Readers’ Scoop: Blocking Mailboxes And Driveways

Readers-Scoop-Logo small(The following  article was sent as a response to this article). It seems that some drivers in Lakewood have no courtesy for others. Case in point: A house down my block used to have yoga classes. During the morning hours the cars would line up to get a close parking spot, including those who blocked my mail box. We stopped getting mail and a notice from the mail carrier that if the blocked cars continued, they would stop delivering the mail and hold it at the post office.

So, we left some very friendly notes on the cars, asking the drivers to please park at least 10 feet from our mail box, so we do not lose our mail. The notes were tossed on the street and the same minivans continued to block our mail box.

So, I went on ebay,spent $30 on a custom sign that reads “please do not park between this sign and the mail box” and posted the sign on a wooden pole 10 feet from my mail box. I was certain that would stop the problem.

NOPE – I came out the next morning, and not only was a minivan blocking the mail box, but it had driven over my sign which was now under the wheels of the car.

I got a beach chair and camped out in front of my mailbox. An hour later a woman rushes out of the “gym” towards her van. I politely asked her why she continued to park in front of my mailbox, despite my nice notes and my sign. She gave me a dirty look, ignored me and drove away.

The next morning, I met her at the curb as she was pulling to park in front of my mail box. I once again asked her why she did not care about this situation. Her response “look, I’m sorry, but i cant park around the corner and walk so far to my class. I cant be responsible for the times that your mailman delivers. This is a public street and I am allowed to park where-ever I want, i understand your problem, but its really not my problem” and she rushed away.

At this point, my patience was worn thin. So I did what any frustrated, law abiding citizen would do.. no I did not call the cops, the last thing I need is to be ostracized on my block. As it happens to be, my mailbox is adjacent to my driveway. So i parked one of my cars in front of my driveway, with my bumper 1 inch from hers. Luckily, there was a car park in front of her car with only an inch to spare. She was trapped! I then went into the house and watched with glee as she realized she would not be able to get out until one of us moved our car. It wasn’t going to be me, and lucky for me, the person parked in front of her did not return to their car for 2 hours, while she sat there, late for something I am sure.

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  1. great job you did good, what a witch that lady is. i would have put a nail in her tire but cooler heads prevail you got the same outcome you wanted without braking the law

  2. I always find it interesting when people going to excercise will fight for the closest parking spot so they don’t have to walk too far.

  3. try living near a hall. we’ve had our driveway blocked [cars even parked on our driveway] trash cans overturned as well as the rude blaring of horns! but its unfortunate your mail carrier is too lazy to step out of the van. you might want to check the policy of the post office,the problem my very well be with your carrier!

  4. The Mail Carrier does not have to exit his van to deliver your mail. If something is blocking your Mail box than the mail does not have to be delivered. It is in the contract of the mail service. Does anybody read the drivers manual anymore or do they just get their license in the craker jack box.

  5. The chutzpah and attitude of this lady (the one blocking tthe mailbox)is beyond my comprehension. Where do people get to be so selfish from? I hope she sees this letter posted on Lakewood Scoop and takes a lesson.

  6. Between the garbage cans & the mail boxes there are almost no parking spaces to park in Lakewood. Why don’t they have a box at the corner of every block where everyone has their mailbox, just like in every development?!?

  7. Not to excuse the lack of derech eretz, but I don’t remember where it says that you can’t block a mailbox. I don’t think the cops could issue a ticket for that. even in lakewood. She still could have been a mentch but you could have met the postman to hand receive the mail. Why should she be inconvenienced more than you? It is after all a public street!

  8. you really got this lady good by blocking in her car! lucky for you it was a women cause any guy would have been able to get out.

    maybe you should move your mailbox and your neighbors between the 2 driveways. Then you will get your mail and people will be able to park without walking 2 blocks.

    this lady is wrong, but soooo are you!

  9. The arrogance! The arrogance of this woman and the arrogance of some of the posters in here. The owner of the mailbox is entitled to peace of her home and that includes not having her mailbox blocked and not having strangers infringe on the confines of her home. Is this in a residential area? There are ordinaces that need to be abided by. Maybe this letter writter needs to look into these things.

  10. Someone runs a babysitting on my block, some selfisah ladies actually seal my car in to my driveway, & say I was only a few minutes, I ask them why do you park illegaly & trap me for a few minutes. How about parking like a mentsch that will take you a hal a minute longer.
    I also have thhe mail box problem.
    I asked the neighbour nicely, & they handed out parking rules. Every now & then they need a reminder though.

  11. i had the same problem and i called the cops . you can tell the ppl that you can park your car there but not at the time my mail comes you should find out when it comes. and tell the yoga techer the time it comes. if not you are going two call the cop and hope that you doing your yoga class legall thats all.

  12. I actually believe it is illegal to block a mailbox that has street delivery (as apposed to those that are at the curb but face the sidewalk).
    At one point I taught in a school with ‘unhappy’ neighbors. We were all told not to block the mailbox because they would call the cops and a ticket would be issued.

  13. why is it legal to park in front of mailboxes? why should an individual get “punished” ie, not get his mail because of someone else’s carelessnes?
    perhaps our township committe/ local government can enact this law to prevent these situations from happening. or at least have no parking in front of mailboxes from 7am-5pm, or whatever regular mail delivery hours are. residents will be happier and our township coffers can get filled a little bit without our taxes going up.

  14. So if we can’t park within 50 ft. of a stop sign, or near a pump, or blocking a mailbox, or where someone put their garbage cans on the street, etc. so were then should we park???!!!???

  15. as per USPS website:

    3.1.4 Clear Approach

    Customers must keep the approach to their mailboxes clear of obstructions to allow safe access for delivery. If USPS employees are impeded in reaching a mail receptacle, the postmaster may withdraw delivery service.

    According the postmaster general in lakewood, this includes parking in front of the mailbox.

    By the way, if anyone is interested there are pages and pages of regulations regarding the size, shape, material and placement of mailboxes. makes for a very interesting read!

  16. The yoga classes were bringing more people than usual to the area and those people have to be considerate of the residents of the block. I can’t believe that woman wasn’t embarassed to say that she can’t walk around the corner. What a nerve! She must be one of those people who park right in front of the door of NPGS, Lakewood so they won’t CH”V have to walk to a further parking place.

  17. I am the author of this article, and in response to #14… this was NOT about nekama, this was about a last resort because nothing else had worked, and I cannot afford to not get my mail because lazy people on the way to EXERCISE cant walk a few feet. I gave the woman many chances to park some where else. I wrote notes, put up signs (which she ran over). It was either block her in or have her towed.

  18. I also have similar problems. I put up a no parking sign, and painted a box in the street to mark off where one should not park. Sometimes it works. Also I cannot fault my mail carrier. She is really nice, sometimes she actually gets out of her mail truck and hand delivers the mail to my other door (when she can’t park in the front of the house). People in this town really have to have more derech eretz and care more about bein odom l’chavero.

  19. I’m going through this right now. Actually ever since our wonderful neighbor passed away and her house was sold to some foreign people, who have 3-4 dozen guests per week, and pretend they can’t speak or understand English. Bull! You can’t become a citizen without learning English. I tried to have one of the cars towed, but was told that only the cops could legally do it. The cops are useless in this matter. Something’s gotta give…

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