Readers’ Scoop: Global Warming

Global_WarmingIt would appear that NJ and the east coast are being punished for the sins of Al Gore and the other liberal nuts who cry global warming. It is my belief that Hashem has brought these horrendous snow storms upon the East Coast to make a mockery of the fools who preach that global warming is going to destroy the world.

G-d created the Earth with the knowledge of all things that would be. Thus, I find it hard to believe that G-d created an Earth unprepared for the technological advancements of the future. Thus, G-d created an ozone layer and atmosphere perfect for the year 0 of creation until the year 6,000.

The truth is that global warming is a scam by liberal hypocrites who make top dollar off peddling their nonsense. This is why so many liberals fly in first class private jets with no regard for the environment. Nevertheless, we are being punished for their wickedness with cold and bitter winters, which will only stop when the liberals retract.

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  1. Hashem is showing all those scientists and non believers, who attribute everything to nature that it is His world and He is the Boss.

  2. There is a major flaw in the author’s logic; why can it not be that Hashem gave us a planet with the tools to beautify it as well as the tools to destroy it? (When I say destroy I mean make ugly, not actually destroy). We have the Yetzer Tov, (Good Inclination) and the Yetzer HaRah (Evil Inclination). Hashem gave us science and with it we do amazing things, we cure illnesses, we create machines to ease our burdens, and we create recreational objects; that is using the Yetzer Tov, on the same note we also mass-produce carbon and other pollutants such as plastic that clog and choke our planet, this is the manifestation of the Yetzer HaRah. I do not believe that man can destroy the world, I do however believe that man can ruin it and take away it’s beauty. Like a wise man once once said; “It is a common misconception that our children inherit the world from us, rather we borrow the earth from our children”.

  3. My parents used to put the chicken soup friday night under the blanket unter the dochena now we have these massive hot plates I think that a factor in global warming. Also these massive havdola candles that are made in china. Contributes to global warming when I grew up we had only two plain candles combined all this combined macht the world warmer

  4. To clarify for #1:

    Poe’s Law: Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.

  5. However, Poe’s Corollary may also be in play, so #1 best be careful.

    Poe’s Corollary: It is impossible for an act of Fundamentalism to be made that someone won’t mistake for a parody.

  6. What is amazing is someone with absolutly no idea of what global warming is would write an article like this. So in an effort to clear up this authors extreamly misguided writings that are nothing more than a political punch showing how truely uneducated they are I will explain what global warming is and why it causes colder weather.
    When the earths temperature rises even slightly it cause the polar caps to begin to melt. All the fresh water that would have been trapped in the ice begins to enter the ocean causing a shift in the waters salinity. Salt water is heavier than fresh water which causes it to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So when you have to much fresh water it effects the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a current that runs from the tropics north bringing wamer waters north which in turn brings a more temperate climate to the northeast US and northwest Europe. Now if the water entering the gulf steam from the north becomes much less salty the water will stay at the top of the ocean. Usually what occures is that cold salt water enters the current and sinks then begins to travel south until it reaches the tropics where it warms up and turns back north bringing warm water north. If the water starting from the pole is too fresh it does not sink, it will stay at the surface causing a disruption in the current which in turn will bring colder winters to the northeast US and northwest Europe because the warmer water from the tropics does not make its way north. The colder the ocean the colder the climate around it.
    I hope this explained what global warming is and why this author should refrain from posting further articles.

  7. What polar shmorar ? What is he talking polar? I know when I unplug my fridge the ice melts tahts all I know about ice. I have a question to mr polar you care so much bout ice at the polar but when the mayor didn’t clean the streets and left ice and snow on the ground you went ballistic? Hey were is yosher? Give the mayor a break if you love ice so much I would ask the mayor mechila in public

  8. we are our own worst enemy , everything is dollar driven at any cost with little or no concern of the consequence .I’m not saying Global warming is or is not real ,but when it comes to mankind we seldom do the right thing unless money can be made . To many people are motivated by the wrong things ,if you do good things and help others the money will follow ,but if your only motivation is money itself your life has no meaning

  9. THe ignorance posted sometimes is scary. I don’t know the scientific background to global warming as well as #8, although I wish I did, but I do know that cursing liberals isn’t the answer to every problem on earth. So will the writer of this genius rant explain why we had very many cold and bitter winters throughout history before the issue of global warming ever came up?
    Actually, the article is so dumb, I’m thinking that it has to be a joke or parody of liberal bashing Limbaugh chasidim.

  10. all your science is out the window if the author is bi-polar, which then deflates your theories and reverses the logic back to limbaughdom(dumb?) Anyhow, why bother trying to educate those who revel in their ignorance and choose only to parrot the parodies of the radio host entertainers as if it were writ from on High. Just laugh and blog on.

  11. #8 that all could be true. the question is, do humans create global warming, or is it just that the earth goes through cycles of warmer periods and then cooler periods. for those old enough to remember, in the ’70 the rage was that we are entering an ice age

  12. Yes global warming is a hoax, those that wanna believe it, enjoy your warm weather. but I think you may be getting the wrong message from GD though. their are other snow messages we can get, like be humble

  13. This whole man-made global warming is a joke. Forget about whether it’s cold or warm outside. The climate has changed many times before all the “Carbon Pollution” was released into the air.

    When you have a science that can’t be refuted, it ceases to be a science and then it’s just a “belief.” Meaning in order for science to be science there has to be a set of circumstances that can happen that would refute the theory under discussion. According to MM-GW followers all weather-related factors always point to Global Warming (AKA Climate-Change AKA Anthropogenic Global Warming). “Consensus” is not a scientific proof.

    On another note, why is warming bad? So, people will migrate and adapt to new geographical conditions. Nu nu, people have moved before.

  14. The whole global warming started in lakewood it was in the yeshiva when someone complained that the coffee is to warm the word warm just got out and it mushroomed and all gore picked it up and made it an international item

  15. It’s a bit small minded to mix religion and political/republican issues.

    It’s a bit gaayvish and dumb sounding when you talk about G-d punishing Al Gore.

  16. #8, I’m not trying to argue. Please just address my question. I’m missing a piece of the puzzle. If the warmer currents can’t move north as they should be, shouldn’t the polar caps be getting colder? In other words, why doesn’t this cycle fix itself? Polar caps melt. Cooler water holds the warmer saltwater below disrupting the gulf stream. Now warm currents don’t move north. Polar caps get colder and refreeze…
    Please don’t attack me. Just educate me further. Thanks!

  17. My theory is that the globe in responding with Reverse Psychology.
    You say its hot and it dumps two feet of snow.

    Please dont start with global freezing……I cant take extreme heat.

  18. I have a simple idea how to cool the planet. everyone put the air condition on on max even the car aircondition should be on max all the time regardless if its freezing outside and the world will cool down.

  19. To quote Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zatzal, :”This world is fool-proof.” Hashem takes care of thre world when people are living normaly. This includes not worrying about the effect of the atmosphere, cutting trees or the extinction of certain animals or birds. He talks about how before the Mabul (The Deluge), the entire world was a comfortable temperature, & then suddenly, there was a tremendous upheaval. To prove it, there were excavations done in some cold climates (in Russia, I think) where great mamoths were buried in layers of ice & was preserved as if they were flash frozen, that in their stomachs were flowers that only grow in warm climates! But that all changed due to man’s sins. So let’s again, not be such worry warts, about what environmentalists fabricate!

  20. You do realize global warming does not literally mean that the world will experience only hotter weather. Global Warming means that the weather will be unpredictable and uncharacteristic to it’s region. Therefore, even huge snow storms are considered global warming. This is not punishment for talking about it this IS “it”.
    p.s. I’m no rabbi but if i recall part of yimos HaMashiach is that the weather will be unpredictable etc….therefore Al Gore is only stating what G-d already told us!

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