Readers’ Scoop: If You’re Wearing All black, Don’t Jump In Front Of Cars

To the Editor of TLS. I’d like to share with your readers a not-uncommon occurrence, but nonetheless worth bringing to light. I was driving at about11:00 pm last night down a dark road, when suddenly in front of me, a man, dressed completely in black, ran across the street. I had to hit my brakes hard in order not to strike him.

I understand many in Lakewood have the custom to wear dark suits when walking on the streets, but I respectfully ask that pedestrians with such attire wear some type of reflector to better alert motorists.

Additionally, as the nights begin to get earlier, I feel it’s wort reminding readers of this issue.

Thank you.

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  1. What i dont understand, why do we need sidewalks in all the areas of new construction when noone uses them, and before anyone says they do, give yourself a reality check, i can understand if sidewalks are not present to use the road, but lets be careful out there.

  2. reflectors, reflectors, reflectors, when will the community decide that it must go on, when then leave the house, even to walk to maariv. I have ingrained it in my kids, they keep it wrapped around their bikes… It can really save a life!!! (your own)

  3. Last winter, I was driving at night on squankum and I nearly killed someone. After i had calmed down from the fright, i was so agry that someone so selfish would put me in the position of having killed him…
    REFLECTORS, or alternatively cross at the crosswalk

  4. Its very simple, pedestrians u Can not be seen on most streets at night as Lakewood lighting is terrible in most places, a little rainy weather forget about it. people have some pitty on yourself don’t just assume your being seen!

  5. Why do ladies feel the need to wear black? Why do men need tro wear “white ” shirts.

    Why such a stress on chitzonius IT is trhe pnimius that matters to hashem.

  6. People almost dare you to hit hit them. ( law suit ? )The training for this type of mind set begins at a young age. The ” World was created for me ” attitude has to stop. It is ” giva ” to the highest degree.

  7. i also feel that these men should use traffic lights to cross a road safely. i never like to cross madison ave without a traffic light. i do cross less busier streets after looking both ways. a person should NEVER dart out in front of a moving vehicle even if you think you know what you’re doing. it’s not safe and it causes confusion to the motorist. you could be a black cat for all they know. wear your reflectors.

  8. This situation has caused so much concern that I make every effort to avoid Lakewood streets at night, accessing shopping when necessary by way of Kent Road to Route 9 in Howell. Even that small amount of distance traveled on County Line Road to Kent causes distress. Please spare your neigbors stress levels and wear reflectors.

  9. the situation has gotten so bad already, that it comes to the point that if C”V someones neighbor or friend got hit because of not wearing a reflector C”V he still will not start wearing a reflector & learn from it.

    unless you make something happen to ME you can’t get me to learn my lesson & start wearing one…. C”V

    SAME WITH talking/texting while driving C”V how many accidents have happened already R”L? Have we learned our lesson? or are there still thousand talking while driving….?


  10. I think that the lakewood police should start giving out jaywalking tickets. I once had to slow down for a mother who waas crossing madison avenue not at a crosswalk in the middle of traffic in the morning pushing a double stroller. Vekahena Vekahena Rabbos

  11. one day someone will get hurt C’V but what is everyone going to say its the tznius in this town, please don’t kidd your self it has nothing to do with tznius. it has to do that when people cross the street they dont look not even during the day. one day i was driving down 9th st and this guy was walking on the sidewalk and than just stared walked into the street without looking if cars were comming, if i didnt hit my breaks i would have hit him.

  12. along with not wearing some reflector belt, that the twp purchased to make it safer for those who walk to shul, the township police should give them tickets for walking in the streets where sidewalks are, and again, to those who are hitch hiking, get off the street, your going to cause an accident. Many of these students are 16 yrasof age some even younger, get this hitch hiking in check before someone is killed.

  13. On this related topic::::::::

    It is against the law to drive on the shoulder for any reason, with 4 points on your license!

    This means if the driver in front of you is waiting to turn left, YOU CANNOT drive around him on the right shoulder, no matter how long you have to wait.

    The shoulder is for pedestrians, cyclists, disables vehicles and emergency vehicles.

    Add this law breaking to those who wear all black and its a huge recipe for disaster.

    I REPEAT. DO NOT drive on the shoulder to go around someone, ever!!!!

  14. its so sad that there is need to post articles reminding people to not dress in dark clothing at nite when walking the streets, not to leave their kids locked in the car and not to balance a childseat on top of a grocery cart.. very very sad

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