Readers’ Scoop: Every Jew A 22

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallThis past Shabbos another Jewish family was the victim of Lakewood’s growing crime rate. As reported on TLS, four men broke into a Jewish home on Shabbos, robbed the family, and tied the family members up. In light of this news I make an appeal to the Jewish community to reconsider how they want to protect themselves and their families. Many people would attack, assault, or rob a member of the Orthodox Jewish community have knowledge of three things. Firstly, they know many members of our community are blessed with a parnasa. Secondly, they know that many members of the Orthodox community aren’t skilled fighters. Thirdly, they know that we don’t carry weapons on us or in our home.

I believe that the key to lowering crime in Lakewood begins with changing the last two perceptions of the Jewish community.

There are a number of places in our area that offer either karate lessons or a self defense class. Furthermore, if necessary I’m sure our community leaders could arrange for these classes to be offered to our community in a manner that would suit any religious needs such as separate classes for men and women. Secondly, I believe the best form of gun control is by owning a gun. This way a person can control a criminal with a gun by shooting him first. The truth is that if criminals even know that Jews own guns they will think twice before mugging them or breaking into their homes. As for women, I would recommend that they carry pepper spray on them. Pepper spray has saved a good number of women in the USA from being attacked or worse.

My response to those who would call me a nut and reject my call for us to embrace our Constitutional right is to consider the other alternatives. We can remain a people that are known to be an easy target. We can remain a defenseless people. We can continue to allow criminal to attack us or our family.

I have already taken a self defense course as well as kick boxing lessons. I am a proud member of the NRA, and I pity any fool who would even think of coming into my home to rob or attack my family.

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  1. We’re also going to need guns, cuz very soon as Obama brings our country down, and the US dollar won’t be worth anything, there will be anarchy everywhere, and whoever’s got a gun will be able to protect themaselves (hopefully)

  2. to give credit where it is due: “Every Jew a 22” was actually the slogan of the arch-Zionist, Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach Party

  3. Uhm why cant women also carry guns? Why davka pepper spray? Unless you’re chauvinistic, in addition to bring slightly addled in the head.

  4. torah and tefilah are the best guns. If gd wants one of us to get hurt chas vishalom, he will make it happen whether we know karate or not. Emunah and bitachon is what we need.r there any courses on that around here?

  5. # 3 you go to the Lakewood police dept. go to records and ask for the necessary forms and the great detective Jim Finagan will do the necessary background checks process you papers and issue you your permit, its pretty painless. just keep in mind before making the commitment of owning a gun make the commitment to join a range and practice on a regular basis if you don’t the gun will be you biggest liability.

  6. What makes you think that people in this town don’t have guns?? I know a number of people in this town that have they just don’t announce it. If you have a clean record, and you are mentally stable its not that hard to get licensed.

  7. For the record: I know several people that own and carry! yes they are regular religious people that would fit right into the crowd at any function or synagogue. I see them at the range and they have MANY powerful weapons and most of them are excellent shooters!
    Its only a matter of time before some crook tries to rob one of them! There wont be any waste of tax payer money for jail. The coroner will just cremate them and put them on a shelf!

  8. it is not anti torah to own weapons or to use them in self defense throughout history starting from avrohom avinu fighting the five kings to the shvatim to the jews in eretz yisroel and even when jews were in golus between the two churbans and after churban bayis sheni jews knew how to use weapons the jews in alexandria and babolyn were sometimes called on as merceneries to hep battle neighboring countries because they were known as good fighters

  9. in the warsaw gehtto rav menachem ziemba and other great gedolim approved of the uprising snd the resistance and gave much chizuk to the fighters

  10. there was a known Chasidishe rebbe in europe who ordered all the men in the town to arm themselves and fight the oncoming nazis even though they knew there was no chance of winning beacuse this rov paskened it would be a Chillul Hashem to show that jewish blood is so cheap and easy to shed let the goyim know that it wont be so easy and it will come at a signifigant price with casuallties on their side

  11. obviously first a jew PRAYS HASHEM and tries to speak nicely and give presents to appease his enemy in golus however when all else fails the jew has a right to resort to physical strengh for self defense as our forfather Yackov did wheN he first Davened to Hashem than he prepared presents for eisav and as a last reort he prepared himself for battle

  12. the ABARBENEL was a general in the spanish army the reishei galusa in baval maintained jewish armed and trained regiments for self protection of the jewish communities in exile and to use as merceneries to help their host countries

  13. While iit sounds very macho, what about the risks? What happens if a troubled teenager or curious child gets a hold of your gun? Where will you be keeping the weapon? Locked and loaded at your bedside every night including Shabbos incase someone breaks in c”v? When I was a kid I had a sign in my window in NY that said the following: “these premises protected by shotgun 3 nights a week…you GUESS which 3” !! A good german shepard might do the trick too.

  14. Let’s start by making sure all the windows and doors in our houses are locked tight. Call your local locksmith and let him advise you on how best to secure your house.

  15. A gun may be very useful but keep in mind when you have more than one intruder that are armed like the last incident in lkwd and they have the element of sup pries a gun can actual y be a liability

  16. Communities should get together and buy security cameras to be placed in strategically places on the block call the LCSW and the police to advise you on the best locations for these cameras. Post signs that your community has 24 hour surveillance.

  17. Oh great now thier will be a raise in kids being killed by getting thier hands on guns in thier homes, and when the gangs still brake into your homes they will be able to get new guns when they take yours!

  18. If you check into national statistics, you will find that people who own guns are actually MORE likely to be injured during a home invasion than those who are unarmed.
    Furthermore, all this gleeful musing on how you will “empty your holster” into the first guy who enters your home is amusing, though unrealistic. But have you considered the fact that when you kill a home invader, the police will not happily shake your hand or award you a medal? Do you reali2 that you will be investigated, and, depending on the circumstances, criminal charges may be brought, to say nothing of the possible civil suits? Please try to keep a level head and tone down the rhetoric.

  19. Get a gun, put it somewhere safe, then the cleaning ladyIES can tell her family where it is. GET RID OF THE CLEANING LADIES AND WE’LL HAVE A SAFER TOWN!!!!

  20. I suggest you read some literature from the NRA as they have done many extensive studies and found what you say to be WRONG!
    I was actually told by a Police officer that I would be doing them a favor by delivering a “body” and not make them go through the arduous court process just to find the same crook on the street in a month!
    Criminal charges??? Civil suits??? In the state of NJ you have a legal right to use DEADLY force to protect yourself or your family! It will be very hard for a dead criminal to testify that he did not use deadly force!

    In summation,
    FIRE AWAY!!!!!

  21. The way ppl drive around here will gauge the same way theyll use a gun. Guns are a useful tool for cops and armies but the average everyday guy they are a impractable and a liability. Only 9 states allow ppl to walk around daily with guns srapped to their side. Since n.j. n.y. conn. P.a. arent one of those states its just a macho thing to own guns. They are impractical. Todays martial arts is designed to be precise and to the point for one to be able to qui kly defuse an attacker with more control to either punish them with pain or eliminate them entirely from society. I study the arts for many years he arts have also taught me the use of many hand held weapons and not one time have i had to resort to physical conflict. But i am more than prepared for for an attack at any time of the day in my life. No one who relies on a gun can never have this sense of security unless they walk around with the gun in their hand pointed at everyone 24/7. Self defense classes and an alarm system for the home maybe a dog who is such a great extra deterent and protector wouldnt be a bad investment as well. Good luck in the choice you all make to protect yourselves. And hopefully gun owners will never have to live with any regrets.

  22. Brick Army 1955 swathmore ave, is more tham a place to get guns. they are extra friendly to the jewish comunity. they do lots of gun training, fighting, and self defense training.they also can get u cpr first aid first responder ect.. training. they havent been in lakewood long but the care and respect they have makes up for it. dont just get a gun, learn to use it correctly and most importantly safety comes FIRST. learn the laws and proper care for them. a good friend of brick. ( go in and ask to speak to phil and milton and tell them just a thought send u)

  23. #39 spoken like a good liberal, in fact everything you stated is factually false, which includes the fact that only about six states prohibit ordinary citizens from carrying handguns on their person, its about 43 which allow concealed carry, and 28 of the 43 also allow you to open carry without out any permit. why am i wasting my time, those who want to know already know and those that dont wont, even if i show facts till i’m blue in the face

  24. YES the NRA sure does have an agenda- its to enforce the 2nd amendment of the constitution-the right to keep and bear arms! It is LEGAL to protect yourself with a GUN!! And as Ann so eloquently stated above, it is legal in almost every state to carry a concealed gun. Even more so, you can travel as close as Pennsylvania and OPEN CARRY even without a carry permit (except for the city of Philadelphia)!

  25. the kind and friendly ppl that work there. they know everything about guns, safety is number one over there. they also teach you to protect ur home if god forbid someone did break in.

  26. I dont trust ur word annee oakley you run like u know I made it clear agun strapped to ur side Not concealed I know the differance Plese when on ur soap box defending ur beliefs be more diligent with what ur reading. If u read the gun laws like u read my comment that would explain your rant. For the record im no libral when it comes to firearms I enjoy every thing about them. But i promise u ican defuse you sooner than you try to defuse me. I mean no disrespect I ammerely stating what i know.

  27. i dont disagree that owning a gun is not a bad thing. i just dont think it would help in a situation where there are 4 armed men! Even if its only one armed guy who wants to start a shootout with his family in the crossfire?! I say own a gun if you like, but when armed men break into your home just give them whatever they want!

  28. Hashem Yismor Tzascha U’Voecha. Invest in the one above, he will protect you. The greater that investment, the greater your protection.

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