Readers’ Scoop: Lakewood Tuitions Vs Brooklyn’s

tuitionDear Editor of TLS. I have a question I’d like to pose to your readers. I recently moved here from Brooklyn because of the cost of living and to give my children a better Chinuch than they were getting there. Not that the Brooklyn school was a bad school, but I felt my children would have more potential in Lakewood.

Baruch Hashem my children got into school and are doing wonderful.

However, one thing bothers me. Why am I paying a much higher tuition in Lakewood than I was in Brooklyn?

As a side point, you would think if tuitions were much higher in Lakewood, the teachers – many of whom are Kollel wives and sole supported of the household – would be getting paid proportionally higher, which what I hear and see, they’re not.

Thank you for your forum.

A parent.

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  1. The reason is in ny the full tuition is. Double then in lakewood it must be that in ny and lakewwod you are not paying full tuition since in ny full tuition runs between $5000 and $11000 while here in lakewwod full tuition is maxed at $5500 while in nyand monsey partial tuition is maxed $2000 while here in lakewood partial tuiton is minoumum $3000 the reason is since in lakewood there are a lot more partial tuition then full tuition in ny to get partial tuition you have to fill out a form what cars you have?do you send your kids to camp?do you go on vacation and where?you have to give them your tax return you have to go to a board that judges you while in lakewood they only do a overall investigation to see if you should get it I agree with you that it should be changed the way they did it in lakewood was for 30. 20 years ago today there is no reason why it can’t be done like ny monsey passiac

  2. i dont know where you sent your kids but my Bro-in-law is paying more for one child then i pay for three !!! and dont tell him i told you but i think my kids are getting a better chinuch then his. i’m not sure what he gets for all that tuition that he pays.

  3. Please clarify the question.

    Full tuition in Lakewood is alot less than full tuition in Brooklyn, Monsey, Passaic. If you are paying more in Lakewood then you were not paying full in Brooklyn.

    Did you mean to question why you were given a larger tuition break in Brooklyn over the break that you are getting in Lakewood?

  4. I also moved to lakewood from brooklyn. The tuition is surely cheaper in lakewood. the only thing is- a scholarship in lakewood is usually set in stone at pre-set #’s meaning – it does not go by individual- we all have the same problem that we cant pay full, if we’re not learning we probably jus tcame out of learning and are earning very little. If each and every person’s case was scrutinized the school would have no money at all- therefore they make strict scholarship guidelienes that you have to follow- but youre not going to get cheaper than 4500 a kid in brooklyn- not even close

  5. First of all, the fact that you got your kids into any school says that you can probably afford more than the rest of us who have lived here for MANY years, and who would like to change the school we are in. But since we already have a school, we are forced to stay in a bad situation (for our kids sake).

    Second, you think there is a better education here??

    Good luck, and BTW tuition IS MUCH less here than anywhere in NJ. Where else can you get educated for $5200?

  6. Anybody notice the percentage of tzigekiminers from Brooklyn that have questions, comments and complaints on Lakewood’s system. THIS IS NOT BROOKLYN. although unfortunately a lot of the garbage here looks like Brooklyn already.

  7. I moved from Brooklyn to for the same reason as the writer above. B”H the children are doing really well, however when I was behind on tuition one yeat my husband was told to collect erev Rosh Hashanah at the main mikveh!

  8. I congratulate you on a very big move and doing what you really believe in I know it wasn’t easy and I’m sure you were afraid many would say things like your doing it cause of $ or since when did you become so frum…. Its a very nice thing and I’m sure Hashem will reward you with great children for it.
    The fact is that its much more difficult to shelter your kids in Brooklyn then Lakewood (not that its easy) I don’t know about tuitions as I am an “elterer bochur” but why are ppl saying if you don’t like it go back to brooklyn she has a solid point where’s the $ if the salaries are less?
    I don’t know the answer it could be as ppl have said ill leave that to the pros.
    WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS and I was born and raised here! Not like 75% of ppl here that only moved here less then 10 years ago. And don’t have a clue what it was like when I wouldn’t walk down park at all even with someone or when satmar was first build and my rebeim were livid about it. (Now they go there themselves)

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