Reader’s Scoop: A True Slumlord

Readers-Scoop-Logo smallI live in (moderated) a discovered a few weeks ago that I have bedbugs in my house. I have spent a great deal of money to exterminate them, but they continue to come back. I talked to my neighbor and she said she also has a bad case of bedbugs. When I asked her what she plans on doing about it she said that she shampooed the rug. I tried to explain to her that she had to pay for an exterminator, but she refused. I tried to explain to her that if she doesn’t do anything then my efforts to cleanse my house of bedbugs will be futile. I called her landlord, but he refuses to pay for an exterminator either.

After threatening to call the health inspection department he said he would set poison himself three weeks from now. I pleaded and begged for him to have an exterminator do it within the week, but he told me to mind my own business.

I write this letter to TLS so that (moderated) residents know that there is a slumlord within our midst that is putting everyone at risk of getting bedbugs by his refusal to upkeep his house.

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  1. Call Countrywide Pest Control, A frum local person who specializes in bed bugs… Don’t know his number off hand, however, he’s in the Lakewood list. He got rid of mine in ONE visit. Very reasonable. i think his name is Lapides.

  2. It’s people like you who make me sick. Why do you always start the ‘Frum’ thing? who ever wrote anything about Frum? There are thousands of non-Jewish slumlords across the country, and this article could be referring to one of those. JUST TAKE THE LESSON FROM IT AND MOVE ON.

  3. if you have bedbugs in your mattress, you should get rid of the thing, if your mattress is o.k. I suggest placing the mattress in a bedbug cover, you can also go to lowes and get spray, i know someone who did it themselves, just make sure that your children are not around or pets, (even if it says it’s safe I won’t spray it around them) but these sprays do work. but if all else fails call the health dept, and complain, no one should go through this, you always have to worry if someone visiting will bring them to their house, GOOD LUCK

  4. Bedbugs are a really disgusting problem. You must be so upset to be up against this difficulty. Unfortunately, it really is not so simple-you and your neighbors- have to be very vigilant. Although you can scream at the landlord, he has a point, if the neighbor’s landlord is not going to exterminate, then what good is it going to do, if he exterminates – a cooperative responsiblity between the neighboring tenants and landlords can do much to relieve this horrible and ongoing condition. In the meantime, cover your mattresses, put your cribs/beds in plastic cups with tape going up the sides of the legs, try to rid your rooms of clutter, dry your clothes, and try to keep unused clothes in closed bags with duct tape sealers. If your landlord and neighboring landlords feel like you are doing your share, they will be more cooperative about getting extermination. Remember we had a major lice problem until people (Thank you Mrs. decided to be proactive and fight infestation, no matter the odds.

  5. to #6
    LETS BE REAL HERE. we are talking about lakewood, where 8 out of 10 rentals are FRUM owned. so asking my question fits right in.

  6. I assume you are living in a single family home. When you moved in the bedbugs were not present so YOU brought them in. Bedbugs don’t come unless someone brought them to YOUR dwelling. The landlord did not bring them YOU did so YOU are responsible for them. Many towns say the tenant is responsible (in a single family) to remove the bedbugs. Youre landlord doesn’t live there you do, you brought them in you are responsible. Sorry but kvetch about yourself as a slum tenant who is responsible for himself. Landlords have enough to worry about

  7. As a person in the field – this tenant is correct. If the building is not treated, the problem won’t go away. These bugs come thru the electric outlets!!! Moving is not such an easy option – you have to find another place, until you move….. time passes and you get more and more infested. How many mattresses can you throw away???
    In N.Y. it is a law that the landlord has to take care of the problem.
    I don’t wish this problem on anyone.

  8. Please don’t listen to this man. He brought the bedbugs in the first place. He should clean my tenants house too. If he would be responsible, next time he exterminates he should do all the surrounding units.

  9. The lack of reading comprehension is amazing! The writer is not complaining about their landlord but their neighbor’s. Apparently they live in a townhouse where their neighbor’s bedbugs will effect them. It sounds like the writer did what they need to do, which is futile if the neighbors won’t as well.

  10. Dear Landlord #16: Do you think, the man purchased some bedbugs and carried them home to scatter???!!!??? Sometimes there is a price to being a landlord. I hope you never know what it is to have bedbugs – I have witnessed the suffering of others with it. I won’t same shame on you, bec. you obviously don’t get it.

  11. although i’m not in ur shoes, i understand ur situation. it’s wrong for the landlord not to help you. it sounds like he’s only thinking of himself. i really feel for you. although i don’t know how to solve your problem, talk to your family and friends. there has to be someone who knows what to do. maybe go to the health department or ask the township.

  12. So funny how ignorant people can be. Bed bugs like most bugs do travel. So there is a very huge possibility that the writer did not bring them in. In fact the writer goes on to say how they have done everything in their power to get rid of them. If they are coming from the neighbors house and it seems this is the case as the neighbor has no problem saying so then it is the landlords responsibility. These landlords think they can just buy property n receive rent and that’s it. Well big news flash there is a lot of work and money that goes into beinga landlord. The writer should call the health department immediately and the neighbor should do the same as well. The writer should go to the courthouse in tomsriver and pick up a very handy little informtion guide called the landlord/tenant laws. In the state of new ersey you have the legal right to live peacefully and living with bugs is anything but peaceful. It is also illegal for a tenant to live with rodents and bugs. It is the responsibility of the landlord. With a little time and effort and knowledge you can take care of this probem

  13. I know a person who was in a similar situation. He made it into the landlord’s house on a pretense, made his way into the (carpeted) bedroom, took out a plastic bag from his pocket, and … you can guess the rest.

  14. #24 did the landlord call his bank to pay for them to pay for the exterminator?Bedbugs are brought in from people from places they stay not llike termites. the person should go after the person’s place where they stayed.Always looking for a way out of putting money out of thier own pocket for thier own stupitidy.

  15. i suggest a simple answer…if landlord won’t help you. order pest control to come. pay him. get a receipt…when rent comes, deduct what you paid for pest control..send him a copy of receipt..and he will learn his lesson..not sure legality of this…but that language landlord understands….you r entitled to peace of mind…that should well

  16. Withhold 50% of the rent putting the other 50% in escrow until the landlord takes care of this. And by all means call the health dept. This is a landlord responsibility.

  17. Story not too clear. I assume its 2 townhouses adjacent. If one exterminates then you must seal the common walls so neighbors bugs wont invade. Caulk all gaps in floors and cabinets. Any outlet not with a plug use a child safety plug to seal the holes. The same approach if the neighbor had roaches. By the way, Anyone can get them. Just have a guest for one night and their luggage may transport them in. scary.

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