Readers’ Scoop: Handicapped Parking Is For The Handicapped

handicapped parkingTo whom it may concern. Sunday night I joined the Chavrei Hakollel at their annual dinner. It was very nice and I was able to tell that the Oilam really had Hakoras Hatov for the wonderful work that they do. I got there at about 8:00 p.m. and b”h the parking lot was very full. Being that unfortunately I have a handicapped permit I was surprised to see that there were so many handicapped people at the dinner. All the spots were taken. I needed to park all the way on the other side of the lot and had to walk to the hall. But upon inspection of the cars parked in the handicapped spots, I realized that only one out of all the cars were actually handicapped. I was really upset but tried to be Dan Lekaf Zechus the people who used these spots without a permit. Is it possible that people thought that there would be no disabled people coming to the dinner? Even so, the law is very clear about parking in such spots. I am sure that some people don’t realize what handicapped people go through.   PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN HANDICAPPED SPACES. A concerned citizen.

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  1. Dear concerned,

    I completely agree with your post.. however, I do wonder, you indicate that you have a “handicapped permit but don’t indicate that you are indeed handicapped. I am not saying that you are not in need of this permit but my pet peeve is people who received handicapped permits for say a parent, and continue to use this permit for themselves for many years later. I am not saying this is you, but I thought this would be a good venue to air my frustration. I am always amazed at the people who park at Walmart etc. in a handicap spot, with a permit and jog to the front door.

  2. To # 2,

    I seems to me that the more bekovideke way for the Writer to post is to state that he is entitled to the permit. It’s more respectful than writing that he may be handicapped. I don’t believe you’re venting your frustration properly.

    I also am amazed that you don’t decry with the same level of frustration against those that openly abuse the reserved handicapped spots, when they clearly are in no way disabled. I find those behaviors as utterly inconsiderate and selfish!

    It is an absolute form of geneivah and they should be continously ticketed until they learn their lesson and become better members of society.

  3. i toally agree with #2

    while i do not park in hadicapped spots, i must say i have been tempted to many times.

    i have seen 100s of people with handicapped permits. that were not hadicapped at all, and as a matter of fact i can hardly even remember the last time i actaully saw a handicap person come out of a car with a handicap permit. i have even questioned a few and the answer is always its my brothers or cousins or friends car and some claim its a child of thiers who is handicap. from what i have been seeing i would say that actual handicap drivers or handicap people in the car make up 10-20% or less from those parking in handicap spots. what this has done is make it another GOV rule which some break legally and some break illegaly , and it has lost its consideration factor.
    what has to be done is that those who use handicap spots without handicap people ACTUALLY IN THE CAR should be liable to fines of $10000 and maybe even jail time as frauds. because they are the ones who are mainly at fault for the problem.

    by the way you say you had a handicap permit.

    are you actually handicap or are you driving your grandmothers car?

  4. the law is that you will get fined etc. there is nothing wrong with parking there if im willing to take the risk and or can easily pay the fine.

  5. How about if you ran out to buy a neccesity for your handicapped relative & need to get back home to them very quickly (the aide is leaving, you don’t trust the aide, you can leave them alone for a few mintues but not long). So in this case you are legitimately using the handicapped spot with your handicapped plate even if you personally are not HC.

  6. To Healthy Driver,
    Lots of people are in a rush for very legitimate reasons. The handicapped space is placed closer to the destination so handicapped people have an easier time getting to their destination, physically. Other difficulties are not to be alleviated by parking in a handicapped spot.

  7. I have had End Stage Renal Disease since I was 12. I do not look like I am handicapped in the least bit. I have a permacatheter in my chest to allow for me to dialyze 6 days a week that is covered by my clothing. I cannot walk long distances before my 29 year old body starts to feel tired and on the verge of collapsing.

    Therefore, I have a handicapped permit and do indeed use it. The looks I get from the people who believe that a handicapped person is only defined by a wheelchair or by looking the part is just pure ignorance. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. While, yes, of course there are people who do abuse this permit who may not be handicapped, but there are also those of us out there who are, but just don’t look it.

    Please take that into consideration before you judge others. Thank you.

  8. I BELEIVE that CHEIF LAWSON should be made aware of the situation,and straighten it out.just because you don’t see a persons disability does”nt mean he doesn’t have one.people have a hard time walking for many reasons you do not see,you can’t see their pain either.i had sciatica and had a temporary handicap sticker could’nt readilly see my disability.people who steal these parking spaces are causing lagitamit disabled people much the wise guy who says he can afford to and willing to pay the fine,what about the disabled person your are stealing from.

  9. I agree with #2!
    I once watched someone get an earful for parking in a handicap spot (early minyan 6:00 and there is never anybody parked there) by a yungerman who from what I can remember had a broken foot a year ago!!!Yet He had NO problem marching up the 4 flights of stairs (other than being out of breath due to being out of shape) !
    Shame on the abusers!

  10. Att shlomie shoppers. There are actualy 2 handicap spots painted blue. One sign is missing. When I approch people who park with their kids in the handicap spots waitng for their spouse who is shopping, they think its none of my business. But it is. You have to care for the people who realy need the handicap spots and by you simply parking in these designated spots for one second you are causing the people who need it hardship.

    In my opinion if you see someone abuse it -call the police. You will not be able to reason with the abusers. .

  11. I wish every single guy who parks in these spots without being handicap should get the book thrown at them and just because a person has the permit for a family member doesn’t give u the right to park there when ur not with them

  12. every time I pass up the handicap spot for a farther one, i say baruch hashem I am in good health and dont need that- I am capable of walking the extra few feet!! Cant understand why anyone would WANT to park in a place for disabled people

  13. This truly IS a horrible situation.

    1. Those who think they’ll “only” be away for a couple minutes. You are Selfish, and extremely lazy.

    2. Those who use someone else’s decal so they can park in these spots. That is just sleazy and low for anyone to do.

    3. Those who don’t care about getting a fine or a ticket, yet they are Forcing a true handicapped individual to walk a distance they should not have to.

    4. Those who look Down on and Judge people who park in those spots who don’t “appear” handicapped, but may have an underlined health condition (such as MS).

    5. For the people who Are indeed handicap, and have the proper credentials, but Don’t display their handicap decal for anyone to see, should not be surprised when the get a ticket.

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