen-no matter who is president-before mashiach comes. open up a sefer of zecharia Hanavi & see for yourself a complete list of many tragic events that Hashem said will happen before mashiach comes. this is one of them i.e. the entire world including the USA going against am yisroel & bringing milchemes gog umagog upon klal yisroel)

    lets all daven & yearn with our hearts that Mashiach comes ASAP

  2. HMMM…… On November 6th we will choose a human being to lead our country. We will also decide the security of Israel. We will decide if the issues contrary to Torah values should be allowed or banned……..IT WAS ALREADY DECIDED ON ROSH HASHANA…………………

  3. The people who want more free government money will vote for Obama.

    They don’t realize that the free government money is coming from the rest of us.

    The Communists came to power in Russia by telling the poor that they’ll take the money from the rich and give it to the poor. In the end, EVERYONE became poor.

    That’s what the Obama supporters want.

    Obama wants to take all the money from those who worked hard and earned it, and give it to the those who don’t work, in the form of food stamps. Eventually, everyone will be on food stamps…… and poor!!

    Romney wants everyone to work, earn money, become rich, and keep their money!!! Romney wants EVERYONE to be rich!

    This is obviously something foreign for some people to contemplate – that they shoudl actually work for their money.

  4. Im not saying go vote for anybody . But just know that under a republican administration most of the social programs like hud and fs and wic and jersey care will be drastically cut .

  5. Yid says is correct. Look at Europe! Look at all the nations that embraced Socialism. The people are all poor. Without incentive, the people of the nation will fail and become dependent. That requires more money. Look at the riots.

    When people believe that they are entitled to someone else’s money, the system will collapse under it’s own weight.

  6. Bottom line is even if you vote for Obama, you may get the programs for some time but this country can’t sustain them because he will be taxing the working class(middle class and rich so hard). There is a high unemployment rate now and if people don’t work those programs will collapse anyway because they are being sustained through tax money. No jobs=no money to collect through taxes=no programs. Aside from that he has an agenda to kill out the middle class and have everyone either poor or rich. Look at Israel. Look at Canada. All socialist systems that don’t work. Why aren’t we moving there? Because it’s hard to making a living. There are no jobs. Their healthcare system is in shambles because yes it may be free but you have to wait a year to see a specialist. By then the person could be dead. The reason that is, is because there is a shortage of doctors, because no one wants to do the job and not get paid anything. If you vote for Obama, you are doing a bad thing for the Jews. The economy collapses and the Jews will be blamed. Riots will emerge and there will not be any protection for us. Obama is against the Jews. He is all for the Arabs and Muslims. He hates Israel and his agenda is to get us to give back Israel piece by piece. He has not shown us his true colors just yet. Hitler too did not show his true colors until after the first six years. He knows that after he is elected in, he has nothing to lose because he will not be running again. Romney will be conservative on spending but only because he needs to look out for our children and grandchildren to ensure that there is Social Security left for them and for those that depend on services from the government, that too will be available for them. Watch the free movie 2016 on the internet, it really shows the true Obama. Notice how during the debates he kept repeating the same thing even though it was not true. Notice how he could not maintain any eye contact with Romney. These are all telltale signs. Don’t be fooled by his empty words and his so called eloquent ways of speaking as it is all a lie.

  7. First to go is Obama for not willing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts.

    Then Chris Christy has to go for appointing an openly immoral Bruce Harris to the NJ Supreme Court, who will rule civil unions as a violation of equal protection forcing the legislature to recognize immoral marriage.

  8. Just double checked. NJ Democrats blocked the openly immoral Harris from the Court. Thank goodness for checks and balances. If we had only one party, like in Communist Russia, we’d have same gender marriage in NJ. Thank you NJ Dems! Good try Christy in trying to push the (moderated)down our throats!

  9. Bravo #14! All you have stated is right. Please listen to Aron Klein on WABC Sunday 7 pm. The Chofetz Chaim fought fiercely against communism and this President is a Marxist, who wishes to control your every activity. Soon school curriculum! Freedom to learn Torah is in jeopardy! Obama is waiting to cancel HUD completely as it is not aviailable evenly to all. As a result, he has not added a single $ to that program. Romney will maintain HUD for the poor. But we cannot afford to continue to tax the middle class more heavily. We need, as Romney states, to create more jobs to earn more taxes to pay for the needed programs. Please vote for Daas Torah! Hashem is watching TO SEE IF WE PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS.

  10. well, you got what you wanted for 4 long years. all my fellow jews who voted Obama in, ( and there were a lot!) swallowed everything he spewed! saw right through him from the get-go.News flash! Romney’s not much better. most will probably vote for “the lesser of 2 evils”. what I can’t believe is that Obama still has so many supporters! he is unequivocally the most UNpresidential character ever voted into office! amazing how he has made time to go on so many talk shows & sit with a bunch of yentas sipping coffee, playing hours of golf, jetting around on vacations (at the tax payers expense) & always playing Mr. Celebrity by “entertaining” audiences with his lame jokes. Obama is an egotistical narcissist who does not know the first thing about LEADERSHIP.

  11. Well, we definitely need the programs going properly until atleast us yiden help out each other properly, & know the importance of tzedakah, cuz right now there r many hard working people working to support their family & aren’t making it even with the programs, like a single divorced mother that’s a friend of mine, & doesn’t have money to make ends meet despite working as much & hard as a single mother possibly can with no one else helping her out besides the government programs which she thanks hashem for, cuz if not for that, no one else was concerned about her welfare… this might be hashems way of forcing some money of the rich to give to the poor if they don’t do it willingly…

  12. #19. First of all Romney won’t cut the programs to those that really need it. Second, your friend would have the money anyway – if not through programs then a different way. Don’t think the programs is not in the cheshbon of parnassah. Thirdly, i honestly believe the yidden give so much tzedakah and that this is not one of our issues.

    The more people go on programs, the faster it will collapse and then NOONE WILL BE ABLE TO GET ANY PROGRAMS!!!!! People, you have to realize this. i don’t care how yeshivish you are – this is the truth!!!

  13. Part of me actually wants Obama to win, so that you can all see for yourselves how this country’s economy will collapse when ObamaCare is fully implemented next year. There will be no money for anything, even government programs.

    But then again, when this country does collapse, and every one of you regrets it…………. it will be too late.

  14. Obama ain’t as bad as everyone makes him He is just as good as Clinton. Romney ain’t as good as everyone makes him. Romney will rule from the center. Either wat taxes ain’t going down too much wastefull programs won’t be cut. ObamaCare Romney wants to keep preexisting conditions intact so that won’t be repealed. Iran either way will build nukes. Bombing Iran is too dangerous and the USA does not have an apetite for another war. Even if they are bombed it would only push off their ambitions for a few years. Same-gender marrage will remain up to the states noone will switch that either way They are all the same. Very small difference between Romney & Obama

  15. For starters, I just want to state that by no means that I am an Obama supporter. Now onto business. This article seems to have been written by a 12 year old. If you are going to make a baseless claim, use facts to support your argument rather than half truths. Now onto claims stated by the author that Obama is no good for Israel. Ask anyone in Netanyahu’s cabinet, and they will all state that Obama has been the best US President in memory. Thanks to the Obama administration, Israel now has a missle defense shield, drones and state of the art fighter planes that no US President would ever have sold to them. Just because Obama and practically the rest of the world doesn’t agree that there is an immediate neccessity to go to war with Iran doesn’t mean he is an enemy to the state of Israel. Face it, look at the past failures of the war on Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons why we shouldn’t go to war in the Middle East unless there is an immediate neccesity. The rest of the world all agrees that tight sanctions should take affect first before we decide to go to war. The Iranian government will eventually cave into sanctions once it will hit their wallets and no longer can afford to pay their army or themselves.

    My second point is that nobody in the Lakewood community should want a Romney administration. Their will be lots of cuts including government entitlements. Thus, the lifestyles of the Lakewood community will drastically change as everyone will be joining the workforce.

  16. this country is about to collapse

    be prepared for all your rights & freedoms to be taken away slowly but surely-not in one shot-& soon WE will not be able to live in the USA as frum yidden. all our rights & freedoms are being taken from us one at a time & the USA is about to become what used to be communist russia
    pack your bags NOW & head for Eretz Yisroel, while the pressure is not so hard & before america is attacked by iran. for then it will be too late & everyone will be leaving in poverty, wishing they had left-now-when they were told.

    BOTTOM LINE:this is all the work of Hashem & the choice is yours if you wish to leave now or wait & suffer ahead C”V

    i wish everyone a giten vinter

  17. obama hates Israel.

    with this in mind, he has been assisting all muslim countries behind Israel’s back & does not even stop iran from getting closer & closer to nuclear. Last time i remember recently when Israel told Obama they’re heading to iran, obama replied the USA will not join & backup Israel.

    its tragic that anyone would say that they look forward to this & await for it to come C”V. BUT When a son knows his parents or a Talmid his rebbe’s cheshbon, he never questions them, we had so many years to change our ways before the Melech Malchei Ha’melochim had to bring us to this situation Rachmana L’tzlan.

    Halevei if anyone knew the other side of the story & Hashems Cheshbon why this is Happening & why obama is president, then you will not be surprised if obama wins for president another 4 years C”V

    May we all do teshuva ASAP so this does not need to happen C”V

  18. anyone voting for Obama because they want gov’t handouts to continue should think about what message they are sending. they are essentially saying that as long as they are paid off, they will sell their vote to the highest bidder. they are saying that Who the canditate is, What he stands for, What policies he will enact, and How fairly he will govern are unimportant. Obama understands that and is happy to buy your vote. what a shame.

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